July 1, 2010

New in the Pits – Part 3

Corally RDX Phi Prototype

More new items in the pits, with Corally debuting their prototype RDX Phi here this weekend. The new car being used by their factory team sports a narrower LiPo only chassis, as well as now separate rear bearing blocks and motor mount, which was a single unit in the previous car. A longer top deck connects the front and rear of the car with flex options in the form of additional mounting screws front and rear which can be removed for soft or left in for a stiff setting. The tops of the bearing holders now hold the pivot ball for the upper camber links, removing them from them their original place on the shock towers. The car doesn’t yet have a name and depending on its performance here, may or may not go into production.

Serpent S401

Serpent are also debuting their new touring car chassis, the S401. All new down the middle, the car retains its wishbones, uprights and steering blocks but that’s about it. A new super narrow chassis is the backbone of this car, with new blocks front and rear enclosing the 2 gear differentials. The motor mounting block is also new, mounted only to the chassis plate and the anti roll bars are mounted higher, pivoting at both extremes of the car. The car is in the final prototyping stages and is seen here not in its final guise.

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June 30, 2010

New in the Pits – Part 2

Futaba 4PK Super

Lots of new releases in the big pit tent here in Burgdorf at the ISTC Worlds, starting with the new Futaba 4PK Super. This updated version of the very popular transmitter and corresponding receiver, features faster response times over the previous version as well as a new multi direction menu controller which is highlighted with an awesome ring of red light. Another feature of this new radio is the ability to control rear wheel steering, something of interest for rock crawlers. Due for release in a month or so.

KO RSX Servo

KO Propo have their new RSX servo, which will come in 4 versions. Coming with either a plastic or metal casing, each type is available in high torque or high speed versions and are suitable for either touring or 1/8th buggy. Expect them to be in the shops in a few months.

Kyosho TF6 Lipo Chassis

We bumped into Shin Adachi who was carrying around his TF6 with an all new prototype LiPo chassis plate, which like others in the pits have the battery slots removed for a clean look and more even flex. No word on when it will be released.

Schumacher Mi4LP options

Schumacher have some new parts for their Mi4LP in the shape of a new rear shock tower that has 2 additional shock mounting holes allowing for a more lay down angle. They also have new rear upper link mounting plates which offer a new mounting position, one of plates also sports an additional hole at the rear that allows the anti-roll bar to be mounted higher in the car and pointing towards the front of the car, with the connecting rods mounted to the front of the wishbone.

Much More Prototype ESC

Much More are here testing their new prototype electronic speed controller. Its so new it doesn’t even have a name and we know very little about it it other than it has a gold anodised metal casing, is very low and comes supplied with a cooling fan, which in this case is mounted next to the ESC, not on top as in most other speedos.

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June 30, 2010

New in the Pits – Associated TC6

Associated TC6

With the 1/12th Worlds now over, focus has now switched to touring car and on today’s preperation day we sat down with Team Associated who gave us the scoop on their new TC6 chassis, that is making its international debut at this race. Retaining the same lower front and rear wishbones, C-hubs and rear uprights from the TC5, the rest of the car is different. A focus on LiPo and brushless the most noticable change is to the chassis which is very narrow and no longer sports battery slots. Mounted on top of the chassis is new bulkheads, which set closer together allow the track width to be made narrower. The spur gear has been set lower and the motor is now positioned 13mm closer to the centre line, which in turns means the LiPo sits further to the outside which means that the car is perfectly balanced down the centre line straight out of the box.

Associated TC6

The new top deck is now longer and narrower but stays at the same height as on the TC5. It acts as the top mount for the steering bell crank, which sports an adjustable bell crank arm which can be swapped out for a 2nd version which gives the driver 6 positions of Ackermann, which when then combined with the 2 mounting points on the steering arm and the second mounting position for the centre pivot of the bell crank give a huge number of Ackermann adjustments. The input lever on the bell crank has also been updated, giving it more linear and therefore slightly slower reacting steering.

Associated TC6

Other changes include extra positions on the shock towers giving you 6 options on the front and 7 on the rear. And although not seen on this car as it wasn’t ready in time, there will be all new shock absorbers that feature a bottom mounted assembly with increased stroke length, which gives 2mm more up travel at the wheel. The front bumper has also been updated, lowering the entire construction something they believe gives the car more steering by reducing the air flow under the car and it also now integrates a transponder mount. Revised lower suspension arm mount screw positions allow you to get at the screws easily as the head is now positioned on the outside. A neat feature is the use of universal parts on the car, meaning that all 4 front and rear bulkheads are interchangeable meaning you can cut down on the amount of spare parts needed for the car. These prototype TC6 cars are only in use by team drivers for now, but we are told to expect an October release.

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June 29, 2010

New in the Pits – Part 2

Yokomo R12

Yokomo are here debuting their all new R12 1/12th scale chassis and it seems to be going pretty well with World Champion Naoto Matsukura currently sitting on top of the qualifying order after 5 rounds. The cars most unique feature is the front monoshock, which unlike the original images of the car, no longer sports a spring. The front springs are now mounted on the inside of the lower A-arms which are actuated using the cars unique suspension system. This link car is pretty standard towards the rear however it does feature a different offset to most other 1/12th scales which means that it uses a unique wheel which together results in better forward traction. Yokomo are still finalising the car’s features but believe it should be available after summer.

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper 4.0

Vesa Yli and his team drivers are here running the updated V-Dezign Carpet Ripper 4.0. The cars rear pivot point has been moved further towards the front of the car which helps reduce lift in high traction, making it not so critical to drive and setup. Vesa has left it though that you can also use the rear pod from the 3.0, with holes present to ensure everything fits perfectly. The new chassis plate sports extra holes to give multiple centre shock mounting positions for further tuning options and the chassis plate will be available in 3 versions to make it possible to mount the new and old Associated front end as well as the CRC front end.

Corally SP12X brace

Corally have only a small update on their SP12X to the rear cross brace which positions the cars LiPo pack, moving it more forward than the standard part.

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June 28, 2010

New in the pits – Part 1

LRP Pulsar Touch competition

Walking around the pits here in Burgdorf there are a number of new products to be seen. As shown in our news yesterday LRP are here with their new charger, the awesome looking Pulsar Touch competition. This glossy blue charger sports a touch screen with graphic user interface as well as integrated high performance LiPo/LiFe balancer that detects differences in cells and automatically starts balancing and is in use by all their team drivers here.

Xenon Spur

New from Japanese company Xenon is their all new 1/12th scale spur gears. Featuring octagonal holes the new shape helps capture grease and therefore keep the balls lubricated at all times resulting in a better functioning and longer lasting differential. Available in 64P they come in a wide range of versions and are made to incredibly high tolerances. Xenon are also debuting their new ride height gauge with integrated camber gauge. This gauge has a huge number of steps with every 1/10th of a millimeter between 2mm to 8mm available. The ride height gauge also doubles as a quick check camber gauge with 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 & 3.5 degrees all possible.

Black Art Carbon chassis

French company Black Art are here using their updated carbon chassis for the CRC 1/12th scale. Featuring some refinements to the front of the molded tub chassis, it uses a special kind of short fibre carbon that prevents shock from being transferred throughout the chassis in the event of an impact. Black Art, who are best known for their body shells, will release the chassis in late September along with conversion kits to allow it to be used with a wide range of other manufacturers cars.

Serpent 120 Link

Serpent team driver Markus Mobers is racing here with the updated S120 Link chassis. Changes include a new rear end that sees the motor moved more to the right side for better balance. Other differences include the new central stabilizing rods that replace the cars previously used floating monoshock, something that was necessary when the car went from a NiMh to a LiPo chassis. The car also sports a new flat mounted steering servo plus other little tweaks, but with the car still in the prototyping phase, no date was given for the release.

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January 10, 2010

New in the Pits – Part 2

New in the Pits - Part 2

Seen for the first time in International competition, this pre-production version of the all new Kyosho Touring car is being raced at this year’s DHI Cup by European Championship finalist Christopher Krapp, who tells us that the new car is much better balanced for use with LiPos. Developed by Shin Adachi, it features bigger bore shocks, which are also longer, new shock towers front and rear, new rear hubs, new stabilizer points front and rear and a higher top deck for accommodating LiPo packs, such as the latest Team Orion version installed in his car. The motor mount is also new and brings the motor 1mm closer to the centre line for better weight distribution.

New in the Pits - Part 2

A creative feature of this new car is the drive shaft system, which utilizes a cluster of balls to connect the diff or spool to the CVD drive shaft. Due to grooves in the spool or diff drive cup, power delivery remains the same, however its when the suspension is under load that this system comes into its own. Conventional drive pin systems have a tendency to bind the suspension and so oil or grease is used, but it never provides truly smooth shaft travel. Thanks to the use of balls, this system glides in and out, even when under load, meaning no binding and better suspension operation.

Christopher tells us that the belt configuration of the new car is still being tested and that he uses the tradition belt layout, but that in Japan they are still doing back to back tests with the belts switched from left to right which allows the electrics to be mounted closer to the centre line of the car.

New in the Pits - Part 2

After extensive testing by former European Champion Jonas Kaerup, local company RGP have released a new diff grease here at the DHI Cup. The high quality silicone grease, which is extremely resistant to heat, is being used by a number of the top drivers here including Marc Rheinard, Viktor Wilck, Yannic Prumper and Steen Graversen because of it makes for a very smooth differential action. Available in 11 or 30 gram tubs.

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