October 5, 2015

Chassis Focus – Travis Amezcua


Chassis – Durango DEX210F
Motor – Speedpassion 5.5
ESC – Viper VTX10R
Battery – Intellect 5000
Radio/Servos – Futaba/Xpert
Body – Kit body

Remarks – US driver Travis Amezcua is running the new DEX210F from Durango, another car that combines the rear end of a 4wd and the front end of a 2wd buggy to create a astro/carpet specific chassis. Using the parts from both the companies buggy platforms it is a new chassis that brings them together and we are told that the complete kit will be released by the end of the year. Having never raced on Astro prior to this race, Travis has had to seek the help of the British Durango team for set-up and adjustment help as he originally battled with push, but is no struggling with off power oversteer.

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October 5, 2015

New in the Pits – JConcepts Part 1

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In the first part of our New in the pits from JConcepts, we introduce the new S2 bodyshell. Created to be used with the new low profile rear transmissions seen here at the Yatabe Arena, the S2 is a further iteration of the popular Silencer shell. The extremely low profile design has been created for use mainly on carpet & astro turf, and will be made available for the Associated B5M standard transmission and the new low profile transmissions making their debut here. JConcepts also made a version for the TLR development car that is being used here by team driver Ryan Maifield and if the car goes into production there will also be a version produced for that car too. Expect to see the S2 body released next month.

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October 5, 2015

Chassis Focus – Jared Tebo


Chassis –Kyosho RZ6
Motor – Orion VST2 5.5
ESC – Orion R10.1
Battery – Orion 4000
Radio/Servos – KO Propo
Body – Kit body

Remarks – Having set the pace all through free practice and into controlled practice, reigning World Champion Jared Tebo had split his time between the RB6 WC and the RZ6 and having only tried the RZ6 2 times he has chosen it for qualifying. Feeling more comfortable and also being quicker with the 2wd/4wd hybrid he felt he could power easier through the corners and should be safer in racing conditions. The car itself is similar to a third party conversion he tried after the pre worlds earlier in the year but this version has been made by Kyosho and only has two new parts to connect the rear of the 4wd with the front of the 2wd. The car is fitted with a number of JTP RC option parts including front and rear carbon shock towers, battery brace and chassis stiffener.

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October 4, 2015

Tebo stamps authority on Day 1


Jared Tebo stamped his authority on Day 1 of the 1:10 Offroad World Championships, the Kyosho driver topping the times for each of the six practice runs in Japan.  Posting the fastest of his 3-consecutive lap times in the second of the controlled practices, which brought the opening day at the Yatabe Arena to a close, the defending World Champion leaves with the honour of being top seed for tomorrow’s qualifying. Controlled practice would end in a Kyosho 1-2 as an improved Naoto Matsukura managed to move ahead of Neil Cragg with the second fastest time 3/10ths off.  Cragg too improved on his CP1 pace despite breaking with a minute left to run with Associated team-mate Ryan Cavalieri, who failed to go the full distance in the first round, posting the fourth fastest time while the next 4 drivers couldn’t better their early pace.


A driver clearly determined to divulge as little information as possible at what is effectively the home track of the former Yokomo ‘chosen one’, Matsukura said a new set-up for CP2 improved the car in every area.  Allowing him to set a new outright fastest lap time of 17.089, he said it still needs further improvement in terms of how it is handling the washboard section.  Looking to make the car easier to drive as he tries to work on his consistency, his average over the 5-minutes 1-second a lap off that of Tebo, the multiple 1:12 World Champion clearly doesn’t like the whoops and that combined with the set-up needing work appears to be adding to a driver who is showing signs of early frustration.


Breaking a rear arm off his B5M, Cragg said that was the result of ‘having too much fun and trying too hard’.  Battling with Tebo, he said he got on the power too early and wheelied onto the straight leading to contact with the wall that caused the break but overall he’s ‘pretty happy with (his) pace’, adding he ‘hope(s) it continues’.


Cavalieri described his performance with a not so positive ‘it was ok’.  The 2011 World Champion said he hasn’t been as consistent as in free practice and having ‘tried a few things’ he will go back to a set-up he ran earlier in the day.  Saying there would be ‘no more testing, testing is done’, the current US National Champion said we’ll get the good set-up back on and then ‘just run’.


A driver whose lack of pace has been the most noted among his competitors, Lee Martin would end up 13th putting him in the second fastest group for qualifying. Commenting on his CP2 improvement, managing only 22nd in the first round, the Warm-up Race winner said his Yokomo ‘felt drivable that time’.  Feeling his overall 5-minute run time was ‘not bad’, he said they still need to find more from the car but at least the day ended with things starting to take a positive direction.

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October 4, 2015

Cragg closes on Tebo in 1st Controlled Practice


Having set the pace over the four rounds of practice which opened proceedings at the 1:10 Offroad World Championships in Japan, Jared Tebo continued that form into controlled practice but Neil Cragg continues to reduce the American’s advantage.  Having ended practice with a 6/10th advantage, Tebo was just 0.175 quicker in CP1 with both drivers running a fastest lap of 17.3 around the Yatabe Arena track.  Behind the current and the former World Champions, Naoto Matsukura was third fastest with things closing up as just 6/10ths covered the Top 10 compared with the 1.6 seconds separation at the end of practice.


Having been switching back & fort between the two different Kyosho cars he has at his disposal, Tebo said his biggest problem is that both are really good, making it hard to decide on which one to use.  A driver who is clearly on top of his game as the defending champion, the American seems to have found a rapport with the track layout and astro turf surface.  Having ‘a good feeling about how (he is) driving’, he added that he is also ‘having fun driving the track’s layout’.


Asked where his improved pace is coming from, Cragg replied ‘I’m getting my shit together on the what ever you call them’, referring to the track’s washboard section.  Describing his Associated B5M incarnation as being ‘pretty dialled’ since putting it down on the track this morning he said this has allowed him to just work on his driving.  ‘Keeping it on its wheels’, the Brit said, ‘hopefully we can come out swinging in qualifying’.  Team-mate Ryan Cavalieri, who ended free practice third fastest, would have his servo horn come off in CP1 leaving him to post only the 11th quickest time.


Behind home favourite Matsukura, Joern Neumann was very happy with small improvements made to his Serpent.  Running an SRX4 SD, which has the front shafts removed in order to comply to 2WD rules, the German described it as now being ‘98% good’.  The deducted percentage is due to looking for a little less traction roll.  Having looked at his competitive tyres he plans to cut the rear tyres’ outer pins for the day’s closing CP2.


Setting the 5th fastest time, TLR’s Ryan Maifield said they changed something after practice and it made a significant enough difference for him to take some time to get into a rhythm.  Also finding himself in a ‘hornet’s nest of traffic’, he said the last few laps were good.  Aiming for a good 5-minute time in CP2, he said for it being their ‘first time with this car’ they have made ‘steady progresses’ over the day and he feels they should be ‘ok going into qualifying’.


European 4WD Champion Michal Orlowski would put in a strong CP1 performance to post the 6th fastest time. Surprised himself by his pace, the Schumacher team driver having ended practice 21st, the 14-year-old said a switch from a chamfered tyre insert to a full one for the controlled practice took away the KF2’s tendency to flip.  Now very easy to drive, the car has however developed oversteer, something he believes adding rear grip with cure.


Kody Numedahl was next on the time sheets, the Team Associated designer saying he is just getting more comfortable with the track with each run.  Responsible for penning the B5M, the Warm-up Race podium finisher has run his own example ‘pretty much the same the whole time’. ‘Happy with the car’, behind him with the 8th & 9th fastest times would be team-mates Spencer Rivkin and Aussie ace Kyle McBride.


16-year-old Rivkin said his pace was ‘pretty good’ but running in a lower heat is effecting his consistency as he keeps catching traffic.  Looking to get more speed from his Reedy motor for the next one, he said he would like to be running with some of the ‘quick guys’ so as to see what that are doing around the track.  Best of the Yokomo drivers in CP1 Marc Rheinard completed the Top 10.

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