July 13, 2014

Chassis Focus – Drew Moller


Chassis – HB D413
Motor – LRP X20 6.5T
ESC – LRP Flow
Battery – Protek RC 4700 shorty
Tyres – Pro-Line Electron MC
Radio/Servos – KO Propo
Body – Pro-Line Type-R
Remarks – Having only received the HB D413 3-weeks ago Drew Mo has put in some testing near his home before coming to Chico for the JConcepts Summer Indoor nationals. Starting with Ty Tessmann’s Reedy race setup he says it is working very well and hasn’t changed much all weekend with the focus on tires and tire prep, finally deciding on Pro-Line Electron tire in MC compound.

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July 13, 2014

New in the Pits – Team Orion & VBC Racing


Team Orion are making their race debut with their new Vortex R10.1 Pro ESC which while retaining the same casing as its predecessor has a new PCB for lower internal resistance. Used by the Orion team here in Chico, other new features include new firmware, new heatsink design and a new cooling fan with the speedo said to offer more punch for stock racing. Team Orion also have their recently released Touch Duo which features dual outputs and a built in power supply.


VBC Racing importer EMR Factory have a number of their all new Firebolt in use here. Set to go on sale in the coming weeks the US developed chassis comes standard with a ton of carbon and aluminium in what is a pretty unique looking 2wd mid motor buggy from the onroad manufacturer.

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July 13, 2014

Jarosz TQs final 2WD qualifier


With Ryan Maifield having wrapped up the overall TQ in the second round of qualifying, Q3 was all about deciding the order of who would line up behind the new Team Losi Racing signing.  Team Associated’s Chris Jarosz would take the round with the fastest time of the three qualifiers followed by young team-mate Spencer Rivkin, a result that would secure the latter second on the grid.  With Maifield only 4th fastest, it would be an all Associated Top 3 as Steven Hartson, who topped seeding yesterday, produced his first Top 10 run. Unfortunately the result came too late in terms of a good overall result and Hartson finds himself BQ although a win of the single B-Main would see him bump up as the 11th starter on the triple A-Main grid.  In terms of the overall ranking it is Mark Pavidis who will start third ahead of Tyler Vik and Jarosz with Drew Moller completing the Top 6.

Chris Jarosz

‘Amazing’ was how Jarosz described the performance of his B5M adding it was a joint effort thanks to the input of both AE team manager Brent Thielke and Brian Kinwald.  Brain storming with electric offroad legend Kinwald regarding tyres and a set-up to go with the slicks he said having watched the former 2-time World Champion try the idea in his 3rd heat he quickly made a camber link change which would adapt the car perfectly to the tyres.  With the car so good he said he just had to make sure he didn’t trip himself up over the 5-minutes and thankfully he managed to pull off a clean run topping the time by almost 3 seconds from Rivkin, the 15-year-old setting the fastest lap of the round.

2WD Buggy A-Main Grid
1. Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – 0 pts
2. Spencer Rivkin – Team Associated – 4
3. Mark Pavidis – Team Losi Racing – 6
4. Tyler Vik – Team Xray (AE) – 7
5. Chris Jarosz – Team Associated – 9
6. Drew Moller – A-Main Hobbies (AE) – 9
7. Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 10
8. JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 14
9. Frank Root – Team Losi Racing – 15
10.Brian Strange – Team Associated – 17

2WD Buggy Qualifying Round 3
1. Chris Jarosz – Team Associated – 20/5:06.900
2. Spencer Rivkin – Team Associated – 20/5:09.740
3. Steven Hartson – Team Associated – 20/5:09.830
4. Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:10.521
5. Tyler Vik – Team Xray (AE) – 20/5:11.276
6. Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 20/5:13.757
7. JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:13.842
8. Frank Root – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:13.844
9. Brent Fiege – Team Associated – 20/5:14.396
10.Ryan Matesa – Kyosho – 19/5:01.666

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July 13, 2014

Moller tops Q3, Maifield takes overall TQ

Ryan Maifield

Drew Moller TQ’d a very exciting final 4WD Buggy qualifier at the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals in Chico but overall the day belonged to Ryan Maifield as he completed a perfect qualifying to secure his third overall TQ of the event on his TLR debut. The first time for Moller to top the time sheets having been the top seed for qualifying, the result will see the A-Main Hobbies driver start second on the grid with Q2 pace setter Tyler Vik having to settle for third after literally driving the wheels off his Xray in the final heat.  Despite retiring from Q3 following his rear hub tower coming loose, Daimon Borkowicz will start as the top Team Associated driver when he lines up fourth.


Having wrapped up 2WD Buggy and Short Course in the second round of qualifying, Maifield was pleased to put all three of his cars on pole position for tomorrow’s Mains.  Making a change to his Orion powered TLR22, he said it was not the right direction to take leaving his buggy both harder to drive and slower.  Despite this he had ‘fun’ in the last few laps of the final qualifier fighting it out with Moller & Vik adding that hopefully he wont find himself in a repeat battle tomorrow.  On his car set-up, he said he will just go back to that which he used in Q2.

Drew Mo

Moller said his run as ‘kind of conservative’ but he managed a better start than the previous two qualifiers.  Describing his HB as being ‘strapped up’ he said he was just able to keep putting in good laps leading to a pretty exciting finish to the run.  Better known for his 1:8 Offroad exploits as a Mugen team driver, the 18-year-old said the D413 which he only got 3 weeks ago is ‘a really good fit to his driving style’.  Asked about his approach for the finals, he said he was going to be patient and just try to stay close to Maifield for the first couple laps and work out what to do from there.


‘Everything was going good til my wheel overtook me on the track’, that was Vik’s summary of Q3.  The RC America team driver said his Xray XB4 was really good when he was not making driver errors.  Planning to leave the car unchanged for A1 he said ‘tyre stuff’ was all he needed to decide on.  Top Qualifier at the Spring Indoor Nationals and ending up 3rd at the Tacoma race, he said the track had little opportunities for passing and it was going to be a case of just waiting for mistakes, the track having so far proved successful at inducing mistakes from drivers.


‘Pretty excited’ was Borkowicz’s reaction to securing fourth on the grid.  The 14-year-old said this weekend has been his best performance in a while adding it was good to be running up with the top guys.  Despite ripping a screw from the rear hub tower which in turn allowed the rear suspension to flex and pop a drive shaft, he is very happy with his Reedy powered B44.2, saying the buggy is very easy to drive and that has been good for building his confidence.  Having run with former team-mate Maifield in Q1 when he took an impressive second for that round, he said for the finals his plan is to keep his nerves in check and just put in his own race.

Brian Strange

Posting the 3rd fastest time of Q3, Brian Strange will start 5th in the A-Main.  The Associated driver said the track has just kept coming to were his cars are at and they are very easy to drive.  Hoping that there is no change to the track maintenance for tomorrow so he doesn’t have to prep anything differently he said starting in the middle of the pack its best to ‘wait & see’ how the early part of the race runs and then go from there.

Eric Albano

Also enjoying his best qualifier in the final round, fourth helped Eric Albano to secure sixth on the grid ahead of World Champion Steven Hartson.  The 19-year-old said he ‘finally got a good run’ having suffered too many mistakes of his own doing in the opening two qualifiers.  Switching to a softer set-up on the front end of his B44.2 he said this also helped with making the car easier to drive.


Hartson, winner of the previous JConcepts Indoor National Series encounter, said he has just struggled with his cars all day.  Describing his cars as having been ‘really good yesterday’ during practice he said today they are undriveable.  Trying to make his LRP powered B44.2 easier to drive each qualifier he said no matter what he did he couldn’t make it happen.  Looking to the finals he said he will try some more stuff tomorrow adding he hopes they will bring some improvement over what he had to run with today.

4WD Buggy A-Main Grid
1. Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – 2 pts
2. Drew Moller – A-Main Hobbies (HB) – 3
3. Tyler Vik – Team Xray – 5
4. Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 6
5. Brian Strange – Team Associated – 10
6. Eric Albano – Team Associated – 11
7. Steven Hartson – Team Associated – 11
8. Derek Stephansen – 13
9. JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 14
10.Chris Jarosz – Team Associated – 16

4WD Buggy Qualifying Round 3
1. Drew Moller – A-Main Hobbies (HB) – 21/5:13.585
2. Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – 21/5:14.607
3. Brian Strange – Team Associated – 20/5:00.590
4. Eric Albano – Team Associated – 20/5:02.296
5. Derek Stephansen – 20/5:03.292
6. Mark Pavidis – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:06.817
7. Brent Thielke – Team Associated – 20/5:10.493
8. Chris Bridgewater – Team Associated – 20/5:11.486
9. JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:11.875
10.Kurt Wenger – Team Associated – 20/5:13.620

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July 13, 2014

New in the Pits – Schelle, AKA & Team Powers


Schelle Racing have their new shorty pack conversion in use here in Chico, with designer Kurt Wenger racing it. Designed to be used with their previously released aluminium B44.2 chassis plate, the new set includes the carbon top decks, battery mounting plates as well as the central motor mounting brackets. The conversion allows the shorty pack to be used in the car and to accommodate this the central drive train has to be reversed with the motor placed parallel to the battery pack behind the centre slipper on the left side of the car. With the use of the shorty pack and the conversion parts being similar in weight and weight distribution to the parts they replace the car can be lightened by around 80 grams. The parts we were shown are prototypes with the final aluminium parts being anodised blue to match the rest of the car. Schelle Racing also have a new rear ball stud mount for the B5 which features an extra mounting hole which while shown to us in black finish will be available in anodised blue.


AKA gave us a preview of their new nut spinner which has a neat feature that allows it to have two heads in one tool. Mounted to a lightweight machined handle, the tool’s standard use is with 7mm nuts like those used for wheel nuts, then with the press and twist of the red anodised tool tip it unveils a 5.5mm nut head which is great for shock mounting and other uses. The tool we were shown is a near final prototype with the final version expected to be available in a months time.


Team Powers have their new X Booster Cap, made from aluminium, which when connected to the ESC gives the driver more bottom end power thanks to the different way that it releases energy compared to a basic capacitor. No setup required it is seeing a lot of success here in Chico, with 8 of the top 10 drivers in the 17.5 class using it.

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