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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Martin gets it done in Q2

Lee Martin

Tamiya Racing Factory’s Lee Martin has TQ’d the second round of qualifying at the World Championships in Chico, California. Having suffered a problem with his slipper clutch in Q1, leaving him to post the fourth fastest time, the British ace had no such issues in the second 2WD qualifier, posting a new fastest time .9 of a second up on Q1 non-finisher Ryan Maifield and fellow countryman Darren Bloomfield.  For Q1 pace setter Jared Tebo a wrong choice of shock oil left the Kyosho driver to struggle, a mistake ultimately leaving him to finish outside the Top 10.

Lee Martin

Martin, who finished 7th overall at the 2011 Worlds, was pleased with his run commenting that he has just ‘got to do it again now in the next one’.  The multiple former European Champion said the track felt a little different from Q1 but still his TRF201 XM felt good and the plan is to leave everything as is and just try to repeat the run in Q3.  Finishing the run with his fastest lap of the 5-minute run he said this was encouraging showing the car is consistent from start to finish.

Ryan Maifield

‘Better’ was how Maifield summed up his run to second having broke his Centro converted B4.2 on the opening lap first time of asking.  With a retirement on the board he said he ‘cruised’ looking to get a solid result from Q2, a driver’s best 3 of 5 rounds determining the grid for finals.  Commenting on his mid motored buggy, Maifield said he would like to find more mid corner steering and to try & achieve this will fit new drive parts for Q3. It was a decent round for Associated who managed to get all three of their star drivers in the Top 5 with current champion Cavalieri posting the 4th fastest time 18/1000 in front of former Champion Neil Cragg.


Having moved the location of his rear shocks which resulted in his TLR22 rolling less in the corners, Bloomfield was pleased with his run to third adding that he plans to stick with that set-up for his next one.  Team-mate Mike Truhe set the 6th fastest time describing it as a ‘clean solid run’.  While his buggy is ‘not a rocket ship’ he said he is happy with the 5-minute pace and the plan for the next one is just to ‘fit new tyres and charge it up’.  ‘Just one bad crash is all it takes’ is how Dustin Evans summed up his run to the 9th fastest time behind his teenage team-mate Dakotah Phend who also suffered ‘one bad crash’.


After his DNF in Q1, HB’s Ty Tessman said he maybe drove a little to cautiously on his way to 7th in Q2.  The Canadian said he wasn’t too comfortable with his Kyosho RB6 which he described as ‘not super fast’ adding it felt loose.

Jared Tebo

Commenting on his run to the 15th fastest time, Tebo said his shock oil was too light for the hot air temperature of Q2.  Planning to go up 2.5 in oil weight for Q3 he said even with the buggy soft a Top 3 would have been on the cards if he hadn’t have made his mistake in front of the drivers’ rostrum.  One of the worlds most famous offroad racers but still void of a 2WD World title, Tebo wasn’t to be put off by his Q2 run adding everything should be fine for the next run.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2WD Qualifying times Round 2

1. Lee Martin – Tamiya – 11/5:21.348
2. Ryan Maifield – Associated – 11/5:22.275
3. Darren Bloomfield – TLR – 11/5:23.757
4. Ryan Cavalieri – Associated – 11/5:24.022
5. Neil Cragg – Associated – 11/5:24.040
6. Mike Truhe – TLR – 11/5:24.716
7. Ty Tessman – Kyosho – 11/5:24.724
8. Dakotah Phend – TLR – 11/5:25.402
9. Dustin Evans – TLR – 11/5:25.827
10.David Ronnefalk – Kyosho – 11/5:26.337

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tebo TQ’s opening qualifier

Jared Tebo

Kyosho’s Jared Tebo has TQ’d the opening round of qualifying at the 2WD Electric Buggy World Championship in Chico, California, where the Top 3 were separated by just 4/10ths at the end of 5-minutes with Dustin Evans second fastest and defending champion Ryan Cavalieri third. Two notable retirements from Q1 where Pre Worlds winner Ty Tessman, who posted the fastest lap of the round before he stripped a spur gear after his motor moved, and Associated’s Ryan Maified who didn’t even manage to complete a full lap breaking a front wishbone on his opening lap.

Jared Tebo

Tebo was understandable pleased to kick off qualifying with a TQ run describing things as ‘so close’.  Setting himself the goal of putting in a clean run and seeing how it works out, the Kyosho ace was running 6th on pace at the end of the opening lap but by lap 4 was top of the timing screens staying there til the end of the 5-minutes.  Running AKA Three Rib fronts on his Orion powered RB6 he said they gave him a very safe car and for Q2 he will continue with the same tyre combo, Proline Suburb the controlled rear tyre, and leave his set-up as is.

David Ronnefalk

17-year-old team-mate David Ronnefalk described his run to the 5th fastest time as ‘so so’.  The Swede said he was very happy with his driving this time round but ‘annoyed’ at losing 6-seconds after a coming together with his Japanese team-mate Yusuke Sugiura.  The 1:8 European Champion had problems getting past the Japanese National Champion with the two eventually clashing in the air.  Very happy with his buggy for Q2 he said his aim was just to ‘stay out of trouble’.


Cavalieri, who is running in the second fastest heat, described his opening qualifier as ‘really good’.  Having not looked too happy after practice the 4 time World Champion said changing from a 7.5 to a 6.5 motor had made his Centro converted B4.2 much easier to drive with him not having to over drive.   For Q2 he said he will washer up the front ball set so as to give him more corner exit steering.


Top seed for the opening qualifier, Evans said he started off a little slow but at the rest of the run was really good. The TLR driver said his confidence with the mid motor TLR22 is growing every run adding for the next one he ‘just needs to be a little faster out of the gate’.  The Colorado driver said the wind has started to make the tabletop-triple section rather tricky with him having one big moment that he was fortunate to save.  Team-mate Darren Bloomfield reported a similar slow start ending up 8th fastest.  Having had problems with a motor sensor wire in the final practice, the British driver said after the earlier problem he took a few laps to get the feel of things again.  Once he got into his groove he said everything felt good and he is looking forward to improving in Q2.  Third fastest in the reseeding, TLR’s Mike Truhe crashed on his opening lap with the 3-seconds lost leaving him to only claim 11th, three place in front of the team’s US National Champion Dakotah Phend who crashed while on target for a Top 3 time.

Lee Martin

Setting the fourth fastest, Lee Martin was a ‘little disappointed’ with the result.  The Tamiya driver said his slipper loosened off during the race losing him a little drive. Finishing only 1-sec off Tebo he said without this a TQ would have been possible.  Planning to just re-adjust his slipper rather than fit a new one, the British ace said in terms of the set-up he will leave everything as is as he is very happy with his TRF201 XM.


Team Yokomo’s Naoto Matsukura said his aim for Q1 was to put in a safe run and so 6th was ‘OK’.  Having changed his B-Max2MR after the final practice the 3-time 1:12 World Champion said they made it a little tricky to drive.  For Q2 the 20-year-old said he will make a few changes to try and get that the ‘edgeness’ out of the buggy.


European Champion Joern Neumann took his prototype Durango to the 8th fastest time.  The German described his buggy as being ‘OK but not the fastest’ and said the main issue with the run was one ‘stupid mistake’ that cost him around 4-seconds.  With his Durango suffering a little understeer he said for Q2 he will add weight to the front.

Completing the Top 10 for the opening qualifier was Associated’s Kody Numedahl and Schumacher’s Tom Cockerill, whose 10th fastest time raised a few eyebrows.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2WD Qualifying times Round 1

1. Jared Tebo – Kyosho – 11/5:24.325
2. Dustin Evans – TLR – 11/5:24.540
3. Ryan Cavalieri – Associated – 11/5:24.780
4. Lee Martin – Tamiya – 11/5:25.370
5. David Ronnefalk – Kyosho – 11/5:28.508
6. Naoto Matsukura – Yokomo – 11/5:28.785
7. Darren Bloomfield – TLR – 11/5:29.610
8. Joern Neumann – Durango – 10:5:00.604
9. Kody Numedahl – Associated – 10:5:00.625
10.Tom Cockerill – Schumacher – 10:5:00.923

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chassis Focus – Billy Easton


Car: Serpent Spyder SRX2
Motor: Reedy 7.5
Batteries: Protek RC
Radio/Servo: Airtronics M11X/Hitec

Making its international race debut, Billy is running the all new Serpent Spyder SRX2 buggy. Designed by the former World Champion, the car only comes in rear motor configuration which is not the norm on this high traction surface, most drivers preferring to convert their cars to mid motor. Running the car in stock configuration, he has only chosen to run the optional front brass bulkhead. In terms of set-up, being the only driver running the car and with little experience running on this surface he has had to make quite a few adjustments from the standard set-up but feels he is making good progress.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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