World’s best ready to battle at 19th Reedy Race

Reedy Sign

The Reedy Race of Champions is one of the most famous races in the world and was the brainchild of one of the sports greatest pioneers Mike Reedy.  Looking to celebrate his birthday by hosting a race, in 1987 the motor guru created an all new concept for an event in which 32 of the best offroad drivers in the World where invited to race both 2WD and 4WD buggies in a series of head to head races with the driver achieving the best points tally over the 8 races being declared Champion.  First run in 1987, when Chris Allec took the title, the 2013 Reedy Race of Champions is the 19th running of the event which after an 8-year break due to a decline in the 4WD class was resurrected in 2009 when Ryan Cavalieri won the title at the Yatabe Arena in Japan, which is so far the only time the event has been hosted outside of the USA.


Hosted for a third consecutive year at the impressive West Coast RC Raceway facility in La Mirada, California, this year’s event will see 29 drivers made up of 18 Americans, 8 Europeans, 2 Japanese and one Canadian, battle it out for the title with the US determined to see the title back in the hands of an American after Joern Neumann last year became the first European to ever win the prestigious trophy that is engraved with names of the sport’s greats like Cliff Lett, Masami Hirosaka and Brian Kinwald.  A former two time winner Kinwald is one of this year’s invited competitors as is Rick Hohwart who won the event 21 years ago.  A nice touch by the organisers to ensure the founder of the race, who passed away in 2011, is not forgotten is that the first pit table in the main pitting area has been laid out as Mike would have done so back in the day with much of his original equipment including a number of the all conquering Reedy brushed motors he was most famous for.

Joern Neumann

With the line up for each of the 12 races different, each driver in the invitational class has been designated a permanent number for the four day event with No.1 being carried by defending Neumann, No.2 by 2011 Champion Evans and No.3 by 2010 champion Cavalieri.  In addition to the main event there is also an open class, which runs the more traditional race format of heats followed by finals, with the prize for winning that an invitation to race with the big guns for next year’s Reedy Race of Champions title.  Chad Due is the 2012 2WD Open Champion and carries the No.15 on his Associated in the Invitation class and is joined by 4WD Open Champion Josh Numan who is No.16 on the entry list.  Unfortunately former World Champion Hayato Matsukura who was due to carry the No.5 is unable to attend this year’s event. The event features a controlled tyre with the front tyre being JConcepts ‘Gold Barcode’ fitted with their ‘Profile’ closed cell insert while the rear tyre is Proline’s ‘MC Surburbs’ together with their closed cell insert.

Cav Shells

Commenting on the event, current World Champion Cavalieri said the Reedy Race can be stressful as the outcome is not always down to your own driving but its a lot of fun.  Racing the same format so much, the Associated driver said the heads up racing makes a nice change and at the end always gives everyone plenty to talk about.  Living just 25-minutes from West Coast R/C Raceway, this is Cavaieri’s home track but due to the unique format of the race he said this gives him no advantage.


One of the few drivers to have raced both eras of the Reedy Race, Brian Kinwald said the event is one of the hardest races in the world to win as even if your the fastest driver on the day it doesn’t mean your going to come away with the overall win.  While many of the younger drivers will not remember the significances of Mike Reedy’s input into r/c racing Kinwald said the history behind the race makes it also one of the most prestigious events to be able to compete in.

Dustin Evans

A race that launched TLR’s Dustin Evans international career when he won in 2011, the American said he grew up following the race and then to win it on its return to the USA was a very special moment for him.  The former US National Champion said the event creates a lot of great racing but is hard mentally as you can’t get too excited when you win a race as your going to need to try do it a couple more times.  Evans team-mate Dakotah Phend, who at 15-years-old is the youngest driver in the event, may not be fully aware of the history of the race but is a big fan of all the heads up racing.  For the World Championship finalist winning the races shows that you are a really good racer.

Jared Tebo

Kyosho’s Jared Tebo said the race ‘rates up there’ as one of the best there is and it is one he wants to add to his CV.  The former World Champion said last year he tried to race strategically by working out what he needs to do in each race but it didn’t work out.  This year he plans to race everyone and just get passed any car that is in front of him.  Commenting on the track layout, which is getting a positive response from the driver, Tebo said its better than last year with the wider line making for most passing opportunities but he added its still going to be tough racing.

Today’s schedule is made up of 6 rounds of practice, alternating between 2WD & 4WD, with the serious business getting underway tomorrow with the first four of the 8 races that will determine the 2013 Reedy Race of Champions winner.  The first 2 rounds of practice was all about breaking in tyres on the freshly prepped track after which the 29 drivers drew a starting number that correspondents to the grids of the races with the race listing being held over till the morning to build up things up but race officials have said the draw has created what are certain to be a number of world class showdowns between.

2013 Reedy Race of Champions Entry list
1. Joern Neumann – Team Durango – Germany
2. Dustin Evans – Team Losi Racing – USA
3. Ryan Cavalieri – Associated – USA
4. Brian Kinwald – Associated – USA
5. Rick Hohwart – Associated – USA
7. Jared Tebo – Kyosho – USA
8. Neil Cragg – Associated – United Kingdom
9. Lee Martin – Tamiya – United Kingdom
10.Ryan Maifield – Associated – USA
11.Hupo Honigl – Team Durango – Austria
12.Dakotah Phend – Team Losi Racing – USA
13.Peter Pinisch – Associated – Austria
14.Kohta Akimoto – Kyosho – Japan
15.Chad Due – Associated – USA
16.Josh Numan – Associated – USA
17.Atsushi Hara – HB/HPI Racing – Japan
18.Kody Numedahl – Associated – USA
19.Steven Hartson – Associated – USA
21.Paul Bradby – Associated – United Kingdom
22.Ty Tessmann – HB/HPI Racing – Canada
23.Stefan Pfeihofer – Associated – Germany
24.Matt Castellano – Team Losi Racing – USA
25.Cody Tuner – Kyosho – USA
26.Brent Thielke – Associated – USA
27.Rene Trauner – Yokomo – Austria
28.Tanner Denney – Associated – USA
29.Travis Amezcua – Team Durango – USA
30.Mike Truhe – Team Losi Racing – USA
31.Ryan Lutz – Team Durango – USA

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Video – 1/8th Buggy WC A-main

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Robert Batlle is World Champion

Robert Batlle is the 1:8 Offroad World Champion after the factory Mugen driver dominated what was a processional and uneventful one-hour final in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Starting the race from second on the grid Batlle took control of the race when pole sitter and early leader Ty Tessmann made a mistake allowing the Spaniard through from where he opened up a lead he would never relinquish to give Mugen their first win since 2004 and the first World title for Novarossi since 1990.  Behind Batlle, Tessmann took the runners-up spot with HB team-mate Atsushi Hara third.

The first European winner since Frenchman Guillamne Vray took the title 8-years ago, Batlle said it was ‘dream come through’ and he was finding it hard to find words to describe how it feels to reach his ultimate goal.  Asked about the race he said while it may have seemed like an easy race to onlookers he said it was far from it from a drivers point of view.  Switching from the soft compound of Procircuit’s Marathon tyre which he ran in the Semi to medium for the Main, Batlle said while his MBX7 was easy to drive track conditions made it a very difficult race.  The first Spanish driver to be crowned World Champion, he said Tessmann had the speed to always be a threat and he had to push hard for the majority of the race.  Setting the joint fastest lap of the race with Ryan Lutz, he said in the closing stages he started to focus on controlling the gap between himself and the Canadian.

With disappointment at missing out on the title written all over his face, Tessmann said while his buggy started to fade a little in the latter part of the race it was too many mistakes that ultimately cost him the win he had worked so hard towards achieving.  2012 has been the 19-year-olds coming of age with him winning a host of high profile races culminating in him being crowned US National Champion and one can only expect the quiet talent who likes to do his talking on the track will be one of the biggest threats to Batlle defending his title in 2-years time in Italy.

A legend of the RC racing World Hara’s third place finish sees the Japanese ace becomes the first driver to finish three consecutive World Championships on the podium.  Changing to a longer chassis after the Semi final practice and choosing HB’s hardest compound Gridlock tyre for the main event he said the buggy, tyres and fuel mileage from his OS engine were good. Hara’s third Worlds podium this year having finished runner up in electric touring car earlier his year and then again in nitro touring car last month, he said he ‘tried his best’ but he had too many mistakes. The 2008 World Champion said prior to the event he told himself if he wasn’t competitive he would retire from the class but with a smile on his face he said his performance in the final has given him huge motivation for the next Worlds adding next time he wants to be back on the top step of the podium.

Snatching fourth position from Associated’s Ryan Maifield on the last lap, David Ronnefalk was the top Kyosho with outgoing World Champion Cody King finishing 7th. Ronnefalk said he was ‘super happy’ with the result as it is the best finish to be achieved by a Swede.  The 16-year-old, who made a great initial start to the race making up five places before catching an out of shape buggy at the double double which dropped him back to last, said his MP9 was not very good at the start but improved as the race went on and passing Maifield on the last lap was a bonus.

The top Associated in the race finishing one spot ahead of team-mate Yannick Aigoin, Maifield described his fifth place finish as ‘alright’.  The America ace said he crashed too much and a damaged drive train meant his LRP powered RC8 was difficult to drive in the last few laps.  A driver who is not afraid to mince his words he said the best thing about the race was ‘we now get to go the F#*k home.’ Behind the two Associateds, Xray’s Josh Wheeler finished 7th followed by the sole TLR driver to make the Main Dakotah Phend.  The 15-year-old had a bad start to the race but pitman David Spashett said afterwards they didn’t have the economy to be able to challenge for a good result needing fuel every six and half minutes.

The only driver not to finish the race was American Taylor Peterson after he suffered a receiver failure on his Mugen MBX7 while on for solid result with 5-minutes to go.  Team-mate Lee Martin had a troubled Worlds final debut, the British driver suffering numerous engine flame outs.  Despite this he persisted to the end to finish 11th behind Peterson.  Managing to equal new World Champion Robert Batlle’s fastest lap of the race Ryan Lutz finished the race last after he suffered a broken front centre drive shaft on his prototype Durango.  Taking the buggy back to the pits his mechanic and Durango designer Gerd Strenge fitted an entire new front gearbox allowing the American to rejoin the race albeit 12 laps down on the leader.

A World Championship that has lacked the wow factor in almost every way hopefully it will lead to the manufacturers coming together to ensure that future events are worthy of the World Championship status.  The pinnacle of ones sport should inspire future generations to follow their dreams and is that not also part of the reason for our sport having and investing in a World Championships.  To our media colleagues Live RC, who despite valiant efforts by Brandon Rohde were unable to bring the world their usual top quality TV coverage, we hope this event hasn’t diminished your passion for the sport and that if the manufacturers do decide on taking action that you are part of the package they create.  Finally we would like to thank new World Champions Mugen, JConcepts and Serpent for making our coverage from Argentina over the past 8-days possible.

Main Final Result
1. Robert Battle – Mugen/Novarossi – 76/60:45.260
2. Ty Tessmann – HB/OS Speed – 75/60:13.874
3. Atsushi Hara – HB/OS Speed – 74/60:01.333
4. David Ronnefalk – Kyosho/Orion – 74/60:04.762
5. Ryan Maifield – Associated/LRP – 74/60:12.374
6. Yannick Aigoin – Associated/nVision – 74/60:50.218
7. Cody King – Kyosho/Orion – 73/60:39.724
8. Josh Wheeler – Xray/OS Speed – 72/60:07.733
9. Dakotah Phend – TLR/Orion – 72/60:18.770
10.Taylor Peterson – Mugen/Alpha – 67/55:01.026
11.Lee Martin – Mugen/Novarossi – 60:35.665
12.Ryan Lutz – Durango/Alpha – 60:14.762

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Batlle is World Champion

Spain’s Robert Batlle is the 1:8 Offroad World Champion after the factory Mugen driver dominated the 1-hour final in Argentina with the new MBX7 ahead of the HB D812s of Ty Tessmann and Atsushi Hara.

Provisions Main Final results
1. Robert Battle – Mugen/Novarossi – 76/60:45.260
2. Ty Tessmann – HB/OS Speed – 75/60:13.874
3. Atsushi Hara – HB/OS Speed – 74/60:01.333
4. David Ronnefalk – Kyosho/Orion
5. Ryan Maifield – Associated/LRP
6. Yannick Aigoin – Associated/nVision
7. Cody King – Kyosho/Orion
8. Josh Wheeler – Xray/OS Speed
9. Dakotah Phend – TLR/Orion
10.Taylor Peterson – Mugen/Alpha
11.Lee Martin – Mugen/Novarossi
12.Ryan Lutz – Durango/Alpha

Full report to follow shortly

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Worlds Final grid complete, Boots out

The 12 drivers that will battle it out for the 14th 1:8 Offroad World Championship title this evening in Buenos Aires has been decided but despite being the most spectacular driver all week and the man to top qualifying Elliot Boots won’t be taking part.  Boots retired his Novarossi powered Kyosho 6-minutes into the first Semi final with a steering servo failure in his MP9. Winner of the first Semi, pole position for the 1-hour race goes to Tessmann with Robert Battle who won the second Semi starting directly behind the Canadian.

The first Semi final saw Tessmann take the win from Associated team-mates Ryan Maifield and Yannick Aigoin with Warm Up race Top Qualifier David Ronnefalk fourth with his Kyosho. Securing the last direct qualifying position was US Mugen driver Taylor Petersen.  Big names to drop out at this stage of the event included electric Offroad World Champion Ryan Cavalieri, whose engine cut three times, TLR’s Adam Drake and Xray’s Renaud Savoya who both suffered flame outs.

In the second Semi which would prove the faster race and therefore provide the final two drivers to bump up based on being the fastest two drivers joining the Top 5 finishers from each of the 30-minute encounters.  The race was won by Warm-up Race winner Robert Batlle ahead of 2008 World Champion & 2010 Runner up Atsushi Hara with TLR’s Dakotah Phend third.  Defending World Champion Cody King who started the day out in the 1/8 final and is set make his 4th race start in the Main event finished 4th and his Kyosho will start sixth on the grid.  Lee Martin finished 5th to secure his first 1:8 Offroad World finals appearance while behind the British Mugen driver Xray’s Josh Wheeler and Durango’s Ryan Lutz secured the final two spots, Q4 TQ man Wheeler getting past Lutz on the last lap.

The biggest drop out of the second Semi was 2010 Top Qualifier and podium finisher Jared Tebo who flamed out three times putting him out of contention to progress.  Ultimately the American star would retire with broken front suspension on his Kyosho.

Grid for Main Final
1. Ty Tessmann – HB/OS Speed
2. Robert Battle – Mugen/Novarossi
3. Atsushi Hara – HB/OS Speed
4. Dakotah Phend – TLR/Orion
5. Ryan Maifield – Associated/LRP
6. Cody King – Kyosho/Orion
7. Lee Martin – Mugen/Novarossi
8. Yannick Aigoin – Associated/nVision
9. Josh Wheeler – Xray/OS Speed
10.David Ronnefalk – Kyosho/Orion
11.Ryan Lutz – Durango/Alpha
12.Taylor Peterson – Mugen/Alpha

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

King progresses to Semi Finals

Defending World Champion Cody King will progress to the Semi-final after the American scraped through from his 1/4 Final just ahead of Serpent’s Billy Easton.  Having bumped up from the early 1/8 final which he won, the Kyosho driver had a terrible start to the 30-minute encounter as his MP9 ended up on its roof leaving him last of the 12 car field as he needed marshaling.

Up front TLR’s young star Dakotah Phend controlled the race taking the win from A-Main Hobbies team driver Dylan Rodriguez with Team Durango’s Ryan Lutz third despite getting a Stop & Go penalty for bad refueling.  Phend’s team-mate Miguel Matias suffered cruel luck as he retired from a bump position with a steering servo failure.  Another TLR team driver to bow out was European Champion Darren Bloomfield who had the battery fall out of his transmitter during the race.

In the other 1/4 final, reigning electric offroad world Champion Ryan Cavalieri booked his place in the final 24 winning by 7 seconds from fellow American Barry Pettit who is having a great day having progressed from the 1/8 final which got today’s action underway.  ‘Mr. Fuel Economy’ Adam Drake who was the only driver to do 10-minute fuel stops, finished 3rd ahead of 3-time European Champion Renaud Savoya both progressing to the Semi final.  The race saw the demise of Matt Castellano who finished 5th and JQ Products boss Joseph Quagraine who had tyre issues needing to stop in the race to fit a new front tyre as the rubber had parted company with the rim.

Grid for Semi A Final
1. Elliott Boots – Kyosho/Novarossi
2. Ty Tessmann – HB/OS Speed
3. Ryan Maifield – Associated/LRP
4. Yannick Aigoin – Associated/nVision
5. Davide Tortorici – Mugen/Bliss
6. Jerome Aigoin – Kyosho/Novarossi
7. David Ronnefalk – Kyosho/Orion
8. Taylor Petersen – Mugen/Alpha
9. Ryan Cavalieri – Associated/Orion
10.Barry Pettit – Mugen/Novarossi
11.Adam Drake – TLR/Novarossi
12.Renaud Savoya – Xray/RB

Grid for Semi B Final
1. Robert Battle – Mugen/Novarossi
2. Jared Tebo – Kyosho/Orion
3. Lee Martin – Mugen/Novarossi
4. Kyle McBride – Kyosho/Novarossi
5. Martin Bayer – Xray/LRP
6. Atsushi Hara – HB/OS Speed
7. Josh Wheeler – Xray/OS Speed
8. Renato Tradardi Jr – Associated/Novarossi
9. Dakotah Phend – TLR/Orion
10.Dylan Rodriguez – Kyosho/OS Speed
11.Ryan Lutz – Durango/Alpha
12.Cody King – Kyosho/Orion

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

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