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Hartson Act

Practice for the opening round of the JConcepts Indoor National Series is complete with the leading entries declaring themselves happy with their days running at the SmacTrac track in St.Louis, Missouri. With no official timing available for the open practice sessions, we will have to wait till the first round of qualifying in the morning to see who has their gear sorted and who still has work to do. In general the main focus of the drivers today are tyres with sanding or cutting pins pretty much the order of the day.


Defending buggy champion Steven Hartson said due to tyre preparations he didn’t get as much track time as he would have liked but from the runs he did do he was happy with how his Associateds worked, in particular his B4.2. Running JConcepts green compound Barcodes on the rear and Rips on the front of his 2WD buggy he said it felt real good and it is ready for qualifying. Also happy with his 4WD, which he only got to run twice over the day, he said the one car that still needs work is his 2WD Short Course truck. Running JConcepts Pressure Points all round on the SC10 he said it lacked forward traction which the 21-year-old believes is down to tyre choice so for qualifying he will switch to Barcodes on the rear for Q1.


Associated team-mate Ryan Maifield said it was a pretty straight forward day at the office with him having to do little to his buggies over the day. Running the same set-up on his 2WD Buggy as he used at the recent Reedy Race of Champions the Arizona ace said it felt decent. Having done some testing with his B44.2 on asphalt prior to the event to test some ideas he had he said the set-up he concluded from that testing is working out well. Having did little racing with his Mod Truck recently, Maifeld said he did a number of set-up changes to the T4.2 and is comfortable with where it is at now.

Brent Thielke

Champion of the Mod Truck class, Brent Thielke said most of his work today apart from prepping tyres was also with his T4.2. With the advantage of having been to SmacTrac on three previous occasions, he said the track they have created for the Winter Indoor Nationals is a lot of fun and keeping your cars on the dirt over the elevating track takes a lot of discipline. Running his buggies just as they came off the track at the Reedy Race the Associated Team Manager said he plans to rebuild both tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s qualifying.

Jared Tebo

Kyosho’s Jared Tebo was pleased with his days running saying he really likes the track which is similar in size to that of his local home track. Starting out the day running AKA’s Vector front and Handlebar rear tyres in soft compound on his Laser ZX he said a switch to Super Soft improved the buggy a lot but he added he is still playing around with the saucing, trying to determine which is the best additive to use. On his Ultima RB6, Tebo is running Super Soft Handlebars all round.

Cody Turner

Kyosho team-mate Cody Turner said he was very happy with how his cars worked in practice and he ‘can’t wait to start racing’. A Pro-line team driver the 21-year-old from California said he is still getting to terms with how to best sauce his tyres for this his first ever time at SmacTrac. On his 4WD he ended the day with Scrubs on the front and Suburbs on the rear while on his 2WD buggy and Mod Truck it was M4 Suburbs all round.

Xray’s Josh Wheeler said changes to his XB4 for his final run of the day didn’t give him the desired results but happy with the buggy earlier in the day he will just revert back to his previous set-up. Looking for a little more steering around what is a tight track layout, he switched away from the standard caster block but said this gave him very snappy steering. Planning to refit the standard block he will also adjust the rear swaybar which he is confident will give him a comfortable buggy for the opening qualifier.

Tomorrow’s schedule for the JConcepts Winter Indoor Nationals will see three of the four rounds of qualifying run with two to count to determine the grids for the bump up finals format.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

New releases from JConcepts

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The Winter Indoor Nationals in St Louis Missouri has seen JConcepts introduce a number of new parts including their new Finnisher shell for Associated T4.2. An evolution of the shell introduced not too long ago for the T4.1, it sports an updated front end to cater for the new shock position of the 4.2 as well as a number of new tweaks around the roof and rear of the car. For the B44.2 there is a new center diff top plate from aluminium as well as a front steering system comprising of two aluminium steering pivots as well as a carbon Ackerman plate, the whole system moving on a set of bearings. Introduced at the Reedy race two weeks ago there is a complete set of titanium track rods, with sets to be released for more popular cars in the future. Finally a new 7 inch rear wing gives a new higher downforce option for

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 JConcepts Indoor National Series gets underway in Missouri

The opening round of the 2013 JConcepts Indoor National Series got underway in St.Louis, Missouri, this morning with SmacTrac playing host to the ‘JConcepts Winter Indoor Nationals’.  The first race on the 5 round calendar, the event has attracted a quality 300+ plus entry with all of last season’s champions in attendance as they look to defend their titles but they face increasingly strong opposition from Kyosho’s Jared Tebo and Associated’s Ryan Maifield, two big names drivers who have declared their intentions to go for the title in this the 3rd running of the series.

Champion of both 2 & 4WD buggy, winning all five rounds of 4WD buggy in last year’s series, Steven Hartson expects this to be his toughest race yet with the arrival of Tebo and Maifield but he is looking forward to the challenge and said the higher level of competition is good for the profile of the series.  Commenting on the track which facility owner Scott McDonald has come up with, the factory Associated driver said its fun to drive especially due to the nicely detailed curbing, but tighter than last year he feels it will be hard to race on adding that qualifying is going to very important.  Wishing that there were a few more jumps he said in the early runs both his buggies felt good. Also competing in 2WD Short Course the Californian said his SC10 needed a little work as it felt a bit loose.

Ryan Maifield

Looking for a sixth consecutive win in 4WD Buggy, Hartson’s biggest treat comes from within his own team as Maifield makes his debut in the series this weekend.  One of the sports most spectacular drivers, Maifield said he is looking forward to a good weekend of racing adding that while the track is a ‘little small’ the surface is ‘really good’ and its ‘fun to drive’.  Also here from Associated is team-manager Brent Thielke, who after putting on the Reedy Race of Champion two weeks ago, will have a slightly less stressful weekend but as defending champion of the Mod Truck class he wont be able to relax to much.

Jared Tebo

His first time to race in the series, Tebo had an early start to the opening day of the event as he left his house at 05:30 this morning together with team-mate Cody Turner to make the three & a half hour drive from Raymore across to St.Louis.  From California, Turner flew out to the former World Champion earlier in the week so they could prep their cars together both running 2 & 4WD buggy with Tebo also doing truck and Turner focusing on 2WD Short Course.  Commenting on the narrow track after a few early runs, Tebo described the track as ‘very interesting’ adding that the racing should be ‘fun’.

Josh Wheeler

Better known as a nitro offroad racer, making the final in December’s 1:8 Offoad World Championships in Argentina, Xray’s Josh Wheeler should be one to watch in 4WD Buggy this weekend.  Living just 25-minutes from SmacTrac, Wheeler runs regularly at the track saying when it gets too cold outside for nitro he does a bit of indoor electric running. Now that Xray has entered the electric market with their XB4, the RC America driver is doing a bit more running although he said for the 2013 season his main focus will remain nitro.  Also running a 2WD Buggy, he said this is purely to get track time and he hasn’t touched the Kyosho between runs, but with his XB4 feeling more similar to his nitro buggy to drive he is hoping to be up there in 4WD come Sunday.  Having only got the XB4 at the beginning of January he said he is still learning every run.

Matt Olson

Factory MIP driver Matthew Olson is champion of 4WD Short Course and having also won the 2WD Stock Short Course title will this season move up to 2WD Modified SC.  Expecting a good battle with Hartson and Turner, he said the many elevations on the track are hard to determine from the drivers stand and for the large sized Short Course trucks the track is really tight and he expects overtaking to be hard.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Video – 4wd Invitational Rd6

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cavalieri claims the 19th Reedy Race on tie break

Ryan Cavalieri

Ryan Cavalieri has won the 19th Reedy Race of Champions, the Team Associated driver did just enough in the final round of racing to win on tie break from Team Losi Racing’s Dustin Evans.  The podium after 3 days and 12 rounds of racing at West Coast RC Raceway was completed by outgoing champion Joern Neumann.

Cav Car

Heading into the final showdown three of the 29 invited drivers, Cavalieri, Evans and Ryan Maifield, remained in the hunt for the title of the World famous race which was created in 1986 by pioneer of the sport Mike Reedy. Race 1 of the deciding round saw the two Ryan’s up against one another with Evans watching on as he waited to compete in Race 2.  For Maifield nothing but a win would do but one of the sports most exciting drivers to watch lasted just 5 and a half laps, a bad landing causing the Arizona driver to break his B44.2.  With Maifield out all the attention was on Cavalieri, West Coast the home track of the World Champion, and starting from 10th he was already up to 5th but he needed to pass two more buggies to guarantee himself the title.   Passing Kyosho’s Cody Turner with four laps to go it looked like the gap to third would be too much for the 2009 Champion to close down but on the penultimate lap HB’s Ty Tessmann got it wrong off the wash board section in the deciding moment of the event allowing Cavalieri through for 3rd and his second Reedy Race title.

Ryan Cavalieri

Having led the event from the first race all the way through, only sharing the points lead with Evans for 2 rounds, Cavalieri said it was a ‘super relief’ to get the job done in his last race rather than wait for the outcome of Evans’ race which the 2011 Champion ultimately won.  Becoming only the 5th driver to win the Reedy Race twice, his first win being on the races only time to be hosted outside of the United States he said this win had a lot more meaning as the best in the world were all in attendance this time round.

Inv Podium

Having won his Reedy Race title 2-years ago on a tie break with Tebo, Evans said having done the calculations of the various scenarios that could have arisen from the first race of the deciding round he knew once Cavalieri got third the title was gone.  Still the Colorado racer drove the perfect race to take his fourth win of the event,  Cavalieri had six wins, four of which were in 2WD deciding the tie break, saying after that it was an awesome if sometimes crazy weekend and he was very happy to have been in the hunt for the title among the World class field.

Joern Neumann

The first European to win the title, the only other non-American to hold the Reedy Race crown being r/c legend & two time winner Masami Hirosaka, Neumann said he was happy with third, a podium always a great result in what is one of the world’s toughest races.  The European Champion said while he enjoyed the event he felt the standard of driving was at times a little too rough with some drivers getting away with some rather forceful driving something he hoped would be addressed for the 20th Reedy Race of Champions.

Open Winners

Two drivers that will get the chance to battle it out in that event will be Team Durango driver Carson Wernimont and Associated driver Rob Gillespie who as winners of supporting Open classes at this year’s event will be invited to take part in the famous race format next year.  Wernimont took the win in 2WD from Gillespie with Gillespie getting the better of Wernimont in 4WD.

Junior Winner

With the late Mike Reedy a champion of encouraging young racers the event also included a Junior Reedy Race final which was won by promising young talent & JConcepts team driver Daimon Borkowicz.  The 12-year-old took the win of the 10-minute race ahead of Kyosho’s Zack Genova by 2.8 seconds with Associated driver Tommy Hinz from Arizona completing the podium a further 3-seconds back.

Red RC’s first time to cover the Reedy Race of Champions we would like to commend Brent Thielke on his attention to detail in putting on this great show and for ensuring the memory of Mike Reedy is not lost.  Also our first time to visit the West Coast RC Raceway, a facility we had heard so much about, we would like to thank the owner Danny Stojakovic for his hospitality.  Finally we would like to thank our sponsors Reedy, Associated, JConcepts, Proline and Upgrade RC for making our coverage over the last 4-day possible.

Overall Top 10
1. Ryan Cavalieri – Team Associated – 19 pts
2. Dustin Evans – Team Losi Racing – 19
3. Jörn Neumann – Team Durango – 22
4. Jared Tebo – Kyosho – 24
5. Ryan Maifield – Team Associated – 27
6. Travis Amezcua – Team Durango – 28
7. Lee Martin – Tamiya Racing Factory – 29
8. Steven Hartson – Team Associated – 30
9. Kody Numedahl – Team Associated – 32
10.Atsushi Hara – HB/HPI Racing – 32

Round 6 4WD Buggy
Race 1
1.(5) Jared Tebo – Kyosho – 16/5:07.730
2.(2) Lee Martin – Tamiya – 15/5:07.886
3.(10)Ryan Cavalieri – Associated – 16/5:11.707
4.(3) Ty Tessmann – HB/HPI Racing – 16/5:12.364
5.(2) Cody Tuner – Kyosho – 16/5:15.242
6.(6) Hupo Honigl – Team Durango – 16/5:15.387
7.(4) Chad Due – Associated – 16/5:19.606
8.(9) Neil Cragg – Associated – 15/5:01.206
9.(7) Peter Pinisch – Associated – 15/5:08.857
10.(8)Ryan Maifield – Associated – 5/1:43.745

Race 2
1.(1) Dustin Evans – Team Losi Racing – 16/5:05.238
2.(2) Joern Neumann – Team Durango – 16/506.999
3.(10)Matt Castellano – Team Losi Racing – 16/5:15.653
4.(8) Kohta Akimoto – Kyosho – 16/5:16.747
5.(3) Ryan Lutz – Team Durango – 16/5:19.371
6.(5) Rick Hohwart – Associated – 15/5:02.157
7.(6) Dakotah Phend – Team Losi Racing – 15/5:02.855
8.(7) Stefan Pfeihofer – Associated – 15/5:10.037
9.(9) Brent Thielke – Associated – 15/5:10.446
10.(4)Tanner Denney – Associated – 15/5:10.712

Race 3
1.(7) Kody Numedahl – Associated – 16/5:11.311
2.(10)Travis Amezcua – Team Durango – 16/5:13.037
3.(1) Josh Numan – Associated – 16/5:13.859
4.(9) Atsushi Hara – HB/HPI Racing – 16/5:15.078
5.(4) Mike Truhe – Team Losi Racing – 16/5:15.737
6.(5) Paul Bradby – Associated – 16/5:18.804
7.(8) Rene Trauner – Yokomo – 15/5:09.630
8.(6) Brian Kinwald – Associated – 15/5:27.103
9.(3) Steven Hartson – Associated – 1/0:22.169

View the final overall invitational standings here (PDF).

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Video – 4wd Invitational Rd5

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Monday, January 28, 2013

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