October 9, 2013

Chassis Focus – Jilles Groskamp


Car: Shepherd Velox V8
Engine: Maxima
Fuel: Maxima
Tires: Hot Race Tyres
Bodyshell: Protoform R18
Radio/Servos: Sanwa

Current European Champion Jilles Groskamp is running a pretty standard Velox V8 from Shepherd, the same car he used to win his title in Halifax with. In terms of changes from the kit car he has added 145 grams of brass to the chassis plate around the fuel tank to get it as low down as possible, while on the rear he has chosen for Mugen rear bodymount height adjusters as they allow him to set the body higher than the standard part. His car is set very soft in terms of the anti-roll bars, and shock springs, the TC World Champion using the company’s touring car green spring all round, while using harder shock oil to help deal with the bumps.

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October 9, 2013

Manufacturer Statistics


IFMAR have released the official manufacturer statistics for this year’s 1:8 Onroad World Championship, the sport oldest and longest running category. In terms of equipment being used by the 97 racers taking part in the Japanese event it is the host nation that is the most popular choice in the four main categories of chassis, engine, tyres and fuel.


Defending Champions Mugen make up over half the field here at the Keitune Racing Speedway with 49 MRX-5 chassis’ in use.  Currently fastest with 4 of the 6 scheduled rounds of qualifying complete, Serpent are the second most popular brand with 17 of their 977’s being raced.  European Champions Team Shepherd are next up with 10 drivers followed by KM Racing who are represented by 8 drivers including the only former World Champion in the event Adrien Bertin.  Welcomed new comers to the Formula 1 class of RC racing, HB have come to the event with four R8 chassis. One interesting car is that of French racer Maxime Tenet called the J-Max which was created together with his friend Adrien Bertin before he signed for KM Racing.


In terms of power it is OS Speed who are the No.1 choice with 43 drivers counting on the Japanese made engine. A total of 11 different engine brands are in use this week with reigning World Champions Novarossi the second most popular with 15 drivers. Based on an OS engine, the hand tuned Maxima engines are next up with 9 users followed by Picco with 7 drivers including the two Sahashi brothers.


This year’s World is the first to see the use of controlled tyres with five brands signing up with IFMAR to have their foam available to drivers. ZAC Project is by far the best represented with 66 drivers counting on them to keep their cars stuck to the track. Italian brand Matrix are the No.2 choice with 12 racers followed by Ulti, the tyre brand of top Japanese racer Masao Tanaka with 9 users, one of which is Tanaka himself. Italian brands Hot Race and Contact, winners in Miami, are the other supplier with 6 and 4 users respectively.

Stats Fuel

In terms of fuel Cosmo, which is part of a main stream Japanese petrol company whose fuel stations can been seen on the drive to the track, is being used by over half the drivers.  Thailand’s Maxima, which is being used by the majority of the European racers here in Chiba, is the second largest supplier with 32 drivers.  Like the tyres the fuel is controlled with drivers getting their respective choice of the four brands of fuel in the same area as they get their tyres.

October 9, 2013

Bug found in timing software – Q3 Update

Bug found in timing software - Q3 Update

Having based our report from Q3 on the official timing sheets issued to us by Race Control, it has since transpired a bug in the timing software issued an incorrect result.  The error was brought to our attention by our friend Cesar Salvadori of Salvadori Racing Modelismo in Brazil who on reading our report went and analysised the individual laps times of Hideki Iriguchi.  Posting on the Red RC Facebook page that his average lap time made it impossible to do a 36-lap we in turn brought it to the attention of race officials.  On investigation the matter, they have found a bug in the software issued Iriguchi with two extra laps for reasons unknown.  The incorrect time originally put the Japanese driver who works at ZAC Project 8th fastest.  Race officials are currently in contact with the software developers to try and discover what caused the pretty significant bug.  Having been pushed out of the Top 10 by the false result KM Racing’s Adrien Bertin is now back holding the 10th fastest at the end of Q3.

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October 9, 2013

Qualifying times after Round 3

1. Tadahiko Sahashi – Serpent/Picco – 36/10:03.890
2. Takaaki Shimo – Mugen/OS – 36/10:04.329
3. Jilles Groskamp – Shepherd/Maxima – 36/10:04.734
4. Meen Vejrak – KM Racing/OS – 36/10:07.327
5. Takehiro Terauchi – Mugen/Novarossi – 36/10:09.267
6. Yuya Sahashi – Serpent/Picco – 36/10:11.281
7. Shinnosuke Yokoyama – Mugen/OS – 36/10:14.258
8. Raiola Carmine – Xray/Max – 35/10:03.414
9.Keisuke Fukuda – KM Racing/Picco – 35/10:04.124
10.Adrien Bertin – KM Racing/Orion – 35/10:05.162

Updated following discovery of timing software glitch.

October 9, 2013

No improvements in Q3, Iriguchi fastest


As predicted by the main title contender themselves yesterday following the evening’s Q2 rocket round, this morning’s third qualifier so no improvements in times for the leading drivers.  A sunny start to Day 4 of the 1:8 Onroad World Championships, track conditions meant only two drivers did 36-lap runs with Mugen driver Hideki Iriguchi the surprise pace setter from current provisional TQ holder Tadahiko Sahashi. Having ended Day 1 of qualifying in 27th fastest, a change to the downstops on his OS powered MRX-5 gave Iriguchi a car he was much happier with.  Running in the 6th of the 10 qualifying groups, 10 being the fastest group, it was an early start for the Japanese driver as a change of running order meant Heat 6 was first up.  Making the most of the cooler conditions of the 07:00 starting run, his time of 36/10:15.597 was good enough to move into 8th fastest ahead of Italian National Champion Raiola Carmine and Miami runner-up Keisuke Fukuda.


The round saw a lot of incidents from top drivers.  While Tadahiko Sahashi put in a clean run, those sitting behind him in the current qualification standings all made contact with the track barriers and came off worst.  Two minutes into the top heat Jilles Groskamp launched his Shepherd into the catch fencing resulting in a front spring popping off the Velox V8 along with a broken rear wheel.  Then a minute and a half later Pre Worlds winner Takaaki Shimo, who sits 2nd fastest in front of Groskamp, had an off with his Mugen taking a very heavy impact to the rear putting him out.  Fourth fastest overall, KM Racing’s Meen Vejrak got off to the worst possible start as he lost a rear wheel off his K8.  Getting going again the Thai driver was still having issues with his engine but he too eventually broke the car too with an off.


Running in the second fastest heat and after a tough two rounds of qualifying yesterday, Atsushi Hara looked to be on target for a Top 10 time until with 3-minutes remaining he made a mistake which resulted in him retiring with damage to the rear end of his Mugen.

Morning Track

With temperatures rising Q4 is expected to become an extra test session for the top drivers however a few big names dont yet have that luxury and still need to salvage a time even if the track is slower.

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October 9, 2013

‘Race Control’ – Day 4

Japan Flag

Originally expected to be wash out with the forecast showing the track as being right in the path of a Typhoon, we are glad to report Day 4 of the 1:8 Onroad World Championship is off to a sunny start.   With the weather having changed course everything looks set to run without interruption with 3 rounds of qualifying (Q3,4 & 5) on the schedule for drivers.   With 1:8 Onroad using fastest time rather than a points qualifying system,  the general feeling is that Q5 will be the round that most influences the final qualifying order.

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