October 31, 2019

Chassis Focus – Lamberto Collari

Chassis – Infinity IF18
Engine – Max
Fuel (handout) – VP Racing
Tires (handout) – Hotrace
Radio/Servo – Sanwa Exzes ZZ/Sanwa
Body – Xtreme Diablo

Remarks – Lamberto is running ‘a completely standard’ IF18 but his car does feature stiffeners and extra weights he would not normally use in an attempt to try and adapt it for Steel City RC Speedway’s super high traction levels.  A drivers who has experienced more World Championships than most, the 22nd 1:8 Onroad World Championship’s ‘very unique’ grips levels has seen the 9-time Champion get creative and cut up an old radio plate to make stiffeners for the car.

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October 30, 2019

Chassis Focus – Robert Pietsch

Chassis – Mugen MRX6 Prototype
Engine – OS Speed R2104
Fuel (handout) – VP  Racing
Tires (handout) – Hotrace
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Body – Xtreme Super Diablo

Remarks – Robert is racing a prototype Mugen MRX-6X here at the World Championships. The car features different shocks, caster set-up and weight distribution.  Key items on the car are the new front upper arms and uprights with eccentric aluminium inserts.  With these new front parts the driver will have more solutions of steering angle as well as a different roll centre.  At the rear there is a 0.8 gear and a solution to use a standard rod or upper arm. The car is also fitted with an optional topdeck carbon front brace.

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October 30, 2019

Chassis Focus – Patrick Schafer

Chassis – Shepherd Velox V8.2
Engine – Gimar Blue Demon
Fuel (handout) – VP Racing
Tires (handout) – Hotrace
Radio/Servo – KO Propo Eurus/Futaba
Body – Xtreme Super Diablo (not pictured)

Remarks – Shepherd’s owner and designer, Patrick is running the Velox V8.2 with the brand new advanced weight system which will be released to customers shortly.  The new system allows fast balance (front-rear) changes in the pits – perfect for changing track conditions during race day just like drivers are having to deal with here at Steel City RC Speedway.  Posting a Top 10 run in the final round of seeding practice, Patrick’s car also features eccentric inserts in front uprights, low friction pulleys, Shepherd low friction belts, Brilliant RC aluminium pivot balls and Brilliant RC ball bearings.

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October 30, 2019

Chassis Focus – Steven Jovanovic

Chassis Capricorn 804 Prototype
Engine Max 351R WC
Fuel (handout) VP Pro
Tires (handout) Hotrace
Radio/Servo Sanwa M17/Sanwa
Body Xtreme Diablo

Remarks – Making a return to World Championship action and putting in an impressive first seeding run with the third fastest time Steven is running Capricorn’s upcoming chassis release, the 804.  While being called at ‘prototype’, Steven says the car is ‘good to go’ to customers and expected to be available shortly. Explaining the differences to the car over the 803, at the front the  lower arms are 2mm longer with the chassis narrower to suit.  He said through the chicane this keeps the car a lot flatter and so a lot smoother to drive.  The upper arms are also mounted differently now being mounted to the new radio tray making the car more rigid.  The front bulkheads are 2mm lower which is better for steering.  At the rear of the car the bulkheads are narrower making the centre of gravity better.  The arms are stiffer with less cut outs and are also longer but the rear roll centre remains the same.  Steven is running Capricorn’s optional hubs both front and rear which he says makes the car roll a lot freer.  As part of the new radio tray the radio box has been made smaller and is now in the middle of the car.

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January 28, 2019

2019 Reedy Offroad ROC Winner – Jared Tebo

4wd Buggy

Tekno EB410 – Maclan V2M 6.0T – Maclan MMax Pro – Maclan 5000mAh Graphene V2 – KO Propo Transmitter – KO Propo Servo – Kit body

2wd Buggy

Team Associated B6.1D –Maclan V2M 7.5T – Maclan MMax Pro – Maclan 5000mAh Graphene V2 – KO Propo Transmitter – KO Propo Servo – JConcepts F2 body

November 10, 2018

World Champion Chassis Focus

Davide Ongaro (Italy)

Team Associated RC8 B3.1 – LRP ZZ.21c Davide Ongaro Edition – RunnerTime Fuel – AKA Double Down tires – Sanwa Transmitter – Sanwa Servo – JConcepts Silencer body

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