July 14, 2014

Borkowicz & Rivkin claim runner-up spots


Up & coming offroad racing talents Damion Borkowicz and Spencer Rivkin claimed the runners-up spots behind the big winner of the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals Ryan Maifield.   Setting the fastest lap of the race, Borkowicz secured the second step on the 4WD Buggy podium by finishing second to Team Xray’s Tyler Vik in A3.  Unfortunately for Vik, a podium finisher at the Spring Indoor Nationals, his win came too late and he missed out on the podium in Chico by 1-point to A-Main Hobbies driver Drew Moller.


In 2WD Buggy, a win in the closing race of the biggest event to be hosted at Outback Raceway gave Team Associated’s Rivkin second overall behind his mentor.  Finishing second to Rivkin, having swapped the lead with the 15-year-old and also seen off the challenge of Mark Pavidis, Vik would claim the final step on the podium.  Having his best run in A3 to finish third Pavidis would end up fourth overall.

4WD Buggy A-Main Overall Result
1. Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – 2 pts
2. Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 4
3. Drew Moller – A-Main Hobbies (HB) – 6
4. Tyler Vik – Team Xray – 7
5. Brian Strange – Team Associated – 7
6. Derek Stephansen – Team Xray – 7
7. Eric Albano – Team Associated – 11
8. JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 12
9. Chris Jarosz – Team Associated – 13
10.Mark Pavidis – Team Losi Racing – 14
11.Steven Hartson – Team Associated – 19

4WD Buggy A-Main Leg 3 Result
1.(3) Tyler Vik – Team Xray – 22/5:11.385
2.(4) Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 21/5:00.773
3.(8) Derek Stephansen – Team Xray – 21/5:09.762
4.(9) JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 21/5:12.705
5.(10)Chris Jarosz – Team Associated – 21/5:13.611
6.(5) Brian Strange – Team Associated – 21/5:13.913
7.(11)Mark Pavidis – Team Losi Racing – 21/5:16.138
8.(2) Drew Moller – A-Main Hobbies (HB) – 20/4:57.024
9.(7) Steven Hartson – Team Associated – 20/5:01.537
10.(6)Eric Albano – Team Associated – 8/1:59.650
11.(1)Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – DNS

2WD Buggy A-Main Overall Result
1. Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – 2 pts
2. Spencer Rivkin – Team Associated – 3
3. Tyler Vik – Team Xray (AE) – 5
4. Mark Pavidis – Team Losi Racing – 7
5. Drew Moller – A-Main Hobbies (AE) – 9
6. Brian Strange – Team Associated – 10
7. Steven Hartson – Team Associated – 11
8. JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 12
9. Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 12
10.Chris Jarosz – Team Associated – 14
11.Frank Root – Team Losi Racing – 18

2WD Buggy A-Main Leg 3 Result
1.(2) Spencer Rivkin – Team Associated – 21/5:13.132
2.(4) Tyler Vik – Team Xray (AE) – 20/5:00.248
3.(3) Mark Pavidis – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:02.658
4.(10)Brian Strange – Team Associated – 20/5:05.484
5.(6) Drew Moller – A-Main Hobbies (AE) – 20/5:07.944
6.(11)Steven Hartson – Team Associated – 20/5:10.770
7.(8) JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:16.245
8.(9) Frank Root – Team Losi Racing – 19/5:03.043
9.(7) Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 19/5:14.552
10.(5)Chris Jarosz – Team Associated – 18/5:05.112
11.(1)Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – DNS

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July 14, 2014

Chassis Focus – Ryan Maifield TLR 22 2.0 & 22-4


Chassis – TLR 22 2.0
Motor – Orion VST2 7.5
ESC – Orion Vortex R10.1 Pro
Battery – Orion 4000 shorty
Tyres – JConcepts Dirtwebs Gold
Radio/Servos – Airtronics/Spektrum
Body – JConcepts


Chassis – TLR 22 2.0
Motor – Orion VST2 5.5
ESC – Orion Vortex R10.1 Pro
Battery – Orion
Tyres – JConcepts Dirtwebs Gold
Radio/Servos – Airtronics/Spektrum
Body – JConcepts

Remarks – Ryan Maifield has made a successful debut with his Team Losi Racing rides and Team Orion electronics here at the 2014 JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals in Chico, racing both his TLR22 2.0 and TLR 22-4 buggies (as well as his 22 SCT 2.0 truck) for the first time following testing in Florida with his new team mate Dustin Evans. Running stock cars with some basic optionals, he also ran the shorty LiPo pack in his 4wd in place of the conventional saddle pack.

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July 14, 2014

Perfect TLR debut for Maifield

Ryan Maifield

Ryan Maifield completed the perfect debut with Team Losi Racing as he took all three of his new TLR cars to victory at the JConcepts Indoor Summer Nationals at Outback Raceway in Chico, California.  Having dominated the same event last year with Team Associated, the Arizona ace’s much anticipated first outing with his new team again produced an all concequering performance.  Top Qualifier for each of his A-Mains, in the series’ two big classes, 2wD & 4WD buggy, he would wrap things up early repeating his A1 performances in A2 to claim overall victory.  Also debuting TLR’s new 22 SCT 2.0 at the A-Main Hobbies owned track he made it a hat trick as he took the win of that class’ single A-Main.


In 4WD, Maifield’s A2 win came ahead of former team-mate Daimon Borkowicz with the No.2 starting HB of Drew Moller again having to settle for third.  2WD Buggy was a repeat of A1, with Spencer Rivkin again keeping his mentor on his toes while Tyler Vik came through to complete the Top 3.  Describing his TLR22-4 as ‘unreal’ in A2, Maifield would put on a stunning display of his abilities rising up to the challenge of race announcer Kevin Jelich as he tried to break into the 13-second lap times.  Getting down to a 14.0072, he said the buggy was ‘super fast’ and although he was pushing hard it never got upset on the track.   Pleased with his success, he said the weekend was not just about the performance but also gaining experience in the pits with his new equipment.  With TLR sending Senior Product Developer Frank Root to support their new driver and new electrics sponsor Team Orion sending Joe Pillars, he said the weekend was a huge success in both them sharing their knowledge and helping him to get a better understanding of the equipment.  Overall he said it was a fun few days in Chico adding things actually went better than he expected for a first time out.


Somewhat stepping up to the mark this weekend and being the main challenger from the Associated team in 4WD, Borkowicz  said in A2 his B44.2 was again ‘super dialled’. Together with Moller, he said he was able to pull away from the rest of the pack to have a good battle with the A-Main Hobbies backed driver.  Getting by when the Californian driver made a mistake, a subsequent mistake would give the JConcepts protege enough breeding space to cruise to second for the leg.  In a position to finish overall runner-up, the 14-year-old Florida driver is, with Maifield sitting out A3, relishing the chance to battle with Moller again this time for the Leg win.


Moller said he drove too easy in A2 and then ‘gave up second to Daimon’ with his mistake.  Having shown himself and the HB413 to be a good pairing turning in some impressive speed despite only having the car 3-weeks,  he said for the final encounter he was ‘just going to go for the win’.


In 2WD Rivkin was upbeat about having again been able to stick with Maifield. Again setting the fastest lap of the race, the 15-year-old said it was the best he could do as he couldn’t have pushed any harder without crashing.  Set to lead away A3 now that Maifield has already taken the win, the up & coming Team Associated talent said his aim for the race is just to keep Borkowicz and Vik behind him so as to secure second on the podium.

Tyler Vik

Getting third in A2 and putting himself in contention for a podium finish, Vik said the result was down to the fact he ‘didn’t crash and that was about it’ adding the run was nothing special.  Changing from a new scrubbed set of AKA tyres he ran in A1 to the set he ran in qualifying he said this really improved his Associated B4.2 Centro.  Declaring he ‘can’t keep up with Spencer’, he said his plan for A3 was to try and get a second which would secure him a podium.

4WD Buggy A-Main Leg 2 Result
1.(1) Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – 22/5:06.762
2.(4) Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 21/5:00.240
3.(2) Drew Moller – A-Main Hobbies (HB) – 21/5:02.062
4.(8) Derek Stephansen – Team Xray – 21/5:02.663
5.(5) Brian Strange – Team Associated – 21/5:04.035
6.(3) Tyler Vik – Team Xray – 21/5:05.731
7.(6) Eric Albano – Team Associated – 21/5:10.141
8.(9) JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:03.626
9.(11)Mark Pavidis – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:03.722
10.(7)Steven Hartson – Team Associated – 15/3:40.777
11.(10)Chris Jarosz – Team Associated – 9/2:10.323

2WD Buggy A-Main Leg 2 Result
1.(1) Ryan Maifield – Team Losi Racing – 21/5:04.850
2.(2) Spencer Rivkin – Team Associated – 21/5:09.107
3.(4) Tyler Vik – Team Xray (AE) – 21/5:14.004
4.(6) Drew Moller – A-Main Hobbies (AE) – 20/5:02.006
5.(8) JR Mitch – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:03.869
6.(5) Chris Jarosz – Team Associated – 20/5:06.278
7.(3) Mark Pavidis – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:07.695
8.(11)Steven Hartson – Team Associated – 20/5:10.263
9.(10)Brian Strange – Team Associated – 20/5:11.130
10.(9)Frank Root – Team Losi Racing – 20/5:13.029
11.(7)Damion Borkowicz – Team Associated – 19/5:07.181

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