July 6, 2016

Chassis Focus – Joseph Quagraine


Chassis – JQ Racing THE Car White Edition “LV”
Engine – Reds R7
Tyres – AKA Impact Long Wear Medium
Fuel – Sidewinder
Radio/Servos – Sanwa/Savox
Body – Standard / Bittydesign Force

Remarks – JQ Racing’s very own Joseph Quagraine is running the latest “LV” (Las Vegas) version of his White Edition car equipped with a number of prototype parts. The front shock tower allows for a more vertical shock position, while the adjustable c-hubs allow for a caster angle range going from 18 to 20 degrees. The steering knuckles are also new and feature a more forward steering link position that confers a less aggressive but more substantial steering. The chassis is 3mm thick instead of the standard 4mm and works together with the new, longer rear brace. Testing front upper arms instead of camber links for an improved stiffness of the front end geometries, he is also using a 22g steel weight around the centre diff case, rear arm stiffeners and a rear skid plate.

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July 5, 2016

Boots controls tempo on Day 1 of Euros


Defending Champion Elliot Boots controlled the tempo on the opening day of the 1:8 Offroad European Championship in Spain, the Kyosho driver fastest at the end of the day’s four rounds of free practice.  Posting the fastest time in FP3, Boots would end the day 1.2-seconds faster than Robert Batlle who despite windy conditions posted his best 3-laps of the day in the final practice. Similar to Boots, Darren Bloomfield would fail to improve on his FP3 time dropping a place to end the day 3rd quickest.  Having opened the day with the fastest time but unable to improve in the next two, Bryan Baldo would post the second fastest time of FP4 behind Batlle which would leave the race host 4th fastest.  Bryan’s younger brother would also end the day strongly with his best run promoting him to P6 behind Warm-up Race winner David Ronnefalk.


‘It’s going good’ was how Boots summed up Day 1 of his title defence.   Very confident in his car set-up, he would try a different tyre compound in FP4 just to see the difference as they ‘don’t need to change the car (set-up)’.  Opting for a harder compound Pro-Line Blockade having run X2 on his fastest run he said they were ‘not as good’ and he will go back for tomorrow’s seeding practice rounds.  With winds picking up for the last few heats of the final practice, Boots said this was ‘a bit of a nightmare’ as in the jumps his Reds Racing powered MP9 was being ‘blown around’. Aside from this the former World Championship Top Qualifier concluded ‘today was a good way to start the event but as I said before we did all the hard work at the Warm-up Race’.


Batlle was similarly pleased with his opening day performance saying he has ‘a good feeling (with his car) at the end of the first day’.  Commenting on topping the final practice, the former Champion said his MBX7R was ‘better than before’ adding ‘the car is still easy to drive only a little faster’.  Having one big mistake during the extended 9-minute final practice he said that was simply down to him pushing too hard but continued ‘we are going in a good way’ with the set-up and he is ‘confident’ for Day 2 but did add ‘there is still a long week ahead’.


Bloomfield felt the driver was the problem in FP4 saying ‘the car was alright, I just didn’t drive that well’.  He added, ‘that was the first one that I tried too hard I guess.  I tried to make it go faster rather than let it do its own thing’.  Describing the evening wind ‘as pretty bad’ on his overall performance for the first day he said ‘it seems we’re ok’.


Bryan Baldo was clearly pleased with his opening day saying he was ‘very happy to be able to run with the best in Europe. Reverting to a softer version of the shock set-up in the morning’s opening practice as well as running a light diff oil in his Mugen he said it was ‘now more comfortable to drive that before’.  Also using the round to test a new and as yet unnamed prototype tyre from Procircuit which features a smaller pin that the Road Runner, he said the new rubber worked very well and he will stick with everything as is for the start of Day 2. Commenting on the surface, which he was responsible for preparing as his family run the track, he said ‘the track is very good now and we will try to keep it like this for the week’.  Making all the same changes to his MBX7R as his older brother, Oscar Baldo said his example was for FP4 ‘better than the rest of the day’.  Able to improve by over 2-seconds he said with the car now easier to drive he is looking forward to a good second day.


‘Finally I had a good feeling, it was very good in the last one’, was Ronnefalk’s reaction after FP4.  The 2014 back to back champion continued, ‘I was able to stay with Elliott for a couple of laps, its nice to have that feeling going into seeding tomorrow’.  On his Orion powered D815 he said the base set-up is there and ‘it’s very stable to drive’ but there are some minor improvements he would like to make like getting more steering out of the corner.


Heading the Italian challenge in Spain, Davide Ongaro declared himself happy with his Day 1 performance.  While failing to improve on his best 3-consecutive lap time from FP3, the Mugen driver was pleased with the fact he posted two 52 second laps.  Struggling with the wind which he said kept lifting the rear of the car in the air, the 15-year-old plans to start out seeding practice with an unchanged set-up.  Behind the Junior Champion, the Top 10 times would be completed by the Xray of Martin Wollanka, JQ boss Joseph Quagraine and and the HB of Spanish driver Jorge Soler.

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July 5, 2016

Chassis Focus – Neil Cragg


Chassis – Team Associated RC8B
Engine – LRP ZZ.21C
Tyres – ProLine Blockade X2
Fuel – LRP
Radio/Servos – KO Propo
Body – ProLine Predator

Remarks – Top British Associated driver Neil Cragg is running a standard RC8B here in Redovan, the only change on the car being the addition of weight in the rear of the chassis plate.

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July 5, 2016

Chassis Focus – Robert Batlle


Chassis – Mugen MBX7R
Engine – Ultimate M-4R
Tyres – Procircuit Road Runner Medium
Fuel – Nitrolux
Radio/Servos – KO Propo/Highest
Body – Ultimate MBX7 Pro Buggy

Remarks – Two time winner of this event, Robert Batlle is running an out-of-the-box MBX7R equipped with a 20g rear weight and a Ultimate bodyshell for different aerodynamics. His car also sports a rear carbon shock tower and a handmade carbon battery holder coming from German company JSB.

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July 5, 2016

Chassis Focus – Elliott Boots


Chassis – Kyosho MP9 TKI4
Engine – Reds R7
Tyres – ProLine Blockade X2
Fuel – Byron Fuel
Radio/Servos – Sanwa
Body – Stock TKI4

Remarks – Reigning Champion Elliott Boots is running the latest version of the MP9 from Kyosho, the TKI4. Equipped with heavy duty parts such as aluminium suspension braces, servo horns and hard anodised chassis and shock towers, his car also sports titanium turnbuckles and a bigger engine mount plate to better deal with the big and fast jumps on the Spanish track.

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