January 12, 2014

Volker cruises to A1 win


As if anyone expected any different of an outcome, Team Yokomo’s Ronald Volker cruised to an easy win in the opening A-Main of Modified Touring Car this morning at the DHI Cup.  The Top Qualifier was kept somewhat honest early in the race by defending Champion Adrian Berntsen until the Norwegian got it wrong rolling his Xray.  This allowed Tamiya’s fast starting Marc Rheinard up to second but the former World Champion could do nothing about his fellow countryman’s lead, the gap at the end of the 5-minute encounter being a very convincing 6-seconds.  Having started from the No.2 spot Awesomtaix team driver brought his A700 EVO home in third position followed by the Xray of Alexander Hagberg.


In the opening Pro-Stock Main Top Qualifier Oliver Franke also lead from start to finish despite some initial attention from ETS Champion Marek Cerny.  In the end the Awesomatix driver would win by over 2-seconds from the Xray with the Serpent of Jan Ratheisky completing the Top 3. For defending Champion Zdenko Kunak it was a terrible race the Slovak Yokomo driver finishing 9th having started 4th.

Mod Touring Car A1 Result
1.(1) Ronald Völker (DE) – Yokomo – 25/5:05.523
2.(5) Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya – 25/5:11.445
3.(2) Viljami Kutvonen (FI) – Awesomatix – 24/5:00.784
4.(4) Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 24/5:02.110
5.(7) Steen Graversen (DK) – Awesomatix – 24/5:02.958
6.(6) Marc Fischer (DE) – Serpent – 24/5:03.465
7.(3) Adrian Berntsen (NO) – Xray – 24/5:07.678
8.(8) Tim Benson (DE) – Xray – 24/5:09.406
9.(10)David Ehrbar (DE) – Serpent – 23/5:06.833
10.(9)Jan Ratheisky (DE) – Serpent – 23/5:07.510

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January 12, 2014

Cockerill takes 2WD Buggy DHI Cup title


Schumacher’s Tom Cockerill claimed his first DHI Cup title winning 2WD Buggy thanks to a second A-Main win this morning. The British driver again benefited from a mistake by Top Qualifier Oskar Levin would made an almost identical mistake to the one which Cockerill made himself in A1.  This allowed the Schumacher designer go to the front on lap 4 and despite some close attention from outgoing champion Joern Neumann in the latter part of the race he would see off the German taking the leg by 7/10ths of a second.  The 14th running of the Danish event with offroad introduced three years ago, Cockerill’s win ends Neumann’s domination of the event with the Durango driver being the only one to have previously held the DHI Offroad titles.


Running a set of tyres he got team-mate Simon Moss to scrub in for him in his B Final, Cockerill said his Nosram powered Cougar KF was a lot better in the early laps of A2.  Planning to just follow Levin for the first part of the race, he said it turned out a lot easier than expected as Levin’s mistake handed him the lead after just three laps.  Delighted with the win, when asked about the pressure from Neumann during the race he said the EOS thought him a big lesson.  Securing the TQ honours at the season opener of the Euro Offroad Series, nerves got the better of him in the finals, but he said this thought him that there is nothing up can do about other drivers and focusing driving your own clean race is all you can do and that is exactly what he did here in A2.  Although he will face a much tougher field he said the win was a great result for next weekend’s EOS in Berlin.


‘Just not my race’ was how Levin summed up his disappointing morning.  The Swede said he tried too push hard from the beginning to try and get a gap over Cockerill & Neumann but he over did it resulting in him crashing off the track.  Having shown the potential of his new Team C ride he said his focus is now and making amends at next weeks EOS.


With Cockerill sitting out the 3rd & final A-Main, it was a straight race to decide what order Neumann & Levin would join him on the podium.  It would turn out to be the most entertaining leg of the three Mains with Neumann and Levin swapping positions.  In the end Neumann would take the win by just 2/10th of a second to claim the runners up spot with second good enough to secure Levin the final step on the podium.

2WD Buggy Overall Result
1. Tom Cockerill (GB) – Schumacher – 2 pts
2. Jörn Neumann (DE) – Team Durango – 3
3. Oskar Levin (SE) – Team C – 4
4. Kim Nielsen (DK) – Team C – 6
5. Jesper Rasmussen (DK) – Team Associated – 7
6. Niclas Månsson (SE) – Team Associated – 10
7. Jonas Kaerup (DK) – Team Associated – 12
8. Villalba Zacarias (ES) – Team C – 14
9. Martin Bayer (CZ) – Team Xray – 16
10.Thomas Andersson (SE) – Schumacher – 17

2WD Buggy A2 Result
1.(2) Tom Cockerill (GB) – Schumacher – 14/5:05.584
2.(3) Jörn Neumann (DE) – Team Durango – 14/5:06.231
3.(5) Jesper Rasmussen (DK) – Team Associated – 14/5:10.608
4.(1) Oskar Levin (SE) – Team C – 14/5:10.789
5.(4) Kim Nielsen (DK) – Team C – 14/5:12.826
6.(6) Jonas Kaerup (DK) – Team Associated – 14/5:18.376
7.(7) Niclas Månsson (SE) – Team Associated – 14/5:18.552
8.(10)Thomas Andersson (SE) – Schumacher – 14/5:21.088
9.(8) Villalba Zacarias (ES) – Team C – 13/5:04.150
10.(9)Martin Bayer (CZ) – Team Xray – 13/5:06.776

2WD Buggy A3 Result
1.(3) Jörn Neumann (DE) – Team Durango – 14/5:04.966
2.(1) Oskar Levin (SE) – Team C – 14/5:05.168
3.(4) Kim Nielsen (DK) – Team C – 14/5:08.711
4.(5) Jesper Rasmussen (DK) – Team Associated – 14/5:09.636
5.(7) Niclas Månsson (SE) – Team Associated – 14/5:17.164
6.(6) Jonas Kaerup (DK) – Team Associated – 14/5:18.083
7.(9) Martin Bayer (CZ) – Team Xray – 14/5:18.710
8.(8) Villalba Zacarias (ES) – Team C – 13/5:01.287
9.(10)Thomas Andersson (SE) – Schumacher – 13/5:06.876
10.(2)Tom Cockerill (GB) – Schumacher – DNS

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