April 20, 2024

Chassis Focus – Logan Toia (HB Racing)

Chassis – HB Racing D8WS
Engine – O.S. Speed Ongaro
Fuel – Merlin
Tires – JConcepts
Radio/Servo – Sanwa M17 / Sanwa PGS-XBII
Body – JConcepts S15 / Razor wing

Remarks – Logan is running a number of carbon parts on his buggy from New Zealand based RMD Speed.  The buggy is also equipped with an aluminium front bulkhead brace from Optima and a JConcepts radial bearing set.

April 20, 2024

Chassis Focus – Ryan Lutz (Kyosho)

Chassis – Kyosho MP10 TKi3
Engine – Alpha Plus Falcon
Fuel – Not disclosed
Tires – AKA Lux
Radio/Servo – Futaba 10PX USLE / Futaba HPSCB701 (Steering) / HBSCT702 (Throttle)
Body – Kyosho

Remarks – Ryan says he is running a pretty much standard out of the box car here in Manila.

April 20, 2024

Chassis Focus – Alex Bernadzik (Associated)

Chassis – Team Associated RC8 B4.1
Engine – O.S. Speed 2104
Fuel – Runner Time
Tires – JConcepts
Radio/Servo – Sanwa M17 / Reedy RT5012A
Body – JConceopts S15

Remarks – Taking the opening qualifier here at the Philippine Masters, the biggest change to Alex’s buggy is the use of Associated’s FWB Chassis for the high traction conditions.

April 19, 2024

Chassis Focus – Atsushi Hara (Sworkz)

Chassis – Sworkz S35-4 EVO
Engine – O.S. Speed 2104
Fuel – Merlin 25%
Tires – VP Pro Blade M2
Radio/Servo – Futaba 10PX / Futaba CB701
Body – VP Pro

Remarks – Atsushi said the buggy he built just for this race is 100% out of the box with the only upgrade being the new coated shock casings from Sworkz.

April 19, 2024

Chassis Focus – Jackson Beale (Tekno)

Chassis – Tekno NB48 2.1
Engine – O.S. Speed 2101
Fuel – Energy
Tires – Jetko J-One
Radio/Servos – Futaba 10PX/Futaba CBS700
Body – JConcepts S15

Remarks – Describing his NB48 2.1 as pretty much standard out of the box, Jackson said the only thing different is his use of a T-Works screw set on the buggy.

March 7, 2024

2024 TITC Chassis Focus Index

Last weekend thanks to the support of Hobbywing, Red RC made a return to the TITC for the 20-edition of this legendary Bangkok race.  The biggest one yet, it has truly become the most significant annual electric Touring Car race in the World.  It was extremely positive for the category to see so much manufacturer support for the race.  Of all the major car brands, only Schumacher had no official team presence but here’s hoping the British manufacturer gives us the opportunity to see Michal Orlowski take on the challenging RC Addict track conditions for the first time next year.  Such was the quality of the field, the B-Main was full of World Championship Finalist drivers and it was great to see six different manufacturers represented in the A-Main of Modified.  Call us old school, but putting the iconic Tamiya logo in our results graphic was a nostalgic moment.  In another positive for electric touring car we had three new cars at the race.  We had the latest prototype from Yokomo, the Japanese brand going for a name change as the BD name is dropped in favour of MS for Master Speed.  Nicolas Lee did try to get us permission for a chassis focus but we couldn’t get it across the line.  Kyosho had two prototypes of what is expected to be their TF8.  That news generated massive excitement, so much so Kyosho requested we take down the story we ran on their return to the category.  Finally Ryan Maker debuted his exciting new SP1 that will see him realise the dream of his RC Maker brand becoming a fully fledged car manufacturer.  While both RC Maker and Kyosho allowed us to look at their new creations, we were not granted permission to photograph them for a Chassis Focus which we fully understand given the cars’ designs are still to be fully finalised.  Over the event we did however photograph 12 cars from seven different manufacturers and we have compiled them all here in our latest Chassis Focus index.


Alexander Hagberg (2nd Overall) – Xray X4 ’24

Jilles Groskamp – Infinity IF4 II TE

Marc Rheinard (3rd Overall) – Awesomatix A800R

Ronald Volker (Top Qualifer) – Mugen Seiki MTC2R

Kato Kouki – Infinity IF14 TE

Akio Sobue – Axon TC10/3

Bruno Coelho (Champion) – Xray X4 ’24

Souta Goto – Tamiya TRF 421

Naoto Matsukura – Infinity IF14 TE

Lucas Urbain – Awesomatix A800R

Atsushi Hara – Xpress XQ11 “Hara Edition”


Open Brushless

Simon Lauter (Top Qualifier & Champion) – Awesomatix A800R