January 10, 2009

Leino sets Round 2 Qualifying pace

He was the Top Qualifier here in Denmark last year and after the second round of qualifying for the 2009 DHI Cup Teemu Leino is now the fastest man after just pipping team-mate & Round 1 pace setter Alexander Hagberg by 1/100th of a second.  The flying Finn clocked up 21 laps in 307.20 after putting in a clean run.  Leino said his car is good but getting a clean run is very difficult due to the inconsistency of the track surface, something which all the drivers are having to battle with here this weekend.  ‘Yesterday I made too many mistakes but this was a clean run.  Its very hard to not make mistakes as the track surface makes it very hard to predict what the car is going to do in the corners.’  The factory Xray driver will make an adjustment to his speedo after reporting run time as being right on the limit.

Team-mate Hagberg admitted to making too many small mistakes in his run.  The Swede said the car is becoming too easy to drive now and so he will make some changes to the steering.  Running LRP electrics, the changes to the speedo setting after yesterday’s TQ run have resulted in the perfect battery run time.

Former European Champion Jonas Kaerup continues his strong run although the Tamiya driver could have been fastest if he not rolled early on after catching a corner dot.  The local hero is very happy with the set-up of his TRF416 which the Tamiya Factory Team line-up of Jilles Groskamp, Marc Rheinard and defending Champion Viktor Wilck are planning to run for the third qualifier.  ETS Champion Groskamp was fourth fastest ahead of World Champion Rheinard with both drivers reporting their Speed Passion powered TRF416s sliding around a lot resulting in too many driving errors.

Marc Fisher completed the Top 6 for the round.  The Corally factory driver increased the amount of time he left additive on the front tyres of his new RDX Phi 2 but made the car harder to drive at the beginning of the 5 minute run.  Later in the heat the car was working well so the German will revert back to the original 5 minute application of tyre additive.

Heading the Kyosho challenge was Danish National Champion Steen Graversen.  The factory driver described the run to the seventh fastest time as medium and feels he isn’t getting the most from his tyres.  Behind him it was the leading Hot Bodies driven by 2007 DHI Champion Ronald Volker who set an identical time to young Christer Andersson who was the top Associated.  Defending Champion Viktor Wilck rounded out the Top 10 after a troubled run.

Modified Results after round 2
1. Alexander Hagberg – 308 [155 153 0 (0) (0)]
2. Jonas Kaerup – 305 [153 152 0 (0) (0)]
3. Jilles Groskamp – 303 [152 151 0 (0) (0)]
4. Marc Rheinard – 301 [151 150 0 (0) (0)]
5. Teemu Leino – 300 [145 155 0 (0) (0)]
6. Marc Fischer – 299 [150 149 0 (0) (0)]
7. Ronald Völker – 294 [147 147 0 (0) (0)]
8. Viktor Wilck – 293 [148 145 0 (0) (0)]
9. Steen Graversen – 292 [144 148 0 (0) (0)]
10. Bart Wubben – 286 [143 143 0 (0) (0)]

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January 10, 2009

Bergfeldt again in Pro Stock

Having won the opening qualifier yesterday Tommy Bergfeldt continues to set the pace on Day 2 of the 2009 DHI Cup putting his Red Bull Hot Bodies again at the top of the Pro Stock time sheets.  Running the same set-up as yesterday, Bergfeldt appears to have found the perfect balance reporting his car as extremely easy to drive & fast and the times show this as he managed to knock 2 seconds off his first heat time.

Once again the closest challenger to the pace setter was Germany’s Bastian Hennig.  The SMI Motorsport driver was not so happy with his run, failing to improve his time he feels he should be able to mount a stronger challenge in the third round which if Bergfeldt can win will secure him TQ honours for tomorrow’s all important A Main final.  Former DHI Champion Hennig ran different foam inserts in the shocks of his Xray T2 009 to reduce chassis roll but felt traction was down compared with yesterday and this made the car a little difficult to drive.  With traction expected to improve for the second of today’s four runs he is confident the shock changes will come good.

Having not featured in the first qualifier after forgetting to connect his sensor wire, Thomas Mirke put in a great run this morning to set the third fastest time for the round recording 20 laps in 315.38.  A member of the large & powerful SMI Motorsport team, the German will again run the same set-up in the third round as he seeks another strong points finish but for the last two qualifiers he plans to try similar set-ups to his team-mate Hennig.  Last year’s Top Qualifier Christoph Thiele was again fourth with Dane Carsten Madsen and German Tony Streit rounding off the Top 6.

Pro Stock Results after round 2
1. Tommy Bergfeldt – 310pts [155 155 0 (0) (0)]
2. Bastian Hennig – 305pts [152 153 0 (0) (0)]
3. Christoph Thiele – 302pts [151 151 0 (0) (0)]
4. Tony Streit – 297pts [148 149 0 (0) (0)]
5. Carsten Madsen – 295pts [145 150 0 (0) (0)]
6. Rico Tonert – 295pts [150 145 0 (0) (0)]
7. Henry Salmén – 294pts [146 148 0 (0) (0)]
8. Matthias Lang – 291pts [153 138 0 (0) (0)]
9. Meik Niemann – 290pts [143 147 0 (0) (0)]
10. Dai Sakaguchi – 289pts [149 140 0 (0) (0)]

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January 9, 2009

Hagberg wins opening Qualifier

The first day of action at the 2009 DHI Cup has come to a close and it is Alexander Hagberg who has taken first blood by setting the pace in the opening qualifier.  After over 12 hours of running today the final heat saw the Swedish factory Xray driver post the fastest time recording 21 laps in 307.88 seconds with local ace and former European Champion Jonas Kaerup next up just over a second adrift.

Hagberg was very pleased with his first day at the office here in Denmark and will only make a change to the setting of his LRP speedo after his batteries started to dump on the very last lap of the run.  ‘The first minute the car was a little loose but nothing too bad and after that it was very easy to drive so I will leave it the same for tomorrow.  I will make a change to the setting of my speedo because run time was on the limit.’

Kaerup, who switched to Tamiya late last season, was delighted with his run having struggled in practice.  The new found pace was down to a simple change of tyre additive on the TRF416 which transformed its handling. Tyre additive is proving a critical factor here with many of the leading drivers having to switch from their normal additive to get a decent level of traction.

Setting the third fastest time for the round, Jilles Groskamp continued to get more speed from his Tamiya.  The 2002 DHI Cup Champion said he drove a safe run but now that he has strong points in the bag he can push a little more.  Behind him was his Tamiya Racing Factory team-mate Marc Rheinard who had set the early pace for the qualifier.  The German openly admitted to making too many mistakes in the latter half of the qualifier but said his car was good.

Corally team driver Marc Fisher, who is running the new RDX Phi 2, managed the fifth fastest time ahead of fellow countryman Freddy Sudhoff’s Xray.  Fisher ran new tyres and struggled for the opening few laps as they scrubbed in but described the new car as working good.

Defend Champion Viktor Wilck suffered five traction rolls as the grip came up and ended the opening day in seventh position. Ronald Volker, Andy Moore and Teemu Leino completed the Top 10.

Modified Results after round 1
1. Alexander Hagberg – 155pts [155 0 0 (0) (0)]
2. Jonas Kaerup – 153pts [153 0 0 (0) (0)]
3. Jilles Groskamp – 152pts [152 0 0 (0) (0)]
4. Marc Rheinard – 151pts [151 0 0 (0) (0)]
5. Marc Fischer – 150pts [150 0 0 (0) (0)]
6. Freddy Südhoff – 149pts [149 0 0 (0) (0)]
7. Viktor Wilck – 148pts [148 0 0 (0) (0)]
8. Ronald Völker – 147pts [147 0 0 (0) (0)]
9. Andy Moore – 146pts [146 0 0 (0) (0)]
10. Teemu Leino – 145pts [145 0 0 (0) (0)]

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January 9, 2009

Bergfeldt tops first Qualifier

Tommy Bergfeldt has TQ’d the first round of Pro Stock qualifying at the Speed Passion supported 2009 DHI Cup.  The Swede took his Red Bull backed Hot Bodies to a run of 20 laps in 312.44 to top the timesheets by 6/10th from Germany’s Matthias Lang.  Bergfeldt ran different tyre additive for Round 1 of 5 which gave his Cyclone TC more steering allowing him to end SMI Motorsport’s early domination of processings here in Denmark.

Lang reverted back to the springs he used to top the third practice and described his Xray T2 009 as now being perfect.  Driving a safe opening heat he is confident that he has a faster car than Bergfeldt and says tomorrow he wont be driving so safely.

2007 winner Bastian Hennig was third and the only other driver to record 20 laps.  Running new tyres, the German believes the unscrubbed controlled Sorex 28s cost him time over the early part of the 5 minute run but once they came in all was good.

Last year’s Top Qualifier Christoph Thiele wasn’t happy with his run to fourth after narrowly missing out on a 20 lap run.  The tall German said, ‘Tomorrow is another day and with some sweet sleep tonight it will be better’.  Rico Tonert at the controls of an Xray and Dai Sakaguchi driving a Tamiya completed the Top 6.

Four more qualifiers await the Pro Stock drivers tomorrow with the best 3 of five to determine the grids for Sunday’s Finals which are expected to attract a crowd of around 2,000 to the Odense Congress Center.

Pro Stock Results after round 1
1. Tommy Bergfeldt – 155pts [155 0 0 (0) (0)]
2. Matthias Lang – 153pts [153 0 0 (0) (0)]
3. Bastian Hennig – 152pts [152 0 0 (0) (0)]
4. Christoph Thiele – 151pts [151 0 0 (0) (0)]
5. Rico Tonert – 150pts [150 0 0 (0) (0)]
6. Dai Sakaguchi – 149pts [149 0 0 (0) (0)]
7. Tony Streit – 148pts [148 0 0 (0) (0)]
8. Niklas Flink – 147pts [147 0 0 (0) (0)]
9. Henry Salmén – 146pts [146 0 0 (0) (0)]
10. Carsten Madsen – 145pts [145 0 0 (0) (0)]

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January 9, 2009

Hagberg fastest in final practice

Xray team driver Alexander Hagberg has topped the final practice at the 2009 DHI Cup.  The Swede set the pace from German Xray driver Freddy Sudhoff with Tamiya’s Viktor Wilck completing the top three. Hagberg said his car is getting better with each outing as the traction comes up and will leave his set-up as is for the first Qualifier.  Sudhoff is also following a similar plan of action.  He said his car is ‘very good’ and the track layout is really suiting his driving style.

Defending DHI Cup Champion Wilck tried a different tyre additive which considerably reduced traction and so the Tamiya Racing Factory driver will revert back to the additive he used earlier in the day when he was the pace setter.  Next up was Steen Graversen just ahead of the ever improving Christer Andersson.  The Associated driver is delighted with his TC5 and his confidence is running high.  The young Finn will change from a 3.5 to 4.0 LRP motor for the first qualifier but will make no changes to the chassis.

Much happier than he was earlier today, Jilles Groskamp has finally started to make an impression on the time sheets.  The Dutch ace built a car that would be easy to drive for the final pracrice and while the Euro Touring Series Champion admitted to it being slower over a single lap but the plus side was it is very consistent.  He plans a few small adjustments for the first of the five qualifiers which will get underway here shortly.

In Pro Stock the SMI Motorsport team continue to rule proceedings but its now Bastian Henning who leads from his three German team mates. A change of gearing and springs on his T2 009 allowed him to set the pace from Meik Niemann.  Matthias Lang, who was fastest in P3, could only manage fourth behind Christoph Thiele after he too changed springs and will now revert to the same set used earlier.

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January 9, 2009

New in the pits – Corally RDX Phi 2

Seen in the Corally pits here at the DHI Cup is the new, yet to be released follow up to the RDX Phi, the Phi 2. Featuring a new chassis as well as new front and rear bulkheads, the car has essentially been designed to accept LiPo cells. Retaining the same transmission from the previous car, the upper deck is now higher thanks to changes made to the bulk heads and this enables the LiPo packs to fit. Some other new changes include wider set lower wishbone supports as well as the all new chassis itself.

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