July 9, 2009

New in the pits – Part 2

Continuing on from our earlier instalment on whats new in the pits, we have come across some other goodies. From Team Orion, Adrien Bertin took us aside to show us some new items for their Alpha line of engines. Firstly there is a new range of shims, that uniquely go under the liner before placing it in the crankcase which helps adjust the timing on the engine to have more lower or higher end power. The shims will be sold in a set of 3 pieces, in 0.1, 0.15 and 0.2mm thick and should be used in conjunction with taking out a shim from under the combustion chamber for every shim you put under the liner.

Also from Team Orion is this all new carburettor. Currently machined from aluminium, the final version will be cast aluminium and is said to have close to a perfect idle. To avoid issues like vapour lock, the carb mount will be wrapped in plastic to isolate it from getting too hot. The carburettor will be suitable for all Alpha engines and will also have a new line of venturis available for it.

Seen earlier in the week Team Durango have their 1/8th scale buggy here. An evolution of the design by Gerd Strenge, this current version is being tested with a hydraulic braking system, which we were asked not to photograph. A very neatly made system, it is slightly heavier than the standard braking system and maybe an optional part for the car when it is released later this year.

Yesterday’s pace setter Miguel Matias is running a prototype CLX buggy from GS Racing that he is developing to suit European tracks better. Using the front end from the older CL1, the car he is running also sports some extra options including the use of dual front shock towers which are supporting Mugen shocks.

Yuichi Kanai of Kyosho is here and he has brought with him a number of new items that we weren’t allowed to photograph, including stronger rear uprights and front upper wishbones as well as a number of other updated items that were given to Kyosho drivers.

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July 9, 2009

Aigoins head first qualifier

It is the Aigoin brothers, Jerome and Yannick who are setting the pace with the Kyosho of Jerome taking the first round of qualifying by 5 seconds from Yannick’s Losi. Jerome really found good pace this morning becoming the first driver to break into 44 second laps to set a new track record. Finding the track to have less grip than yesterday he said this suits his Sirio powered MP9 which was very easy to drive.  Running AKA Grid Iron tyres Jerome plans no changes for his second outing.

Although outpaced by his twin brother, Yannick described his Losi as ‘perfect now’ and he plans no changes instead opting to return to his hotel for the long break until his second qualifier.  A change of the running order for the next round means he has a couple of hours to kill.

Martin Bayer was surprised with his morning pace describing the run as ‘very good for me’. The Czech driver said his Revolver M3 shod Losi was very easy to drive but plans to change the front caster as he would like a little more steering.

Topping the Associated challenge with three cars in the Top 10 was Neil Cragg. Neil appeared to be struggling yesterday but a switch from M2 Revolvers to M3s seems to have transformed the car.  The current 1:10 off road European Champion feels better is to come and other than a slight change of oil in the centre diff will now wait for the track to come to him.

Associated team mate Robert Batlle was fifth fastest but could have been second but for a roll on the last lap of his five minute run which cost him four seconds. The 2006 Champion said his RC8 B is working ‘so much better’ today thanks to lighter oil in the centre and rear diffs. Running GRP Cubic A tyres, the Spaniard’s car is still nervous on the rear and plans a change of shock position to cure that. Throughout the run Batlle’s every move was being watched by US star Richard Saxton who was very pleased with how his team driver was running despite the last lap roll. Fellow Spaniard Richi Gomez posted the sixth fastest time with his Hong Nor X2.

Defending Champion Renaud Savoya posted the seventh fastest time with 7 laps in 5:25.249 but the Mugen driver feels he could have run a 5:20 if he hadn’t made a mistake on his opening and final laps. Savoya is please with his RB powered MBX6 but says he needs to work more on tyre choice. Having used Caliper M3 he is swinging towards Holeshots for the next round.

Darren Bloomfield, who is running in the same heat as his Losi/Novarossi teammate Yannick Aigoin, was happy enough with his run and in particular with the improved track conditions.  The Brit is being engineered this weekend by r/c legend David Spashett who plans a number of changes to the 8ight including diff oils and more rear toe.  Bloomfield’s choice of tyre was the Revolver M3 but thinks a different compound will be required for his second heat which is a few hours away. Craig Drescher and the Team Orion powered Losi 8ight of German ace Jorn Neumann complete the Top 10.

Top 10 after round 1
1. Jerome Aigoin (FR) – 7 Laps in 5:16.548
2. Yannick Aigoin (FR) – 7 Laps in 5:21.080
3. Martin Bayer (CZ) – 7 Laps in 5:22.897
4. Neil Cragg (GB) – 7 Laps in 5:23.418
5. Robert Batlle (ES) – 7 Laps in 5:24.045
6. Richi Gomez (ES) – 7 Laps in 5: 24.722
7. Renaud Savoya (FR) – 7 Laps in 5:25.249
8. Darren Bloomfield (GB) – 7 Laps in 5:25.573
9. Craig Drescher (GB) – 7 Laps in 5:25.839
10.Joern Neumann (DE) – 7 Laps in 5:25.051

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July 8, 2009

Matias to carry No.1 for qualifying

Portuguese driver Miguel Matias will carry the No.1 on his car in the top heat at the 2009 EFRA 1:8 Off Road European Championships after topping the time sheets in final practice with the fastest run of the day. Posting 7 laps in 5:24.219, he ended the round 2.1 seconds up on Yannick Aigion, who will be placed No.2 in the reseed.

Former World & European Champion Matias said his prototype GS Racing CLX was better in the second run, the biggest change coming from running a lower oil in the centre diff.  Now easier to drive, he will leave his Ninja powered prototype the same for the morning opting to get used to the car and to also see how the track changes.  The heavily modified chassis, which features a double front shock towers, is being developed by Matias on behalf of the GS factory to better suit European market as the original CLX was designed more for US style tracks.

Aigoin made a number of changes to his car following his fastest time earlier, some of which he said were good but others were bad. The 2006 Champion, who rolled during the run, said the raised ride height was the wrong way to go and he will now make a compromise set-up between the two.

Richi Gomez who set the early pace for the second timed practice, ended up dropping to third but the result was good enough to see the Spanish Hong Nor driver reseeded as car No.3 ahead of the Kyosho MP9 of Jerome Aigoin, twin brother of Yannick.  Interestingly Gomez is running a standard plug in his Novarossi Plus 4 to get better fuel consumption.

Fourth for the round was former Champion and top Mugen Daniel Vega followed by fast Brit Darren Bloomfield and defending Champion Renaud Savoya who both felt they made the wrong tyre choice for the second run.

Craig Drescher, who apart from racing is also looking after the Associated team drivers along with American Richard Saxton, had a strong second run to set the seventh fastest time. Driving the new RC8 B he described the run as ‘steady’ but he feels there is more to come from the car across the team.  The B version of the car is slightly different to that which they ran at the Warm Up and they are still learning it but Drescher is confident they can close the gap tomorrow on their rivals.

Having not featured on the radar so far, electric off road ace Hupo Honigl made a huge leap forward after pretty much changing everything on his LRP S8BX buggy allowing him to post the eight quickest run for the round.  Also using LRP engines, the Austrian said the car is working really well now and that it is not far away in terms of the ideal set-up.  Honigl will be reseeded 12th just behind 2006 Champion Robert Batlle.

Top 10 reseed
1. Miguel Matias (PT)
2. Yannick Aigoin (FR)
3. Richi Gomez (ES)
4. Jerome Aigoin (FR)
5. Daniel Vega (ES)
6. Renaud Savoya (FR)
7. Darren Bloomfield (GB)
8. Martin Bayer (CZ)
9. Riccardo Rabitti (IT)
10. Craig Drescher (GB)

A late addition to the timetable here this evening in Wolbling is a very short 3-minute practice run for drivers in their reseeded heats but the real business of the 2009 Euros gets underway tomorrow with three of the five scheduled qualifiers making up Thursday’s timetable.  Our live coverage, which is supported by Team Orion, Mugen Seiki, LRP and Kyosho, continues in the morning.

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July 8, 2009

Gomez sets pace for second timed practice

Richi Gomez has put in a very strong time with his Novarossi powered Hong Nor X2 to put himself top of the time sheets from former Champion Daniel Vega.  Gomez put his improved time of 5:27.633 down to him driving better and is very pleased with the car, so much so he plans no changes for the first round of qualifying in the morning.

Vega, who won the title 10 years ago, was very happy with his run saying the the track is starting to come to his Ninja powered Mugen.  The Spaniard, who is running JConcepts Nines, said his car is still a little nervous and he plans a few small changes for tomorrow that he hopes will make the steering less aggressive.

Having been just outside the top 10 in the first timed practice Darren Bloomfield is looking stronger this time round.  Currently holding the third fastest run for the round, he said his choice of Calipers was wrong as the car is moving around a lot and Revolvers would have been a better choice.  He is still pleased with his run but is finding it hard to adjust to the lack of grip on the track compared with his last visit here but he feels the track is starting to get back to that level now.

The man everyone has come to Austria hoping to deny him back to back titles is Renaud Savoya and he is currently fourth after making the wrong tyre choice.  Having switched tyre compound from the M3 he ran this morning to M2 for he feels the lower track temperature resulted in less traction.  Top Kyosho driver Jerome Sartel completes the current Top 5 for now but the big danger man is his brother Yannick who topped the first timed practice and has yet to compete his second run.

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July 8, 2009

First timed practice Top 10

Yannick Aigoin is the pace setter here in Austria after the first full round of timed practice followed by another former European Champion Miguel Matias.  Aigoin described the run as OK but he would like more steering on his Losi and will try a lighter oil in his front diff for the final timed practice.  Portuguese ace Matias, who briefly topped the time sheets having knocked Jerome Aigoin from the No.1 spot, said he was pleased with his Ninja powered GS Racing CLX which is a completely different car to that which he used at the Warm Up.  Like fellow GS Racing driver Borja Hernandez, he is running the front end from the older CL1 model but is also running a Fiorano front diff and Mugen shocks.  He too will also make some changes in attempt to get more steering.  The other big mover late in the first timed practice round was Czech driver Martin Bayer. Using a Losi/Novarossi combination he was just shy of defending champion Renaud Savoya on overall run time describing the run as safe. Asked how his Caliper M2 shod Eight was working he reply, ‘Car is good, it’s just the driver thats the problem’.

A few drivers worth a mention outside the Top 10 are Darren Bloomfield who is 11th just ahead of former World Champion Guillaume Vray and top Hong Nor driver Richi Gomez.  Neil Cragg looks to have a bit of to do with in 14th ahead of fellow Brit Elliot Boots.  Former double European Champion Davide Tortorici lies 21st with his prototype Crono RS9 while the other double Champion Daniel Reckward managed just a single lap and lies last of the 177 runners to post a time.

Top 10 times for first timed practice
1. Yannick Aigoin – 7 Laps in 5:25.227
2. Miguel Matias – 7 Laps in 5:26.978
3. Jerom Aigoin – 7 Laps in 5:29.506
4. Renaud Savoya – 7 Laps in 5:29.692
5. Martin Bayer – 7 Laps in 5:29.762
6. Riccardo Rabitti – 7 Laps in 5:30.475
7. Robert Batlle – 7 Laps in 5:30.905
8. Alex Laffranchi – 7 Laps in 5:31.403
9. Peter Pinisch – 7 Laps in 5:31.850
10.Fabio Boero – 7 Laps in 5:32.363

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July 8, 2009

Yannick ups the pace

His brother set the early pace here in Austria but now Yannick Aigion is the pace setter after posting a 5:25.227 on his way to a 7 lap run. 2003 Champion Miguel Matias from Portugal had briefly took control of the Practice 2 time sheets, with a 5:26.978, but drops to second following Yannick Aigoin’s time with Jerome Aigoin and his Kyosho being pushed back to third.  In terms of outright pace it is still the defending champion Renaud Savoya and his Mugen that top the time sheets but Yannic Aigoin came close with a 45.473 lap.

The other big mover since this morning is Italian Losi/Sirio driver Ricardo Rabitti who holds the fifth fastest time just behind Savoya and ahead of Robert Batlle.  Elsewhere Richi Gomez had got his Hong Nor X2 into the top 10 briefly.  The 2008 podium finisher who is running Italian RCW tyres says the run was good but will try lighter shock oil for the third practice and switch from the B Fast to the B Cobra pattern.

One of the pre-event top tips Neil Cragg is just outside the Top 10.  The Associated/Reedy driver tried Proline Bow ties on the rear and Crimefighters on the front of his RC8 but will switch most probably to Revolvers all around next time, along with a high centre diff oil.

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