December 5, 2015

Chassis Focus – Jared Tebo


Chassis: Kyosho RB6
Motor: Orion 7.5T
ESC:Orion Vortex R10.1
Batteries: Orion 4500
Radio/Servo: KO Propo
Body – Kit Body/X-Gear wing

Remarks – Last year’s winner at this race Jared Tebo is running his RB6 from Kyosho with the same chassis plate that was introduced at last months World Championships along with his own JTPRC shock towers. Using his standard clay setup he has adjusted the rear damping and springs, going harder, as well as moving to a slightly longer wheel base. Jared is using clay compound AKA Chainlinks and with tire wear so low, expects to get the complete event out of the same set.

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December 5, 2015

Maifield TQs first round of 4WD at Hobby Plex


After a frustrating opening 2WD qualifier, Ryan Maifield bounced back in the first of the three rounds of 4WD qualifying at the JConcepts Indoor National Series at Hobby Plex in Omaha to post a convincing TQ.  The TLR driver would be 5-seconds faster than 2WD Q1 pace setter Ryan Cavalieri with last year’s winner Jared Tebo posting a P3 run.  Behind the big three big names of offroad, teenagers Spencer Rivkin, Austin Horne and Damion Borkowicz would complete the Top 6.


After breaking his TLR22-4 in the warm-up for the single seeding round and having to do a rush job to fix the steering rack for the short 3-minute run last night, Maifield said he knew going into today’s first qualifier that he would have a better car.  P2 in seeding behind Cavalieri, he said his car was ‘easy to drive’ and he was ‘able to push really hard and it sticks’.  Having got by Cavalieri after a mistake by the Associated driver, the Arizona driver would also suffer one small mistake.  Getting out of shape at the double double, the mistake would also delay Cavalieri with Maifield admitting he ‘got a little lucky’ not to have lost more time.  Asked if he planned any set-up changes for Q2 he replied ‘wash tyres, sauce tyres and run it’.


Cavalieri said his B44.3 was inconsistent for the first few laps leading to the mistake that would let Maifield passed.  Getting caught up then with Maifield, he said he benefited from a mistake by Tebo with ‘2nd position Ok for a not very good run’.  Suffering with his car having too much initial turn-in but not enough mid corner steering, the multiple World Champion will change his front diff oil for Q2.


Tebo said his ZX6 was good for most of the track but at the switch back following the triple he was struggling with a little understeer.  This would lead to mistakes twice through the section with his fastest lap 3/10th off that of Maifield’s.  Planning to make changes for Q2 he said he was not sure what but with a few hours between rounds he said he would ‘do lunch first and then figure it out’.


Rivkin reported similar issues to Cavalieri, the AE team-mates running the same diff set-up.  Inconsistent at the start he said it improved towards the end. Looking to get greater consistency over the 5-minutes, the 17-year-old will change back to ‘how we would normally run the diffs’.


15-year-old Horne described his P5 as a ‘clean run’ saying he ‘didn’t push too hard’.  Struggling a little with how his B44.3 is landing he will make a suspension change for Q2 which he hopes will give him the confidence to push a little harder.


Describing his Associated as ‘a little weird to drive at the beginning’, JConcepts protege Borkowicz put the early ‘twitchy’ feeling down to having rebuilt his B44.3 diffs for Q1.  Getting passed by Maifield during the qualifier and with the car improving and getting more grip, the 15-year-old said he was able to keep with the TLR driver.  Also feeling his tyres got better over the run he plans to change nothing and just focus on his driving.

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December 5, 2015

Chassis Focus – Spencer Rivkin


Chassis: Team Associated B5M CE
Motor: Reedy 7.5T
ESC: Reedy Blackbox 410R
Batteries: Reedy 5300 Shorty
Radio/Servo: Airtronics/Reedy
Body – JConcepts Warrior

Remarks – Current World Champion Spencer Rivkin is running the new Associated B5M CE with a number of JConcepts optionals installed. Coming here with his base dirt track setup he has made only a few small adjustments including changing from the JConcepts S2 body to the Warrior which he feels has a little better steering. He is also using the new JConcepts Stabilizer wing that he says gives the car a lot more grip and as the name suggests is very stable. In terms of tires he is finding that his gold compound Dirt Webs are working better as they wear and in terms of preparation he is removing the outside row of lugs of the rear tires to give more surface area which in turn gives more rear grip.

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December 5, 2015

Cavalieri takes first qualifier at JConcepts Finals

Cavalieri takes first qualifier at JConcepts Finals

Ryan Cavalieri has TQ’d the opening round of 2WD Mod Buggy Qualifying at the JConcepts Indoor National Series Finals in Omaha.  Racing for the first time on the HobbyTown USA Hobby Plex indoor track, the Associated driver was the only one to run 16-laps to top the times from practice top seed & last year’s winner Jared Tebo.  9/10th back on Tebo, World Champion Spencer Rivkin would complete the Top 3 ahead of Ryan Maifield, the TLR driver clearly unhappy with his opening performance.


Second fastest in practice yesterday, Cavalieri said ‘I just drove a little better than last night. The car had the same speed but I was a little more awake today’.  Starting behind Tebo but managing to get passed his rival early on, he said once in front his focus was to ‘maintain it (the TQ pace) and do nothing stupid’ adding ‘traffic in front was (his) biggest worry’.  While he felt the track was a little drier today he will leave his Orion powered B5M unchanged for Q2.


‘Pretty good’ was how Tebo summed up his Q1 performance.  Suffering a couple of mistakes, one costly one coming through traffic near the end which required him to be marshalled, the factory Kyosho driver said ‘I’m having a hard time being really consistent in spots (of the track)’.  He added ‘the car felt good but its missing a little something’ and he will ‘try a couple of things for the next one’.


After catching the piping on his opening two laps, Rivkin said he needs to drive a little more conservative at the start of Q2.  The 17-year-old said after his untidy start, he was able to catch the leaders and setting the fastest lap of the race he said ‘if you take away mistakes I would have been really close with them’.  Happy with his Reedy powered B5M he will leave it unchanged for Q2.


Fifth fastest, having struggled in seeding practice leaving him to run in the second fastest heat, Brent Thielke described his result as ‘not too bad’.  Making a number of changes to his B5M, the Team Associated Team Manager said ‘in the warm-up it didn’t feel that good’ and so he took it easy over the 5-minutes but ‘for the heat (he’d) take it’.  Feeling his tyres were ‘too squirmy’ for Q2 he will run a different set of JConcepts Dirt Webs feeling his current set was possibly over sauced.


Completing the Top 6, Taylor Larsen said he ‘wasn’t expecting it’.  The 17-year-old TLR driver said he ‘didn’t think the consistency was going to be there’ but his 22 3.0 felt really good adding he was ‘not sure if the track had come to the car’.  Planning to leave the car as is for Q2 he said the only thing he would be doing different would be to ‘drive a little harder’.

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December 5, 2015

Tebo tops seeding at JConcepts Final


Jared Tebo has topped seeding at the JConcepts Indoor National Series Finals in Omaha, Nebraska. In the short 3-minute single seeding round, the Kyosho driver set the fastest three consecutive laps around the Hobby Plex track to top the 2WD Mod Buggy times from Ryan Cavalieri who was the only other driver to do a 59-second time. Running a time of 60.039, half a second off Tebo’s pace, Ryan Maifield completed the Top 3 with World Champion Spencer Rivkin fourth a further 3/10ths off.


Winner of the event last year, Tebo was happy to open official proceedings at the top of the time sheets. Running the same prototype chassis on his RB6 as he used to TQ the World Championships as well as JTP shock towers, the former World Champion said ‘once I got tyres sorted my car was really good’. Running AKA clay compound Chain Link tyres all round he said ‘I drove a little better too’ feeling he was now driving a cleaner line through the sweeper at the end of the straight. Also setting the fastest single lap of the seeding round, he said all he would be doing for Q1 tomorrow would be to ‘clean tyres and sauce them up’.


‘It was good’ was Cavalieri’s response when asked how the seeding run had gone. The Team Associated driver, who pretty much matched Tebo’s fastest lap with a 19.769 compared to 19.744, added ‘its very close, we have the same speed’. Running the same tyre as Tebo, he said his B5M had ‘tons of traction’ and for the seeding run the ‘track felt good’. With the car ‘really good’ the reigning US National Champion plans to leave everything as is for the first qualifier tomorrow.


Making his dirt race debut with the new TLR22 3.0, Maifield said his first few laps were perfect but as his lap times came down traffic prevented him from bettering his 3-consecutive lap pace. Running JConcepts Dirt Webs on his car, the reigning series champion said it felt easy to drive and he could still do fast laps predicting that over a 5-minute run and with less traffic to deal with he is ‘in it for the win’. Adding ‘all (drivers are) very close’, he said is was going to be down to which driver made the least mistakes and could get in the greatest number of 19-second laps.


Having issues with traffic, an attempt to jump over one backmarker not working out, Rivkin said his ‘car was good’ and he had ‘good grip’. The 17-year-old added he ‘couldn’t have asked for more’ in terms of the car and fourth was ‘OK’ as it was ‘just seeding’.


Behind the factory Associated driver, local racer Derek Wood posted the fifth fastest time. The Kyosho driver said the run ‘started off a little rough’ but once he got clear of traffic and didn’t over drive he managed to get 3-good laps in. Having started out the day with no front wing on his RB6 he said fitting one improved steering in particular allowing him to carry more speed through the sweeper.


Completing the Top 6 for the 2WD seeding was Austin Horne. Describing the track as a ‘really fun layout’, the 15-year-old said he has done little to his Associated B5M over the day with tyre prep being the biggest thing they worked on. Competing in the 60 entry 2WD Mod buggy class against his brother and his father, he said with the car and his JConcepts Dirt Webs tyres working well his focus for Q1 is to ‘just drive it’.


In 4WD Mod Buggy, it would be Cavalieri who would top the seeding, 3/10th up on Maifield and Tebo. Again Rivkin would end up fourth ahead of fellow Team Associated teenager Damion Borkowicz fifth with Nick Gibson completing the Top 6.

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