October 13, 2007

Semi final odd Results

Start of Semi odd

Now the second semi final is over and it was Serpent 960 racer Yuya Sahashi, who won the 1/4 final, that has taken the semi odd win and will now take his place in the main final. At the very beginning of the race Michael Salven crashed over a kerb damaging his car, he pitted to fix it and continued and managed to drag himself up to 4th after some great driving and helped by a number of retirements. Leader in the first few laps Daniele Ielasi, who was passed by Yuya Sahashi and the Japanese racer then managed to extend his lead.

Mike Swauger out

Mike Swauger and Takaaki Shimo were early retirements, both cars rolling to a stop on track ending their race and also Hideo Kitazawa retired from 5th place at the 16th minute ending all chances of O.S. getting an engine into the final. Michael closed on then 3rd place racer Walter Salemi when he managed to get 2 stop and go penalties for bad refueling but it wasnt enough for Salven to catch him and he finished 4th.

Yuya Sahashi

Semi Final Odd results (Official)
1. Yuya Sahashi – 97 Laps in 30:12.741
2. Daniele Ielasi – 97 Laps in 30:18.261
3. Walter Salemi – 96 Laps in 30:04.426
4. Michael Salven – 96 Laps in 30:17.307
5. Francesco Tironi – 91 Laps in 30:00.013

Your OFFICIAL final order:
1. Massimo Fantini – Serpent
2. Lamberto Collari – Kyosho
3. Adrien Bertin – Kyosho
4. Chris Tosolini – Kyosho
5. Yuya Sahashi – Serpent
6. Andrea Cristiani – Serpent
7. Danielle Ielasi – Kyosho
8. Walter Salemi – Mugen
9. Mark Green – Serpent
10. Dario Balestri – Motonica

There is a break now until 4pm local time when the main final will begin so that is in over 1 hour. We will be reporting on the final by the minute (or close to) and will have a report at the end so in about 1 hour come back and keep refreshing the page.

October 13, 2007

Semi final even Results

Start of Semi even

The first semi final is now over and after 30 minutes of hard racing, it’s Serpent 960 driver Andrea Cristiani that has taken the win. At the beginning of the race it was Dario Balestri that could make it to the front after a great start and he was followed to the front by Cristiani who managed to pass the racers ahead of him and make it to 2nd. A long stop by Balestri for an engine adjustment, lost him the lead and this promoted Cristiani to first in front of Mark Green and Robert Pietsch in 3rd.

During the race Bruno Coelho managed to move up the order to 5th using the track experience gained in the 2 previous finals he raced. During his 4th stop pitstop Cristiani crashed coming into the pit lane allowing Mark Green to take the lead but Cristiani was able to work his way back up the order from 3rd to 1st, helped in part by having one of the fastest cars on track. Midway through the race Robert Pietsch had contact with another car and this caused something to go wrong with his car, dropping him down the order. In the end Cristiani won by half a lap from Green in 2nd, with Balestri half a second behind in 3rd, despite getting a stop and go for bad refuelling.

Andrea Cristiani

We will now have to wait until the second semi to see who progesses into the main final. The second semi final is now running.

Semi Final Even results (unnofficial)
1. Andrea Cristiani – 97 Laps in 30:16.406
2. Mark Green – 96 Laps in 30:06.195
3. Dario Balestri – 96 Laps in 30:06.876
4. Michele Romagnoli – 96 Laps in 30:11.665
5. Bruno Coehlo – 96 Laps in 30:16.154

October 13, 2007

Top 4 practice

Lamberto Collari

Nothing much to report on this as its the usual trying and testing of some setup tweaks, tires and engine settings. All 4 drivers were out on the track and they all seem to be working on long distance performance settings. Here are a few photos from the session.

 Chris Tosolini

Massimo Action

 Top 4 pit action

Ielasi in the pits

 Bertin in top practice

The first Semi final will begin at 1pm local time, which at time of writing is in about 30 minutes. Here is the run down of both semi final participants.

Semi Final even Line-up
1. Robert Pietsch – Shepherd
2. Dario Balestri – Motonica
3. Michele Romagnoli – Serpent
4. Mark Green – Serpent
5. Stefano Solaroli – Mugen
6. Tadahiko Sahashi – Serpent
7. Fabio Domanin – Serpent
8. Andrea Cristiani – Serpent
9. Bruno Coelho – Mugen
10. Keisuke Fukuda – Mugen

Semi Final odd Line-up
1. Daniele Ielasi – Kyosho
2. Takaaki Shimo -Kyosho
3. Hideo Kitazawa – Mugen
4. Michael Salven – Serpent
5. Walter Salemi – Mugen
6. Jernej Vuga  – Mugen
7. Andrea Pirani – Mugen
8. Yuya Sahashi – Serpent
9. Mike Swauger – Mugen
10. Francesco Tironi – Kyosho

October 13, 2007

1/4th final odd Result

 Yuya Sahashi

In an exciting quarter final odd, it was Yuya Sahashi that came through from mid pack to take the win. The Serpent driver was in 4th early in the race behind Tironi, Swauger and Tanaka, who was leading, but then the Japanese driver lost pace and was passed by Tironi and then when Yuya passed Swauger in the pits he then managed to get passed Tanaka, bringing Swauger with him. The race was essentially over for Jilles Groskamp at the very start, his car stopping and taking 2 laps to restart and rejoin, he did go on to record the fastest lap of the race at 17.943. The pairing of Sahashi and Swauger went after Tironi and managed to get passed after the Italian was given a stop go for bad refuelling. He rejoined in 3rd and had huge pressure from Morganti, who again started badly but had regained composure and was on it, but couldnt get passsed and came home 4th only 1 second behind.

1/4th Even final Top 3
1. Yuya Sahashi – 64 Laps 20:06.835
2. Mike Swauger – 64 Laps 20:07.706
3. Francesco Tironi – 64 Laps 20:16.401

Practice for top 4 qualifiers is now on.

October 13, 2007

1/4th final even Results

1/4th final Even action

The cars took to the track in warm and sunny conditions for the 1/4 finals and in the even final, run first, it was Andrea Cristiani that came out on top after dropping back to 4th at the start, he got his head down and went into the lead a few laps later. Steven Cuypers was an innocent victim in a collision that included Keisuke Fukuda, the Japanese racer continued but Cuypers was out before the first lap was over. Young Portugese driver, Bruno Coelho, who had moved up from yesterdays 1/8th final has now moved up into the semi finals, a solid drive meant that he followed Cristiaini home only 7 seconds back. The final bump up spot went to Keisuke Fukuda who had worked his way up from last at the start to 4th with just 2 minutes to go when Scotty Gray, who held the 3rd spot, had to go in for a final stop dropping him down to 5th behind another Japanese racer Ken Furukawa.

1/4th Odd final Top 3
1. Andrea Cristiani – 64 Laps in 20:02.113
2. Bruno Coelho – 64 Laps in 2009.382
3. Keisuke Fukuda – 63 Laps in 20:03.628

Second 1/4 begins now

October 13, 2007

Perfect weather for Finals day

 Perfect weather for Finals day

Finals day has arrived and the sun is out, the organisers are cleaning and prepping the track, and with all the quick drivers coming to the track to get their cars ready for the last 5 races of the event, it’s shaping up to be a great day. First up today, at 10am local time, we have the quarter finals which sees the winners from yesterdays 1/8th final try to move up again into the semi finals. In between the quarter and the semi finals we will have practice for the top 4 qualifiers and then the semi finals will be run to determine the final 6 that will join the top 4 direct qualifiers to battle it out for the World title. As with yesterday we will bring you a report after the 2 quarters and then after each semi and during the final we hope to keep the a post updated with up to the moment happenings on track. Stay tuned.