August 16, 2008

Daniele Ielasi is World Champion

World Championship podium

At the end of qualifying he was delighted to make his first ever 1:10 200mm World Championship Final but now Daniele Ielasi has gone one better and won a thrilling one hour Main Final here in Portugal to become the 2008 World Champion. Having suffered cruel luck at the 1:8 European Championship last month, Ielasi was clearly emotional after claiming his first ever World title which was greeted by huge applause from the large crowd who witnessed the race.

Starting from 3rd on the grid, Ielasi made the same tactical decision that brought him victory in the World’s Warm Up race, opting to run his own race and conserve his ATS tyres while his rivals drove at 110% up front. The tactic was to play out perfectly for the Picco driver as most of the early pace setters encountered problems along the way. Running at the back of the field for much of the race Ielasi started to shine through in the second half as he caught up to race leader Martin Hudy. Eventually Hudy’s great drive from the final spot on the grid started to take its toll on the Xray driver’s tyres allowing Ielasi to take the lead from where he stretched out a comfort zone for himself.

Daniele Ielasi

After the race the new World Champion said, ‘For me this result is most important to end my back luck and for sure it is great to win the World Championship’. He continued, ‘The race is the World Championship and its very hard and for me it was more hard because it was my first 1:10 World final. I started in the 3rd position but after the first lap I prefer to let the others go because I think the life of the tyres for one hour is very hard. I made the same tactical decision in the Warm Up and here in the World Championship it was good too. In the finish I have tyres and car was good allowing me to take Hudy and when I have one lap in front I think this is a good race.’

Finishing second Tosolini was clearly upset with how his race went. The American described the race as ‘the same old shit’ and continued that he was ‘tired of these guys’. The Sirio driver was referring to his team-mate Jilles Groskamp and former double World Champion Adrien Bertin who he felt drove over aggressively. Tosolini said he made a good start but his team-mate ran him off the track on the opening lap. Tosolini spun coming onto the straight on lap one which dropped him back to last. Later in the race as he came back through the field he was to get a Stop & Go penalty for running in to the back of Bertin claiming the Frenchman had brake tested him. Tosolini, who praised the new World Champion after he allowed him to pass the Italian three times during the final, said as always if he had had a clean race he would have finished one place higher! The Kyosho driver who ran out of fuel just before his second pit stop said his car felt really good although on a few occassions when he clipped the curbs his engine momentarily ran rough. Adding to Tosolini’s tough day in the office he dropped and smashed his glass trophy during the podium presentation.

Start of A-main

Having originally been classified 4 in the Semi Final B and looking like he would play no further part in the event, Martin Hudy got promoted to the Main Final after an error was discovered in the results and would claim a podium finish. Getting the place of Swede Roland Strom, the Slovak driver was to shine in his first ever World’s Final and only his second nitro race of the year. ‘I didn’t have enough time to prepare everything because it was late when I found out I would be in the final so it was really busy at the beginning. It was a one hour final and starting from 10th I had nothing to lose so I took it easy. Suddenly I heard I was leading. The only problem was that we wanted to make it safe so I refuelled after four and half minutes but Ielasi was running five, so I had to do one more stop. I saw Ielasi was really fast behind me so I didn’t battle with him as I didn’t want to break my car. I am very happy with this result and want to thank my sponsors Xray and Max for a really good engine.”

Daniele Ielasi Action

Unfortunately for Hudy’s Xray/Max team-mate Paul Lemieux an amazing drive in the first half of the race was to be in vain after his engine cut during a scheduled tyre stop costing him around four laps before it would restart. The young American star who started from 8th on the grid was on fire in the race heading the entire field at one point by 2 full laps but it all went wrong at 28 minutes. Rejoining at the back of the pack once his engine kicked back into life, the US Electric Touring Car National Champion put in a stunning recovery drive and such was his pace he was able to claw back an entire lap which he had lost to the field recording the fastest lap of the event in the process.

For Top Qualifier Jilles Groskamp, who led the opening seven minutes of the race, fifth was the best he could achieve. The Dutch racer lost his lead to Lemieux after a small mistake but three engine stops ended any chance of achieving the perfect result. The first engine cut came after Groskamp missed the call from his pit crew and although the car made the extra lap his Sirio ran dry just as he reached his pitman.

Winning Kyosho of Daniele Ielasi

The races other direct qualifier Francesco Tironi completed the Top 6 having run as high as fourth. The fourth Sirio powered car in the final which was driven by Dane Martin Christensen ran with the leaders throughout the race but hit trouble when his car came to stop in the last 3 minutes. Making an engine change during the final, Double World Champion Adrien Bertin claimed eigth while Teemu Leino and Dario Balestri finished 9th and 10th respectively after both broke their cars forcing early retirement.

Final Standings
1. Daniele Ielasi (IT) – 184L 60:17.246 [Kyosho/Picco/ATS]
2. Chris Tosolini (US) – 183L 60:05.849 [Kyosho/Sirio/Matrix]
3. Martin Hudy (SK) – 183L 60:08.242 [Xray/Max/Xray]
4. Paul Lemieux (US) – 183L 60:15.271 [Xray/Max/Jaco]
5. Jilles Groskamp (NL) – 182L 60:06.295 [Kyosho/Sirio/Matrix]
6. Tironi Francesco (IT) – 182L 60:18.076 [Kyosho/Sirio/Matrix]
7. Martin Christensen (DK) – 173L 57:18.047 [Xray/Sirio/Matrix]
8. Adrien Bertin (LUX) – 139L 52:43.743 [Kyosho/Orion/Matrix]
9. Teemu Leino (FI) – 112L 37:27.985 [Xray/Orion/Xray]
10. Balestri Dario (IT) – 52L 25:17.506 [Team Magic/NR/ATS]

Complete overall standings can be downloaded here.

The curtain has closed on another World Championships which will go down in history maybe not for all the right reasons but Daniele Ielasi’s name will deservedly go into the IFMAR record books as the 2008 Champion. For the rest of the competitors they now have 2 years to reflect on what could have been. Red RC enjoyed bringing you coverage from the Lisbon event and look forward to the next exciting chapter in the 1:10 World Championships which will take competitors to the US in 2010. A special thanks to the race organisers for their assistance and to our sponsors Kyosho, Xceed and Serpent without whom our coverage would not have been possible.

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August 16, 2008

Worlds Final is GO – Live Coverage

Ielasi World Champion

Warmup has begun, 4 minutes to race start.

Cars have been called to the grid.

Final is GO!

Lap 1 – Groskamp leads from Tironi. Tosolini spins out and last
1 minute – Balestri gets Stop & Go for hitting Leino
2 minutes – Groskamp clear lead from Lemieux
3 minutes – Top 4 – Groskamp, Lemieux, Leino and Tironi. Tosolini up to 6th.
3:30 minutes – Tosolini hits Bertin. Gets Stop & Go.
4:30 minutes – Groskamp still leads from Lemieux.
5:30 minutes – After first Pitstops. Groskamp extends lead.
6 minutes – Balestri out. Front corner off after getting collected following a spin.
7 minutes – Order is Groskamp, Lemieux, Leino, Tironi
7:30 minutes – Groskamp makes mistake, Lemieux leads.
9 minutes – Lemieux has comfortable lead from Groskamp and Leino.
10 minutes – Tosolini and Groskamp run out of fuel.
11 minutes – After second pit stops – Lemieux, Leino, Groskamp and Bertin. Top 8 on lead lap.
12 minutes – Order is Lemieux, Leino, Groskamp, Bertin, Tironi, Hudy, Ielasi, Christensen, Tosolini & Balestri (out).
13:30 minutes – Balestri rejoins race.
15 minutes – Bertin stalls during pitstop
16 minutes – Leino’s car stops on track
17 minutes – Leader Lemieux about to lap Groskamp who is second!
18 minutes – Order is Lemieux, Groskamp, Hudy, Tironi, Ielasi, Christensen, Bertin, Tosolini, Leino & Balestri.
19:30 minutes – Groskamp stalls after his pit stop.
20 minutes – Lemieux has lapped entire field. Hudy second. Groskamp back running – now 6th.
22 minutes – Lemieux about to pass Hudy who is second 2 laps down!
24:30 minutes – Order is Lemieux, Hudy, Ielasi, Tironi, Christensen, Groskamp, Bertin, Tosolini, Leino & Balestri.
26 minutes – Lemieux 2 laps up on the entire field! Balestri crashes again.
27 minutes – Groskamp closing on Tironi for fifth.
28 minutes – Lemieux doing tyre change.
29 minutes – Lemieux’s car stalls – trouble restarting but he is back on track
30 minutes – Half way and Hudy leads from Ielasi and Christensen. Lemieux 9th.
32 minutes – Order Hudy, Ielasi, Christensen, Groskamp, Tironi, Tosolini, Bertin, Leino, Lemieux and Balestri (out).
34 minutes – Groskamp stalls again after pit stop. Pit crew adjust ideal.
35 minutes – Order is Ielasi, Hudy, Christensen, Tironi, Tosolini, Leino, Groskamp, Bertin, Lemieux.
36 minutes – Lemieux running super fast laps but 2 laps down running 8th but he has fresh tyres.
38 minutes – Leino crashes and damages car.
39 minutes – Bertin stops on track.
42 minutes – Bertin changing engine!
44 minutes – Ielasi leading from Hudy and Christensen. Lemieux is 7th now one lap down.
48 minutes – Hudy back in lead from Ielasi. Lemieux storming through the field and 6th.
52 minutes – Hudy leads from Ielasi
53 minutes – Tironi rolls
55 minutes – Tosolini passes Hudy for second
57 minutes – Ielasi leads by almost a full lap
57:30 minutes – Christensen stops on track
58 minutes – Order Ielasi, Tosolini, Hudy, Lemieux, Groskamp, Tironi, Christensen, Bertin
60 minutes – Ielasi is World Champion

Worlds Finalists

August 16, 2008

Worlds Final grid finalised

Martin Hudy through

The grid for the 2008 1:10 200mm World Championships has been finalised with Swede Roland Strom loosing his place to Slovak driver Martin Hudy after an error in the combined result of the Semi B was discovered.

Final Starting order
1. Jilles Groskamp (NL)
2. Chris Tosolini (USA)
3. Daniele Ielasi (IT)
4. Francesco Tironi (IT)
5. Martin Christensen (DNK)
6. Teemu Leino (FIN)
7. Balestri Dario (IT)
8. Paul Lemieux (USA)
9. Adrien Bertin (LUX)
10. Martin Hudy (SK)

August 16, 2008

Christensen, Balestri & Bertin complete WC grid

Martin Christensen

We have our grid for the one hour Main Final that will get underway in just under an hours time and determine who the new 2008 World Champion will be.

The Semi A was the last run before the big race and a superb drive by Martin Christensen saw the Dane lead home a class act with double European Champion Dario Balestri, from whom he took the race lead during the final pit stop, taking second and double World Champion Adrien Bertin taking the last of the bump up placings.

Starting from pole Balestri’s Novarossi powered Team Magic lead the way but the very fast Christensen chased him down. Entering the pits at 25 minutes, right on the tail of Balestri, a superb stop by the pitman of the Xray/Sirio driver allowed him to get passed the Italian where he would stay until the end. Bertin, who only came up the order late in the race, was pushed hard to the end by Josh Cyrul but the America ran out of time finishing just under 4 seconds behind the Frenchman.

Ralph Burch stops

The race which was delayed twice, firstly after quick Aussie Peter Jovanovic called 10-minutes and then again when Walter Salemi had radio problems. Both got to start the race but unfortunately neither were to finish, Jovanovic lost steering due to fuel in his electrics while Salemi broke his Mugen early on. Fast German Robert Pietsch was holding a bump up position but retired just after the half way distant. Once again US Xray driver Ralph Burch was the fastest man on the track but he flamed just before his 2nd stop, ending all chances for him to bump up.

The main final is due to get underway at 18:10 GMT with driver presentations and 15 minutes after the race will begin. We will be bringing you live updates throughout the race on Red RC.

Update: There is currently a protest underway regarding the results of Semi Final B so until that is resolved we cant bring you the main final starting order.

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August 16, 2008

Leino, Strom & Lemieux into Final

Leino, Strom & Lemieux into Final

Teemu Leino, Roland Strom and Paul Lemieux have secured their places in the 2008 Worlds Final after taking the top 3 places in the Semi Final B combined results. The race had to be run over two parts after a rain shower interrupted to orginal run 17 minutes in. Lemieux had a comfortable lead over Leino in the first part of the final when the weather caused the race director to stop the race.

In the second part, run over the 13 remaining minutes of the half hour race distannce, Lemieux started from pole but quickly fell back down the order leaving Leino to cruise to the win of both the second part of the race and the overall ranking. Swede Strom, who put pressure on Leino for the second win, eventually claimed second and the runners up spot in the combined result while Lemieux’s win in the first part plus his fifth in Part 2 was enough to secure 3rd overall. Martin Hudy was having a great drive but was hit with radio glitches in the dying part of the race which appear to have cost him a place in the final.

The Semi B brought to an end the great showing by 1:5 World Champion Martin Lissau who’s car suffered a wheel axle failure in the second half of the race causing him to miss the start. He got going again but pulled up with further problems after just 8 laps. Also dropping out from the event in this race was Japan’s Takaaki Shimo who had battled for the TQ in early qualifying.

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August 16, 2008

Semi Final B Update

Semi B final stopped

The Semi B Final has been stopped due to rain. Young American star Paul Lemieux was holding a comfortable lead from fellow electric touring car ace Teemu Leino with 13 minutes to go when a shower caused the race to be stopped. The remaining part of the race will be run after a short delay with the two parts added together to decide the result. Due to the weather interruption it will now be the Top 3 from each Semi that progress to the Main Final.

Update (15:21 GMT): It has started raining again, so the delay will continue until further notice. Looking at the skies here, it appears that it will be some time before the rain clears. We will keep you posted.

Update (15:37 GMT): Race Director Frank Noens has just announced that a final decision on whether to continue racing today or move it to tomorrow’s scheduled spare day will be made a 16:00 GMT.

Update (15:56 GMT): Racing is to resume in just under 5 minutes with the second part of the Semi Final B which is to run over 13 minutes. Drivers will line up in the order in which they finished Part 1 of the race so Paul Lemieux is on pole from Teemu Leino.

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