July 1, 2008

Dust settles quietly on Day 1

Tuesday Action

The opening day of the 2008 EFRA European 1:8 off Road Buggy Championships has come to a close and as the dust settles here in Crete the drivers had little to report as they eased themselves in to the event over the single 15 minute practice session that made up today’s timetable.

The track was the biggest talking point today with many of the top drivers saying the surface was their main concern. It would appear from drivers who took part in the Warm up race earlier in the year that the track surface has remained largely untouched since that event.

Joseph Quagraine’s Hobao

One interesting story in the pits is Joesph Quagraine is back running a Habao 8.5 that has been given the JQ touch with a number of modifications, the biggest of which is the placing of the receiver over the steering servo. Quagraine is also running his own shock towers on the car along with JQ Products lower suspension brackets.

Two times European Champion Davide Tortorici said after his run that his car was OK.  The Crono team leader has reverted to standard kit shocks saying he prefers them to the prototype big bores and the Italian is also running a new front shock tower on his RS7. Top Kyosho driver Daniel Reckward said his first run went off OK but said while the track looked easy it was in fact quite challenging mainly due to the surface conditions. The German will make some changes to the diffs on his MP777 for tomorrow’s timed practice.

Top British driver Neil Cragg had a steady run but was another who reckoned the track is not as good as the Warm-up. The leading Team Associated runner now has Big Bore shocks on his RC8, which he didn’t have at the Warm-up, and is running new V2 Proline wheels which he says smooth the car out over the bumps. American star Richard Saxton has crossed the Atlantic to support the Associated team and was busy in the pits giving driver tuition to one of the team’s top drivers on the best lines to take.

Adrian Bertin is here supporting Team Orion drivers running the new CRF .21 engine and is also mechanic for electric touring car ace Teemu Leino. After the Finn’s run Bertin said the Xray/Orion combination was working really well and Leino was putting in really good lap times. Asked by Red RC about the dust levels, Bertin told us this is normal for off road saying ‘welcome to Buggy racing’.

Track view in the eyes of Mr. Gandini

Drivers will start Day 2 of the 2008 Euros with two timed runs tomorrow which will determine the reseed ahead of the first qualifying round in the evening.  We will bring you more coverage, which is sponsored by Kyosho and LRP, throughout the day.

Check out our event image gallery here.

July 1, 2008

Final countdown under way to ’08 Euros

IMC Track

The final countdown is under way here in Crete for the start of the 2008 EFRA European 1:8 Off Road Championship with the sunshine beating down on the IMC track.

European Champion Robert Battle

The whos who of European off road are here and they are all looking to get their hands on the title currently held by Robert Battle. The young Spaniard is looking forward to the challenge of trying to retain his crown here on the Greek Island but is a little concerned over the small pebbles coming through the track surface. A concern raised by many of the drivers here. In terms of new parts on his GRP Hobao a slighted revised body shell is the only significant change.

The biggest news here is the all new Serpent prototype car that Joern Nuermann is running. The German who has tested the car already and says it a major step forward on the previous prototype and appears very confident that it will show well here. Unfortunately the car is being kept under wraps for the moment.

LRP S8BX of Hupo Honigl

Other product news from around the pits includes new big bore shock from LRP which are being run on Hubert Honigl car and leading Mugen driver Daniel Vega is trying some lightweight parts on his Mugen. News from the Kyosho team is that they will stick with the tried and trusted MP777. No MP9 will run as the car that won the recent Kyosho Masters was the C prototype version of the new car with a few small changes planned for the production model.

The first free practice run is due to get underway in just under an hour after which we will bring you the drivers first impression of the track as they settle themselves into the event.

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July 1, 2008

1/8th scale Buggy Europeans – Live

European 1/8th scale Buggy Champs - Live

The best 1/8th scale buggy drivers in Europe are converging on the Greek island of Crete this week to battle it out on the fast and tricky IMC Club track in Iraklio and see who will become the 2008 European Champion. Robert Batlle will be of course be there to defend his crown, won last year in France, and he is up against some strong competition with the top factory teams pulling out all the stops to try and wrestle the title away from the Spanish Hobao driver. Red RC reporter Oisin O’Briain will be present all week reporting live trackside, bringing you our usual blend of quality reporting, photographs and interviews from this exciting event. Baring any last minute hiccups, the reporting will begin Tuesday afternoon and carry through to Saturday’s main final. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for the event, Kyosho and LRP, without whose support this would not be possible.

January 13, 2008

Viktor Wilck takes the Mod title

Modified Class Podium

Viktor Wilck has won the modified class here at the DHI Cup after a great run in the 3rd and last leg of the A-final. Quicker than Teemu Leino from the start, he began to hound the Xray racer until they actually hit before both continuing. Shortly after the Finnish racer made a mistake going onto the straight, rolling over the dots and causing his body to stick up over the wheel. Once this happened Wilck was able to pull out a commanding lead and this also allowed Hagberg, Volker and Graversen through. Early in the race it was Groskamp in 3rd, however a problem later on in the race meant he retired, as did Leino, before the end of the race. This 2nd final win gave Wilck the overall title and left Leino in 2nd, while Graversen capped off a great race with a 3rd spot. Viktor had the following to say about his performance, “I’m really pleased to take my first big international win at such a big. I think with the new car we have found a really good set-up and I think it has more to come for the future. It was very close between me a Teemu but in the end I had a slightly faster car.”

A Final Modified – Leg 3 Result
1. (2) Viktor Wilck – 19L 310.29
2. (8) Alexander Hagberg – 19L 313.01
3. (10)Ronald Volker – 19L 313.98
4. (3) Steen Graversen – 19L 314.83
5. (9) Marc Rheinard – 19L 315.92
6. (6) Juho Levanen – 18L 305.92
7. (1) Teemu Leino – 17L 289.25
8. (7) Martin Hudy – 17L 305.96
9. (4) Jilles Groskamp – 9L 227.55
10.(5) Andy Moore – 4L 90.95

A Main Final Standings
(best 2 of 3 Results to count)

1. Viktor Wilck – 20pts
2. Teemu Leino – 17pts
3. Steen Graversen – 16pts
4. Ronald Volker – 16pts
5. Alexander Hagberg – 15pts
6. Marc Rheinard – 14pts
7. Juho Levanen – 13pts
8. Jilles Groskamp – 7pts
9. Martin Hudy – 7pts
10.Andy Moore – 5pts

Stock Podium

In the stock class it was Jimmy Maddison that won again in round 3 stamping his authority on the Stock class at this years event. Winning the final round by less than a second he had a bigger gap but a small mistake caused him to drop back but he was able to compose himself and take the win from Meik Niemann and Christoph Thiele. Jimmy was understanably delighted with his performance stating “The car was fanatastic. I really wanted to win this one and while it might have looked easy believe me it was hard work.”

A Final Stock – Leg 3 Result
1. (2) Jimmy Maddison – 17L 307.90
2. (6) Meik Niemann – 17L 308.52
3. (1) Christoph Thiele – 17L 309.58
4. (4) Florian Ring – 17L 310.38
5. (3) Bastian Hennig – 17L 312.16
6. (8) Tommy Bergfeldt – 16L 301.72
7. (5) Dennis Fadtke – 16L 302.12
8. (7) Marcus Horn – 16L 303.80
9. (10)Marc Assman – 16L 304.55
10.(7) Luke Hobson – 16L 305.01

A Main Standings after Leg 3
(best 2 of 3 Results to count)
1. Jimmy Maddison – 20pts (Champion)
2. Meik Niemann – 17pts
3. Christoph Thiele – 16pts
4. Tommy Bergfeldt – 14pts
5. Bastian Hennig – 14pts
6. Dennis Fadtke – 13pts
7. Florian Ring – 12pts
8. Marc Assman – 7pts
9. Marcus Horn – 6pts
10.Luke Hobson – 2pts

Download the full final results here (PDF) for all classes.

January 13, 2008

Round 3 Stock Sub finals report

Palle Hornum in round 3

The last sub finals of the stock class are now over and in the C-Final it was Carsten Madsen that took a late surprise win after long time leader Kenneth Malkussen was knocked off track when Matthias Lang tried to make a move on him that didnt work out. This left Carsten through into the lead with 30 seconds left to run and in the end he won by 2 seconds from Lang in 2nd and Malkussen in third. In the B-final it was a very straight forward race for Xray racer Palle Nornum who moved right into the lead at the start followed by Robitronic racer Ole Strandlyst. Despite being pressured by Ole the whole race, he could never get close enough to mount a challenge and so Hornum took the win from Strandlyst in 2nd and Nygaard up from 8th on the grid to 3rd.

B Final Stock – Leg 3 Result
1. (1) Palle Hornum – 17L 310.90
2. (2) Ole Strandlyst – 17L 311.53
3. (8) Johnny Nygaard – 17L 318.37

C Final Stock – Leg 3 Result
1. (1) Carsten Madsen – 17L 318.33
2. (3) Matthias Lang – 17L 320.20
3. (4) Kenneth Malkusson – 16L 322.05

Round 3 Stock B-Final

January 13, 2008

Maddison Stock Champion – Wilck wins A Modified Leg 2

Modified Leg 2 final stand

Viktor Wilck has won the second leg of the Modified A-main after early leader Teemu Leino hit some dots on lap 7 while leading, dropping him down the order. While allowing Wilck through, it also allowed Steen Graversen through up into 2nd and a fast starting Marc Rheinard into 3rd spot. Despite this mistake Teemu could continue and in doing so he set the fastest lap of the final once more, a 15.83 second lap. The very start of the race saw Andy Moore roll coming out of the first corner and then on the following esses, which put him out of contention. The overall positions are now still wide open with Wilck now leading the standings by 2 points from Leino with 1 round left to be run.

A Final Modified – Leg 1 Result
1. (2) Vicktor Wilck – 19L 308.17
2. (3) Steen Graversen – 19L 311.13
3. (9) Marc Rheinard – 19L 312.38
4. (1) Teemu Leino – 19L 312.70
5. (8) Juho Levanen – 19L 316.33
6. (4) Jilles Groskamp – 18L 299.32
7. (7) Martin Hudy – 18L 300.85
8. (6) Alexander Hagberg – 18L 303.05
9. (5) Andy Moore – 18L 309.04
10.(10)Ronald Volker – 1L 31.22

A Main Standings after Leg 2
(best 2 of 3 Results to count)
1. Vicktor Wilck – 19pts
2. Teemu Leino – 17pts
3. Steen Graversen – 13pts
4. Marc Rheinard – 13pts
5. Juho Levanen – 13pts
6. Ronald Volker – 9pts
7. Alexander Hagberg – 9pts
8. Jilles Groskamp – 6pts
9. Martin Hudy – 6pts
10.Andy Moore – 5pts

Maddison takes Leg 2 & overall

Jimmy Maddison has secured the 2008 DHI Cup stock title by winning the second A-main in great style. Having found a motor problem just before the first A-main he was confident that the car would be quicker in the 2nd race and it was. After the start he managed to get by Thiele half way through the first lap and never looked back pulling out a large gap before slowing just before the finish line to take the win by 2 seconds from top Serpent racer Tommy Bergfeldt. Meik Niemann ended the race in 3rd.

A Final Stock – Leg 2 Result
1. (2) Jimmy Maddison – 17L 307.72
2. (6) Tommy Bergfeldt – 17L 309.23
3. (8) Meik Niemann – 17L 312.41
4. (3) Bastian Hennig – 17L 312.60
5. (1) Christoph Thiele – 17L 313.11
6. (4) Florian Ring – 17L 314.42
7. (5) Dennis Fadtke – 17L 314.63
8. (7) Marcus Horn – 16L 302.20
9. (10)Marc Assman – 16L 308.23
10.(7) Marcus Horn – 16L 311.03

A Main Standings after Leg 2
(best 2 of 3 Results to count)
1. Jimmy Maddison – 20pts (Champion)
2. Christoph Thiele – 14pts
3. Meik Niemann – 14pts
4. Bastian Hennig – 14pts
5. Dennis Fadtke – 13pts
6. Tommy Bergfeldt – 13pts
7. Florian Ring – 7pts
8. Marc Assman – 7pts
9. Marcus Horn – 6pts
10.Luke Hobson – 2pts