August 15, 2008

Whats new in the Pits – Part II

OS Max 12 XZ

We have put together some more new products from the pits here in Lisbon. We were expecting more new items but it seems most manufacturers are happy with their current cars and so its down to the engine and after market parts makers to come up with the goods. As posted in the gallery yesterday, O.S. engines have released their all new Max 12 XZ, which is currently in use by Takaaki Shimo and Hideo Kitizawa. Only in prototype form now, this completely new engine has performing well in the hands of both drivers and it is expected to be released a short period after this event.

Capricorn clutch tool

More new parts from Capricorn RC with the release of a new IDM made exhaust pipe. It is in use by a large number of racers using Picco based engines, including Mega drivers Yuya Sahashi and Mark Green as well as Team Orion driver Adrien Bertin. Also new from the Italian company is this pinion tool which accepts a lot of different diameter pinions regardless of teeth number, while also included in the set is a tool for gripping both a 1/8th and 1/10th scale clutch bell.

GQ Products new wheels

Hong Kong based GQ Products are running with their new version rim. Seen in use by team drivers Teddy Syah, Per Ola Hard and others, the new rim is lighter than previous versions and following some further development should be available for release in the coming weeks.

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August 15, 2008

Overnight exhaust controversy at Worlds

Sirio Pipe

Following an official protest by the Italian team during the final round of qualifying yesterday, Sirio drivers, who make up 3 of the top 4 drivers will no longer be allowed to use the latest version of the Sirio #2611 exhaust pipe. The protest which was pushed by Novarossi was originally not accepted however at what we understand was a very heated 1:10 Section meeting last night at the official hotel for the event, IFMAR made the descision to issue the following statement late last night which means that the new version of the #2611 pipe, as used by Jilles Groskamp to TQ, may no longer be used. This statement was only received by team managers this morning at the track –

During the end of the last round of qualifying IFMAR received a protest against the Sirio 2611 muffler.

The Protest was not accepted due to the wording in the Protest.

However, based on a discussion at the 1/10th Section meeting, held on Thursday evening the IFMAR committee has decided that from Friday 15th, on the pipe 2611 in its new version/layout is not allowed.
There are 2 versions in the market from the 2611 pipe, but IFMAR has no information about a changed in the design of this muffler and will only accept the old version.

The results from qualifying will remain as it is.

The old version has a normal tailpipe of about 16mm with a striaght design.
The new muffler design has a shorter tailpipe of abut 12mm and a thicker wall with a conical design.

On behalf of IFMAR

Dallas Mathiessen, President

Sander de Graaf, IFMAR IC Section Chairman

Sirio pipe drawing

We looked for a statement from Andrea Rossi but the Sirio boss asked us to come back later and he and his support team worked on a solution for their driver for the finals. Jilles Groskamp who is TQ for the event ahead of his Sirio team mate Chris Tosolini said he did not know enough about the situation to comment, but did say all he wants is to race a legal car and enjoy a fair race for the World title.

We will bring you further news and comments as thing unfold but right now things appear rather hectic in the manufacturers village.

August 14, 2008

Jilles Groskamp is Worlds TQ

Jilles Groskamp is Worlds TQ

Jilles Groskamp has secured the TQ for the 2008 IFMAR 1:10 200mm World Championship to claim his first ever placing in a nitro World Final in style. The last of the six heats here in Lisbon produced a thrilling climax to the three days of qualifying with most of the title hopefuls running a TQ pace. After 10-minutes however it was Chris Tosolini who stopped the clocks in the fastest time just 9/1000th off Groskamp’s TQ time which was set in the earlier of the day’s two heats.

Heat 15 driver stand

Finishing second in the final heat by 3/100th of a second to his Sirio team-mate, Groskamp was delighted to make his first ever nitro Worlds Final. He said the track was faster than this morning and that it was a very close run thing between him and his team-mate. Having to drive around the outside of Peter Jovanovic on lap 28, Groskamp reckons this cost him a second with a very busy pitlane, which saw almost all of the 10 car field pit at the one time, also costing him a little time. With a day off tomorrow, Groskamp plans to chill out by the pool at his hotel before spending the evening building a new Kyosho chassis for the one hour warm-up which the Top 4 qualifiers will get on Saturday morning. As a mainly electric racer the Dutch ace says he will drive the entire one hour to prepare himself for the actual Main Final and to get a feel for how his Matrix tyres will work over the full race distance.

Chris Tosolini action

Fastest for the round, Chris Tosolini’s run was good enough to give Sirio’s new XXX engine a 1-2 in qualifying as he jumped from 8th after round 5 to P2. The American who TQ’d the last Worlds in Brisbane, said he was only driving at 90% as he knew he needed a mistake free run if he was to make a Top 4 position and a clean run was exactly what he got. As the rest of the field were like a high speed train the Kyosho team driver was out on his own and with a free track ahead of him was able to run super consistent quick lap times. A new car build is also planned for the 1 hour practice but Tosolini plans to sleep in tomorrow morning first.

Daniele Ielasi

Another driver making his first ever 1:10 Worlds Final is the very likeable Daniele Ielasi. The Italian was clearly delighted to secure a place in the Final where he will line up 3rd on the grid. The Picco backed driver said no matter what the outcome of the final he is so happy with his 2008 World’s campaign. Asked about his car for the big race, Ielasi said he felt his set-up for the long final is probably better than his rivals. Together with his girlfriend Sabrina Lechner he will spend tomorrow sightseeing in Lisbon as a reward for his performance today.

Bursting into the Top 4 and making it an all Kyosho affair was Franceso Tironi who put in a blistering last qualifier. Lying in 18th position before the final heat of the event the Italian, who is also an member of the very strong Sirio team, drove a superb run to bump both Dario Balestri and Takaaki Shimo out of the Top 4 and down into the Semi Finals. Tironi said the handling of his car in the warm-up was not very good causing him to crash but adjustments to the rear set-up by his pitman had it working perfectly for the timed run.

Balestri and Shimo improved their times in the final heat but with Tosolini and Tironi going faster again they didn’t gain anything from the extra pace. Instead both drivers will line up on pole for their respective Semi Finals. 2006 Vice-World Champion Shimo crashed early in his run as his car suffered bad understeer. The factory OS driver, who doesn’t like the Monsanto circuit, says he will do his best to try and ensure he is on the grid for the Main Final.

Alessio Mazzeo

Heading the Serpent challenge, young Alessio Mazzeo was pleased with his car for Round 6 of qualifying which netted him 10th, however the Italian Max team driver was annoyed with Robert Pietsch, who also set his FTD in the run, and Hideo Kitazawa who both clashed with him in the run. The incidents cost the former European B Champion 2 seconds. Next best of the Serpent drivers is Japanese 1:8 National Champion Yuya Sahashi in 18th who takes the final direct Semi final qualification position.

Defending World Champion Keisuke Fukuda has set himself the almost impossible task of retaining the title he won in Australia. The Mugen/Ninja driver starts on pole for the 1/8 Final B however in racing anything can happen and the Japanese driver, if luck is very much on his side, still has an outside chance to make it onto the grid for the Main Final.

Official top 18 after qualifying
1. Jilles Groskamp (NL) – 32 Laps in 10:11.241 [Kyosho/Sirio]
2. Chris Tosolini (USA) – 32 Laps in 10:11.250 [Kyosho/Sirio]
3. Daniele Ielasi (IT) – 32 Laps in 10:11.904 [Kyosho/IDM]
4. Tironi Francesco (IT) – 32 Laps in 10:12.414 [Kyosho/Sirio]
5. Balestri Dario (IT) – 32 Laps in 10:12.818 [TM/NR]
6. Takaaki Shimo (JPN) – 32 Laps in 10:15.183 [Kyosho/OS]
7. D’Angelo Giuseppe (IT) – 32 Laps in 10:16.657 [Mugen/NR]
8. Martin Lissau (DNK) – 32 Laps in 10:16.700 [Xray/GRP]
9. Martin Christensen (DNK) – 32 Laps in 10:16.776 [Xray/Sirio]
10. Mazzeo Alessio (IT) – 32 Laps in 10:17.260 [Serpent/Max]
11. Robert Pietsch (DE) – 32 Laps in 10:17.449 [Xray/NR]
12. Paul Lemieux (USA) – 32 Laps in 10:18.025 [Xray/Max]
13. Peter Jovanovic (AUS) – 32 Laps in 10:18.893 [Xray/NR]
14. Martin Hudy (SK) – 32 Laps in 10:19.360 [Xray/Max]
15. Adrien Bertin (LUX) – 32 Laps in 10:19.465 [Kyosho/Orion]
16. Dirk Wischnewski (DE) – 32 Laps in 10:21.213 [Xray/NR]
17. Ralph Burch (USA) – 31 Laps in 09:59.355 [Xray/Max]
18. Yuya Sahashi (JPN) – 31 Laps in 10:00.303 [Serpent/Mega]

The complete final listings can be downloaded here.

The lower finals get underway at 08:00 tomorrow morning, and thanks to Kyosho, Xceed and Serpent, we will bring you highlights throughout the day.

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August 14, 2008

Vital Worlds Statistics

Team Xray

IFMAR have just released official statistics for the equipment of choice for competitors racing in the 2008 World Championships.

In terms of chassis’ it is World Championship debutants Xray that is the most popular choice with 35 drivers running the NT1. Next most popular is Kyosho with 33 cars followed by defending champions Mugen with 30 and Serpent with 29. Team Magic is the only other manufacturer represented with 6 variations of their double European Championship winning G4.

With the Monsanto track proving it be a power track it is Novarossi who are by far the most popular choice with 37 cars being powered by the Italian units. Italian engines occupy the Top 3 placing with current TQ holders Sirio the No. 2 choice with 21 users followed by Max Power on 18. French tuner JP Racing have 12 drivers here with newcomers GRP and Mega represented by 8 drivers each. Current World Champion engines Ninja are to be found in four cars here.

On the tyre front Italian companies ATS and Enneti are equal at the top of the list with 17 users each with Kyosho supplying 13 drivers and Matrix 12.

In terms of the nationality of the drivers, host country Portugal are the largest team with 17 competitors followed by Argentina with 11 drivers just one more than Italy. At total of 28 countries are represented at the 2008 Worlds.

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August 14, 2008

Groskamp moves into TQ position

Jilles Groskamp

Jilles Groskamp has regained the TQ spot with a superb drive in the penultimate qualifier for the 2008 Worlds here in Portugal. The Dutch ace was delighted with his run saying, ‘Finally it worked out for with my engine and fuel.’ Groskamp clocked up 32 laps in 10:11.241 giving Team Sirio boss Andrea Rossi every reason to punch the air in delight.

Groskamp was told to save fuel over the last few laps of his run and so had to lift a little but the call by his pitman was well warranted because shortly after crossing the timing loop the Kyosho ran out of fuel. Having had ‘Shit’ days on Tuesday and Wednesday, this morning’s heat is a big confidence boost for the world class electric racer who says he will now go flat out for the final qualifier.

Setting the second fastest time after also having a tough day yesterday was Daniele Ielasi. The Italian driver said his car was now the same as the first day after he reverted back to the same rear diff oil on his IDM powered Kyosho. Asked if he thought this evening’s final qualifier could be quicker Ielasi said he thought maybe it could be simliar but not quicker.

Dario Balestri

Dario Balestri moved himself up from fifth overnight into a direct Main Final qualifying position after putting in the third fastest time but the run was not a clean one for the young Italian. The Team Magic lead driver made a mistake early in his run which caused him to loose a body clip and this was to cost him further time during his pit stop as the body rose off the car when his pit woman lifted it for refuelling. Happy with the balance of his Novarossi powered G4+, the incidents cost Balestri a very possible TQ run.

With Groskamp, Ielasi and Balestri all going quicker than the overnight TQ time, Japanese driver Takaaki Shimo drops to fourth but the Kyosho/OS driver was quick to put his poor run down to himself saying, ‘Good car, Driver not so good’. Just how good the car was is the 18.553 fastest lap set by Shimo which is the quickest lap we have seen in qualifying todate.

Mugen/Novarossi driver Giuseppe D’Angelo finally got to show his true pace as he finished his first heat to record an impressive fifth fastest time. Finishing the run has given the Italian a big boost and he is very confidence he can go fastest later today.

Unfortunately for Adrien Bertin his strong run to record the third fastest time was to be in vain as his Kyosho failed to pass scrutiny with his fuel tank deemed to be too big. Obviously annoyed with his exclusion, the French Team Orion driver was pleased with his car and run despite a number of incidents with Francesco Tironi.

Andrea Rossi working on the car of Chris Tosolini

Chris Tosolini who was our Top Qualifier at the end of Day 1 had an interesting time with a bee during his fifth heat. Distracted by the bee which landed on his finger the Kyosho/Sirio said he spent ages trying to get rid of the trespassing insect but with his attention distracted he hit a curb and broke his inside rear tyre. Asked how the run was without the bee Tosolini said, ‘If the bee didn’t get involved you know were we would have been! I was driving super smooth and the car was great.’

Once again Ralph Burch was setting very fast laps recording the second fastest lap for the round but yet again the RC America driver was dogged by bad luck this time his engine coming to a halt on the back straight. His fellow countrymen also had bad luck with Josh Cyrul’s car stopping as a result of a broken tab on his receiver battery while Barry Baker, who was struggling with his engine, clipped a curb coming on to the straight which slammed his Team Magic into the wall pretty much destroying the car.

One of the star of yesterday’s qualifiers, Martin Lissau from Denmark was again running a fast pace but his engine ran out of fuel before the finish. Lissau, the current 1:5 World Champion, is really impressing here in Lisbon as this is only his fifth 1:10 nitro race this year.

Top 10 after 5 rounds
1. Jilles Groskamp (NL) – 32 Laps in 10:11.241
2. Daniele Ielasi (IT) – 32 Laps in 10:11.904
3. Balestri Dario (IT) – 32 Laps in 10:13.809
4. Takaaki Shimo (JPN) – 32 Laps in 10:16.393
5. D’Angelo Giuseppe (IT) – 32 Laps in 10:16.657
6. Martin Lissau (DNK) – 32 Laps in 10:16.700
7. Martin Christensen (DNK) – 32 Laps in 10:16.776
8. Chris Tosolini (USA) – 32 Laps in 10:17.428
9. Peter Jovanovic (AUS) – 32 Laps in 10:18.893
10. Martin Hudy (SK) – 32 Laps in 10:19.360

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August 13, 2008

IFMAR extend warm-up for final rounds

Monsanto track Lisbon

Following requests from engine manufacturers, the organisers of the 2008 World Championship are to extend the warm-up time each driver will get ahead of the final two rounds of qualifying. To-date drivers have had 3 minutes to warm-up for their 10-minute qualifying runs but with many of the top drivers struggling to make five minutes from a tank of fuel the warm-up time will be increased to 5 minutes. The increase will give drivers the opportunity to fine tune their engines to the relevant temperature/conditions at the time of their qualifying heat.

Heats 5 & 6 tomorrow are the last two opportunities drivers have to determine which final they will start in with the big battle being that for the TQ, currently held by Shimo, and one of the four direct qualifying positions for the Main Final of the 2008 IFMAR 1:10 200mm World Championships which is scheduled to run on Saturday. Round 5 gets underway at 09:30 tomorrow morning and our coverage, which is sponsored by Kyosho, Xceed and Serpent, will continue througout the day.

The final overall standings after 4 rounds can be downloaded here.

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