Chassis Focus – David Ronnefalk


Chassis – HB D815
Engine – Orion 321 Factory
Tyres – AKA Enduro Soft
Fuel – Runner Time
Radio/Servos – KO Propo
Body – JConcepts Silencer

Remarks – Current European Champion David Ronnefalk is running his first Euros with the HB D815. Using a similar setup as in the warmup race he has mounted a 4mm longer chassis plate which makes the car more stable and he is also using an old HB rear shock tower which is lower and prevents the car from rolling so much in the corners. In terms of set-up changes he is waiting for the track to come to his car and has only adjust the oils in his car for the hotter conditions. Playing with tires he has found a good setup with his AKA Enduro but will try Chainlinks, both in soft compound.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chassis Focus – Yannick Aigoin


Chassis – Xray XB8’15
Engine – Ultimate M-4R
Tyres – Pro-Line Blockade X2
Fuel – Sigma RC Fuel
Radio/Servos – Futaba
Body – Kit

Remarks – Newly crowned French National Champion is running a standard 2015 version of the Xray XB8. Having raced at the warmup he started the event with the same setup but as the track is now a lot smoother than at the race in May he has since changed springs and gone to a softer rear diff and harder centre diff oil.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chassis Focus – Lee Martin


Chassis – Mugen MBX7R
Engine – Protek Samurai
Tyres – Pro-Line Blockade X1
Fuel – Nitrolux
Radio/Servos – Sanwa/Xpert
Body – Pro-Line Phantom

Remarks – Lee Martin is running the basic MBX7R with a number of option parts from FastRace including the rear shock standoffs, rear chassis weight and fuel tank guard. Having not raced at the Euros Warmup race he is relying on the setup of team mate and former World Champion Robert Batlle. Having run only part of his setup when he arrived he is now working more towards using the full setup, while at the same time still experimenting with tires.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New in the Pits – Fast Race Part 1


Italian company Fast Race have a large number of products on display here at the Euros in Sacile. With a focus on Mugen parts, first up is their all new aluminium 7075 chassis plate for the Mugen MBX7R which comes in 2 versions, 3mm and 4mm, and features a groove for a rubber seal for below the car’s front and rear differentials as well as steel ball bearings pressed into winglets below the wishbone which help protect the chassis plate from damage encountered by the wishbones. Suitable for this chassis, as well as the standard chassis, is a 20gram brass weight that mounts on the rear top side of the chassis plate.


Next up are alloy wheel hubs which feature incrementally differing drive pin holes, 0mm, 0.1mm & 0.2mm, which allow the user to adjust the play in the wheel axle simply by using the different holes, suitable for the Mugen, Xray & Kyosho. A new single piece top plate for the front of the MBX7R integrates the mounting points for the upper front wishbones to create a stiffer setup on the front of the car.


For the rear of the Mugen cars are +5mm standoffs made from aluminium which help to improve rear traction as well as stability on the landing of jumps. In use by a number of top Mugen drivers here, they are also suitable for the Sworkz. Also from aluminium for the plastic front outer pivot mounts are a pair of collars that fit over the plastic part protecting it from damage caused by the steering block. Finally are some brass pillow ball nuts which give an extra 5 grams each and come with a special adaptor to tighten them, whose opposing side fits a standard glow plug wrench.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ronnefalk tops opening day at Euros


David Ronnefalk has opened his title defence in the best possible way as he topped the times on the very hot & humid opening day of the 1:8 Offroad European Championships in Sacile, Italy.  Chasing a third consecutive European title, the 2015 HB/HPI Racing signing recorded a fastest lap time of 38.138 around the Ongaroring track in the days fourth and final round of practice.  A day that saw the track improve over the day but still a bit off the traction levels experienced at the Warm-up Race back in May, it was 2012 World Champion Robert Batlle who would end up second fastest just 0.021 slower.  Behind them Italian National Champion Alex Zanchettin would complete the Top 3 just ahead of the last European Champion before Ronnefalk Darren Bloomfield.  With most drivers using Day 1 of the 35th running of the championships to bed themselves in and wait for the track to come in, Warm-up Race winner Elliott Boots would post the seventh fastest time sandwiched between former champions Yannick Aigoin and Renaud Savoya.


Clearly not enjoying the humid conditions, Ronnefalk said while happy to end the day with the best lap he needs to ‘find more consistency’.  Deciding to make some last minute changes before his final practice run, he said he also missed the start and having to run from the pits to the driver stand he didn’t drive the 8-minute run very well.  Towards the end of the time he said he could see the results of the changes made and he said if he can walk up to the drivers stand tomorrow it should be a cleaner run.  While his D815 is ‘pretty close’ and the ‘speed is there’ he said he needs to work on the cars consistency.  Running AKA’s Enduro tyres in the final round which ‘felt good’, in the previous round he tried a new as yet unnamed pattern and compound of tyre which he said was something they were previously missing from the range.  Describing the car as ‘very easy to drive and still (having) steering’ and he plans to revert to this new tyre tomorrow.


Batlle was pleased with the start to his event saying while its a long event he was pleased with his Mugen’s set-up and pace.  Adding, it was ‘better to start that way than with problems’, the Spaniard said with less grip than at the warm-up race and his MBX-7R sliding a lot more, in particular on the right section of the track, he still needs to find the right balance between the left and the right sides of the track.  Describing the track as ‘super European’ and with ‘not too many jumps’ he said while fast it was also technical and overall he was happy with the car for the opening day.  Commenting on the humidity he said the biggest concern is the effect it has on keeping a consistent tune on the engine joking that for the driver he just needs to drink a lot and everything will be ok.

tue_zanchettin copy

TLR’s Zanchettin described his day as going ‘good enough’.  The 20-year-old Worlds Finalist said his focus for the day was pretty much all about tyres.  As the track ‘started out different to the warm-up’, other than switching to a heavy oil set-up throughout in his Reds Racing powered 8ight 3.0 due to the heat, he left the car unchanged and waited for the track to improve.  Ending up on Pro-Line’s Holeshot X2 he said the car was well balanced but sometimes it behaved strange and he is putting that down to the track still improving.  For tomorrow he said he needs more consistency from the car and should the track get more traction he would also switch to X1 compound tyres.


‘Hot’ joked Bloomfield when asked to sum up his day, him emphasising just how hot it was by using the world’s most widely known French word.  The Agama lead driver said he was ‘getting there’ adding his A215 was just a couple of tweaks away from being right.  Looking to work on the diff oils and under drive for tomorrow, he said the car is spinning up the front wheels.  The 2012 Champion was pleased to be able to come to the actual event after doing the warm-up race and be faced with the exact same track layout.  With a couple of spots having a polished surface the British driver said the front end really notices it but the car is working well on the rest of the track where the grip is good.


Winning his 2013 European B Championship title here at the Ongaroring, Marco Baruffolo would set the fifth fastest time.  The 17-year-old said his Picco powered TLR was ‘good but there is room for improvement in the driver’.  Running a ‘standard set-up’, he just waited for the track to improve over the day trying both AKA Grid Iron and Impacts adding both were good leaving him undecided on which to commit to.


Completing the Top 6 with a 38.440 lap time, veteran 1:8 offroad racer and newly crowned French National Champion Yannick Aigoin declared himself ‘happy for now’.  The Xray driver, who complimented the organisers on the preparation of the track which he added was ‘so much better than the warm-up’, made a ‘few small changes’ but expects the track to still change a lot and he needs to check how much they will water it for tomorrow.  There was much talk in the pits about tomorrow’s weather forecast with up to 20mm of rain expected in the afternoon when the two seeding practice rounds are scheduled to run.


The fastest Kyosho driver in seventh Boots described his lap time as alright but was far happier with his consistency over the 8-minutes.  Describing his MP9 as ‘pretty consistent’, having waited for the track to come to him rather than change the set-up which he said is very similar to how he ran it when he won the warm-up back in May.  The former World Championship Top Qualifier said he was ‘biding (his) time’ adding there is ‘no point in being fastest now’.  Running Pro-Line’s Blockade tyre in X2 compound he said that was what he ran at the Warm-up and he expects that to be his tyre of choice again this week. In the final practice he would run out of fuel as he tried to gauge the run time from his Reds Racing engine.


Another new HB/HPI Racing recruit for the 2015 season, three time European Champion Savoya feels he is starting to get to terms with the D815.  Describing the buggy as having been too aggressive compared to his previous cars and not suiting his driving style, the ‘Shark’ said he has been able to create a set-up that works for him and together with the track layout here in Sacile the package is really coming together and ‘the speed is there’.  His first European Championship’s with new tyre sponsor JConcepts, Jason Rouna travelling over from the US to support their new signing, he said while the first run was ‘muddy’ for the other three rounds he was able to test various pin sizes.  Ending up on the Reflex tyre he back to back tested two compounds and will pick which compound to run tomorrow based on how much watering the track gets tonight.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Video – Tuesday practice

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Red RC are travelling to Sacile in Italy, close to Venice, for the 2015 EFRA 1/8th Gas offroad European Championships. The best racers from around Europe will be battling it for the win and aim and de-throne back to back champion David Ronnefalk as he goes for the three-peat. Red RC's coverage begins in full on Tuesday afternoon (7th) and we will be trackside bringing you reports, insights, videos and photos directly from the track throughout the week.

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