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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lee heads second practice to go P2


Although hotter conditions made for generally slower track with Teemu Leino remaining fastest with his time from the morning’s opening practice, Xray’s Nicholas Lee set the pace in the second timed practice to improve to 2nd in the overall seeding order.  Improving on his opening time by 3/10ths, the Singapore driver headed the times from Serpent’s Yuya Sahashi by 1/10th.  Having struggled to find form, the round would see defending World Champion Meen Vejrak make a huge performance leap as he posted the 3rd fastest time ahead of Leino to move himself into 6th overall.


Again running his NT1 unchanged Lee said he was ‘happy’ to top the round but continued to be critical of the consistency of his own driving describing it as ‘so so’.  Feeling that traction was for him higher this time round than in the morning, he said his set-up was again good adding he had no reason to make any changes and for the third of the four timed practices he would just make a switch of Novarossi engines for a comparison with regards to picking one for tomorrow’s qualifying.


Improving 2 places in the overall standings to move up to fourth with his improved time, Sahashi said his extra speed came from better gearing.  Changing to a higher first gear ratio on his 748 Natrix, the Japanese driver said the extra acceleration was an improvement on an otherwise unchanged set-up. Set to continue with the car as is the only thing he will do for the penultimate timed practice is a switch of his Picco engines.


A slightly relieved looking Vejrak said a change of shock set-up on his KM Racing HK-1 was a ‘big step forward’.  Changing the pistons & oil front & rear, he said the softer set-up together with added chassis weight made the car ‘super stable’.  Looking to build on his new direction of set-up, he will make a few tweaks for the next outing to try and get a little more overall speed.


Leino said while conditions made his HB R10 easier to drive, the understeer brought on by the hotter conditions made for a slower 3-consecutive lap time.  Over 4/10ths off his current seeding topping time, the Finn said the morning conditions while much trickier was when his car was at it best.  Set to leave his set-up unchanged and having used the TP2 to evaluate fuel mileage he will run another Novarossi engine for a comparison.


Although he didn’t improve on his time, Team Shepherd’s Dirk Wischnewski ran fifth fastest for the round.  Dropping one place overall to 8th due to Vejrak’s improvement, the former European Champion said his Velox V10 felt much the same but he will consider trying to get a little more steering.   Only 0.038 off his morning pace, he said the risk with such a change is that it could induce traction roll.  Completing the Top 6 times for the round but not improving his fastest time was Alexander Hagberg.


In the Capricorn camp, engine issues caused problems for both Dario Balestri and Kyle Branson.  Balestri, who was P2 in the first round but now drops behind Lee, would not complete the 10-minutes.  The Italian could only manage the 10th fastest time before his LAB C02 suffered a stripped gear with 2-minutes remaining.  Having changed engine for the round to get a second one ready for tomorrow, Branson could not get a good tune on the XRD engine and could only manage 17th for the round.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chassis Focus – JJ Wang


Chassis – Mugen MTX6
Engine – Novarossi Virtus 12S
Fuel – Maxima
Tires (handout) – Matrix
Radio/Servo – KO Propo
Body – Protoform P37
Remarks – JJ Wang’s Mugen MTX6 is sporting some new track specific parts in the form of new upper front wishbones which allow the car to be set with zero caster as well as new split lower front bulkheads which are softer than the standard single piece. The US driver is running the car stiff in terms of flex with soft springs and damping making for a soft suspension setup and like everyone is running 40 gram weight in the front of the car, under the foam bumper.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Leino tops first timed practice


Teemu Leino topped the first round of timed practice this morning as things got official at the 1:10 200mm World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand.  The HB driver took his R10 around the Huge RC Circuit in the fastest 3-consecutive laps to head the times from open practice pace setter Dario Balestri by 0.255 of a second with Kyle Branson completing the Top 3.  Again defending World Champion Meen Vejak found himself somewhat off the pace with the KM driver posting only the 19th fastest time.


‘Really good’ was how Leino summed up his performance,  the 2012 World Championship Top Qualifier putting his improvement down to the fact he ‘fired (his) mechanic’, himself, and got the car’s designer Takashi Miyashita to prep the car for today’s running.  The Finn said while they changed nothing on the set-up, Miyashita just made everything perfect on the Novarossi powered R10 giving a car he was ‘super happy’ with.  Suffering one spin over the 10-minute run, when he tried a different line through the centre section of the track, the dirty track offline causing the car to lose traction, he said with the track changing so much between runs he will not make any changes for the second timed practice.  Expecting the track, which is producing unprecedented grip levels, to have less traction due to hotter conditions he said he wants to see how this effects the car before he goes about making any changes.  Interestingly for Leino’s HB teammate Adrien Bertin, the former World Champion struggling in open practice,  it was discovered last night that his Futaba radio had been pre-installed with the wrong software.  With Hideo Kitazawa installing the correct software for today, Bertin said his Orion powered example of the R10 felt more normal today but he said the radio issue meant the last four days were wasted and now he has to start from fresh in finding a set-up.


Balestri said he was ‘very happy’ with the first timed run.  The Capricorn driver felt his C03 set-up was ‘perfect’ but a clutch issue meant he could not get the most from the controlled Matrix tyres.  With the clutch going loose and coming in too early about 3-minutes into the run, the Italian said this was when the tyres would start to come in but this issue aside ‘everything else was good’ and other than adjusting the clutch on his XRD engine he will run the car the same for the next one.


Capricorn team-mate Branson, who was 10th fastest over one lap in timed practice, said he always knew the consistency of his C03 was ‘super good’.  Like Balestri he would also suffer some clutch issues saying it started to slip.  Feeling the car had a ‘little too much front traction’ for the next run he will take off some front camber.  Switching late yesterday to a new rear wing Protoform had sent over for its team drivers to deal with the unique traction levels, the 20-year-old  said this helped a lot with improving the overall stability of the car.  For TP2 the British ace will make an engine change. Very happy with how his XRD unit is running he wants to save it and get another ready should he need it later in the event.


Heading the Xray challenge in the first timed practice was Nicolas Lee.  Running his Novarossi powered NT1 the same as he did in yesterday’s open practice when he was 9th fastest, the Singapore driver said he just worked on his driving.  While pleased with setting the 4th fastest time, he feels he still needs to work on his overall consistency for qualifying saying 3-laps is very different to 10-minutes.


Setting the fifth fastest time was JJ Wang.  One of only two US drivers contesting this year’s World Championships, the other being Xray driver Loran Whiting,  the winner of the Worlds Warm-up Race declared his run as ‘solid’.  The 16-year-old factory Mugen driver said with the track changing every run they have got to fine tune the set-up of his Novarossi powered MTX-6 but added his big focus is on his driving.  ‘Not pushing hard’, he is working on consistency adding that ‘qualifying matters’ and consistency is going to be the key to a good 10-minute time.


Top Serpent for the round with the sixth fastest time was Yuya Sahashi.  The Japanese driver used the opening run to test fuel mileage of his Picco engine on the large tyres, the timed practice being the first time it was mandatory for drivers to run on a brand new set of the pre-trued diameter controlled Matrix tyres. Pleased with the run time and performance of his engine, he said his 748 was on the edge in terms of wanting to traction roll and as a result he will make yet to be decided changes to his set-up for the second run.


Raising the front upper arms on his Shepherd, Dirk Wischnewski said the changes improved his Orcan powered Velox V10 ‘a little’ with it easier to drive and more consistent.  Setting the sixth fastest time in the first 5-minutes a roll would cause his rear tyre to chunk, preventing him from getting the most of the tyres as the diameter reached its optimum.  Pulling off early so as not to end up ‘destroying’ his car as it got difficult to drive due to the damaged tyre, the German said with the car now feeling ok he would stay the same and try to work on getting his confidence back in his driving.


Team-mate Francesco Tironi was next up with the seventh fastest time.  The 2012 podium finisher said thanks to the ground work of team-mate Jilles Groskamp, who did the majority of Shepherd’s testing for the event, his car has been good each time.  Describing his Velox V10 set-up as being ‘really close now’ for both himself as a driver and as a 10-minute qualifying car he said for CP2 they will just make camber changes once on track.  In the engine department the factory Novarossi driver said he will also make an engine switch for the run.


Posting the 9th fastest time having been closest to Balestri in open practice, Alexander Hagberg said today he is struggling with a lack of corner speed.  The Swede said his Orcan powered NT1 feels good but it is way too slow.  Running a low centre of gravity head on his Orcan engine, which he said it is proving very advantageous for ‘problems’ presented by the unique track conditions, he is not yet sure what changes he can make to his car to try and sort his speed issues.


Completing the Top 10 was recently crowned Euro Nitro Series 1:8 Champion Simon Kurzbuch.  The factory Shepherd driver, who is better known for his 1:8 Onroad exploits, said things are going ‘better & better’ with each run.  Happy he has mastered both the driving style change required from switching from 1:8 to 1:10 as well as coming to grips with the massive traction levels, the Swiss ace said while his Velox V10 is ‘always on the limit’ he has managed to avoid flipping and for a 10-minute qualifier he feels both he and the car are ‘ok’.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chassis Focus – Alexander Hagberg


Chassis – Xray NT1 2014
Engine – Orcan RS
Fuel – Maxima
Tires (handout) – Matrix
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Body – Protoform P37
Remarks – Factory Xray driver Alexander Hagberg is racing the standard NT1 2014 with a few option parts and the package is working very well with the Swede only one of 2 drivers to so far break into 13-second laps. Like all the racers here, trying to stop the car from traction rolling is the goal and to do so Alex has mounted the thicker 4mm chassis plate, has mounted 50 grams of weight in the front of the car and has put putty in the front diff. He is also running with very little caster and is using very soft electric touring car springs front and rear. In terms of body he has chosen the Protoform P37 and has opted to use the harder rear wing which makes the car stable thanks to the increased downforce it produces. An interesting part of the package concerns the engine, his Orcan RS mounted with a very low cooling head which lowers the car’s centre of gravity yet doesn’t effect cooling, back to back testing with this setup and a regular cooling head shows a big benefit in handling. Also on the car is a large capacity type of inline fuel filter which helps the tune of the engine and improves fuel consumption by making the engine-tune leaner quicker than without it.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chassis Focus – Patrick Schaefer


Chassis – Shepherd Velox V10 Pro
Engine – Sonic X12
Fuel – Maxima
Tires (handout) – Matrix
Radio/Servo – KO Propo/Futaba
Body – SRC Spark
Remarks – Shepherd designer and owner Patrick Schaefer is running some track specific parts on his Velox V10 Pro here in Bangkok. First up is a new thicker 4mm top deck which offers less flex and along with a new front brace, new single piece engine mount and extra hard wishbones helps to stop the car from flipping. The car also has a new Ackermann part for the servo saver which sees the mounting points only 8mm apart. For setup he is running 125 grams of extra weight on the car comprising of a brass battery plate and various weights spread around the front half of the car with 40 grams of weight on the bumper alone. Having tried to reduce the steering to stop it from flipping Patrick is now trying to dial back in more steering and will try a lighter front diff oil. In terms of bodies he is running an SRC Spark which he says is compromise between the Protoform P37 and VRS-N giving more infield steering however it is very tricky in the high speed corners

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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