Hartson fastest in 2WD seeding


Steven Hartson set the pace in seeding for 2WD Buggy at the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals, the Team Associated driver fastest over 3-consecutive laps from team-mate Spencer Rivkin with TLR’s Frank Root completing the Top 3. Suffering an undisclosed issue with his TLR22, when Ryan Maifield eventually got running he would post the fourth fastest time ahead of Associated driver Chris Jarosz, who posted the fastest lap, while 4WD Buggy Top Seed Drew Moller completed the Top 6.


Hartson said overall his LRP B5M ‘felt good’ although compared to earlier runs it was ‘a little harder to drive as if it had too much grip’. ‘Still able to put down consistent laps’, the Californian said for qualifying he will ‘sauce a little less’ his JConcepts Dirtweb tyres adding with this change he feels he should be in good shape for tomorrow.


Rivkin said having played around with a lot of stuff over the day for the seeding run he went back to his base set-up as well as making his B5M softer. He said his car was really good after the change allowing him to run ‘pretty fast laps’ despite the track being slower than earlier. With the buggy ‘really stable’, the 15-year-old said for qualifying he may consider making the car a little stiffer for Q1.


59/1000ths of a second off team-mate & TLR Senior Product Developer Root, Maifield said expecting the track to be loose he didn’t sauce his front tyres but with the track having better grip this choice left him looking for a little more steering. Still learning his new cars, this being his debut race with TLR, he said compared to his Associated cars his Orion powered TLR22 had different characteristics in terms of how it reacts to saucing and getting a better handle on this is just a matter of getting more time with the cars.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Video – Friday Buggy practice

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Moller tops 4WD seeding in Chico

Drew Moller

Drew Moller topped seeding for 4WD Buggy at the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals, the A-Main Hobbies driver taking his HB around the track in the fastest 3-consecutive laps from the Associated pairing of Daimon Borkowicz and Steven Hartson. The first time new TLR’s new star signing Ryan Maifield found himself on the clock with one of his new buggies he would post the fourth fastest time followed by the Xray of Tyler Vik and his protege Spencer Rivkin.

Drew Moller

Having only got his D413 three weeks ago, having to get it in from Europe, Moller said nerves got to him a little and he had a couple of mistakes but overall he was very happy to top the times. Running factory HB driver Ty Tessmann’s Reedy Race of Champions set-up on the car, the LA driver said he has pretty much just run the car as is since arriving at Outback Raceway, this being his first time to the track which is owned by his sponsors A-Main Hobbies. Describing the car as very easy to work on and running on Pro-Line’s Electron tyre he said he planned to leave everything as is in terms of set-up for tomorrow’s opening qualifier and instead just ‘calm down a little and take things more easy’.

Daimon Borkowicz

Running a faster single lap than Moller, Borkowicz was very happy with his pace being only 81/1000ths off over 3-laps. Using JConcepts’ Barcode fronts and Dirtweb rears on his Reedy powered B44.2, finding the Barcode front makes the car ‘tamer’ than running Dirt Webs all round, the 14-year-old described the feel of his car as ‘pretty good’ adding it had ‘quite a bit of steering’. Having made a sway bar change and adjusted the rear camber link for the run, the up & coming Florida driver said this was the best the car has been and for Q1 he will ‘probably leave it alone’.


Setting the fastest lap of the single round of seeding practice, his LRP powered B44.2 running a 14.619 lap, Hartson said he could have got a little luckier with traffic but overall he was happy. Running the same JConcepts tyre combo as Borkowicz he said the car was comfortable to drive adding it ‘should be good for tomorrow’, three rounds of qualifying making up the Day 2 schedule.

Ryan Maifield

Running a new set of tyres, Maifield said considering this he wasn’t expecting too much. Running Dirt Webs all round, he said his Orion powered TLR22-4 was ‘extremely consistent’ and with two sets of tyres now scrubbed in for qualifying he feels he is ‘good shape’. Setting the fastest overall time for the three minutes, like Hartson he said traffic was a bit of problem and he is looking forward to running on track at the same time as he rivals tomorrow in qualifying.


Top Qualifier at the Spring Indoor Nationals, Vik said his XB4 ‘felt kind of greasy’ to drive. Running an AKA Pinstrip and Deja Vu tyre combo he said having watched Mark Pavidis do his run on Typos with his TLR looking good on them he will go with that tyre choice for Q1. In terms of his buggy set-up, the San Francisco driver plans to leave it as is for now.

Rivkin Stand

Rivkin said his goal for the seeding run was an overall time rather than fastest three laps and in terms of that pace he ended up second fastest to his mentor Maifield. Running a used set of JConcepts Barcode/Dirt Webs he said his B44.2 was good from the start and he was easily able to run that pace without any crashes. For qualifying the 15-year-old said he will just freshen up his shocks and do some maintenance work but make no changes to the set-up.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Maifield happy with early form at JConcepts Nats


Making his debut for Team Losi Racing this weekend at the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals in Chico, California, Ryan Maifield appears to be adapting quickly to his new equipment declaring himself happy with his early form at Outback Raceway. Having sent a shockwave through offroad racing circles with his mid season departure from long time sponsor Team Associated, the Arizona ace has travelled to the third race in the popular five race JConcepts Series well supported with TLR Senior Product Developer Frank Root and Joe Pillars of new electrics sponsor Team Orion both on hand to assist their new star signing.


‘Everything good’ was Maifield’s response to how he felt early practice had gone at the A-Main Hobbies owned track. While no official timing is available yet, today’s action set to end with a round of seeding practice for tomorrow’s qualifying, he said all three of his new rides are running well. Having travelled to Florida last week to test with team-mate Dustin Evans and JConcepts Jason Ruona and Paul Wynn, he said the preparation time has helped him a lot in settling in with his new equipment. Describing Evans as being very knowledgable, he was pleased at how well they worked together adding he made a lot of gains from the test thanks to his new team-mate’s input. In terms of how his buggies are working in Chico, he said despite the fact he ‘(hasn’t) really messed with it’ his 4WD was ‘really good’ while on his 2WD he has only had to do just a little bit of fine tuning. Also running TLR’s new 2WD Short Course truck he said that too was going well although for the remainder of practice he would run a less aggressive front tyre on it. Running JConcepts’ Gold Dirt Webs all round on all his cars he will switch to Barcodes on the front of the 22SCT 2.0. Asked how he found the difference between the Associated and TLR cars he said both had their strong & weak points but knowing both cars was a big help as they could focus on improving the TLR cars weakness.


Acknowledging the level of support his new sponsors have provided for his debut weekend, saying it was great to also have Joe Pillars on hand to ‘help get the power tuned in’, Frank Root was equally complimentary of the level of feedback his team’s new driver was providing. Very hands on in the development of TLR’s offroad cars with suspension geometry one of his key work areas, Root said Maifield was very technical and in his feedback he gave very specific details which together with him watching the car on track meant they could make really good progress with getting the cars sorted for the track conditions.


With it taking a bit of getting used to Maifield wearing a TLR t-shirt, over in the Associated pits World Champion Steven Hartson was in surprisingly confident mood about his practice form. Describing his cars as getting ‘better and better’ he said that while their is no timing they ‘seem like they are on pace’. Running JConcepts Gold Dirt Webs on his B5M and on his B44.2 in combination with a Barcode front he said both cars feel good and for the remainder of practice his focus will be on breaking in tyres for qualifying. Asked about the track he was complimentary of Kevin Jelich’s work, Jelich having been the designer of the track on which he won his 4WD World title. Describing the track as flowing well with good grip he said for the tight space it is a very raceable layout adding it has ‘nothing stupid to cause drivers to crash every lap’.


Making his fourth visit to the track having only missed the first running of the JConcepts race at Outback Raceway, Associated Team Manager Brent Thielke said things were ‘going ok’. Having got here late yesterday, the track having been open all day for testing, he said he felt behind but with a good baseline set-up for their buggies it was just a matter of learning the track layout. Having made ‘some improvements’ to his own cars over the morning working on weight distribution and his spring package, he said unlike the majority of other JConcept tyre users he was running a Barcode on the front of his 2WD preferring the feel it gives as he can focus on his line rather than having to correct the steering all the time. In terms of his team drivers he was ‘happy with the pace of our guys’.


Two of those guys are up & coming talents Spencer Rivkin and Daimon Borkowicz. A protege of Maifield, Rivkin said most of his work this morning has been on his shock package and tyre prep for qualifying. Liking the track layout of which he said the touring car section is the most difficult part due to the on power steering it requires, the 15-year-old is trying to get his tyres to the optimum level of wear and then know when to save them for tomorrow’s three rounds of qualifying. On his B5M he is running Gold Dirt Webs front and rear while on his B44.2 he has opted for Barcodes on the front.

Mark Pavidis

Racing at Outback Raceway for the first time AKA’s Mark Pavidis said he is having to rely on TLR’s team drivers for guidance adding he is ‘now just a tyre guy and no longer a set-up guy’. Running a set-up he got from Dustin Evans on his mid motor TLR22, the former World Champion said both 2WD and 4WD buggies are ‘running good’ and this has allowed him to focus on ‘trying a bunch of tyres. He said the hardest thing was getting the right sweet spot with the tyre wear adding ‘they cant be new and they can’t be too worn’.

JR Mitch

JConcepts Indoor National Series regular JR Mitch described his runs so far as being a ‘little trashy’ but continued he is ‘getting through it’. Winner of 4WD Buggy at the season opening Winter Indoor Nationals in St. Louis and runner up to Steven Hartson at the Spring Indoor Nationals, the Florida driver is in for an extra busy weekend this time round running in four classes. His 2WD Short Course participation is a late one with Frank Roots building him a new 22SCT 2.0 at the track. Due to the number of cars he is running he has not yet had the chance to put his 4WD Short Course on the track. With the event running a handout additive (Mo-Grip), Mitch said the controlled sauce was a little different to what he normally uses and he was still trying to figure out how best to use it.

Tyler Vik

Top Qualifier in 4WD Buggy at the last round of the JConcepts Series, finishing the race 3rd overall, Team Xray’s Tyler Vik said while he has no times to on his XB4 ‘feels really good’. Describing the track as feeling similar to the Tacoma track he said his car was good there so he is pretty positive about the weekend. Running AKA Pin Strips on the front and Deja Vu rears he said he has been working a lot on getting tyres scrubbed in for the qualifying and the finals admitting he felt behind in this area at Tacoma. In 2WD Buggy the San Francisco driver is running an Associated B4.2 Centro.


As is to be expects considering the location of the race, A-Main Hobbies has a strong team line-up at the event. One of their drivers is Drew Moller. Despite this being his first time to the track, the 18-year-old was pleased with his early practice. Running a HB in 4WD and Associated in 2WD, he described his 4WD as ‘awesome’ saying it was good from the first time he put it down on the track. Running Pro-Line Electrons all round on both cars he has had to play around with the shock set on his B5M but feels its ‘now pretty good’.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chassis Focus – Ryan Maifield SC


Chassis – TLR 22 SCT 2.0
Motor – Team Orion VST2 7.5
ESC – Team Orion Vortex R10 Pro
Battery – Team Orion 4000 shorty
Tyres – JConcepts Dirt Webs Gold
Radio/Servos – Airtronics/Spektrum
Body - JConcepts Hi Flow
Remarks – Making his debut for TLR this weekend Ryan Maifield is also running the all new 22 SCT 2.0 short course truck. Having only received the truck last week, he drove it in Florida prior to coming to California and so far he is very happy with the truck with its lap times very close to buggy. Focussing on his buggys so far in practice, the 2 runs he has had with the SC truck have been really good and to remove some steering he may choose to change tire but he will make that decision later today.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

New in the Pits – Schuur Speed & SLRC


Schuur Speed motor man Ron Schuur showed us his new Extreme Stock Spec V3 17.5T motor which has recently received its ROAR approval. An all new motor from its predecessor only the bearings, screws and the grey aluminium is carried over from the old motor. Also available in 13.5T it features a 12.5 high torque rotor, is fully adjustable timing and is also fully rebuildable and thanks to the new machined end plates it has more airflow through the motor. Other features include 2mm solder tabs for low resistance and the plastic which is normally found on a motor’s stator has been removed to withstand heat buildup.


New from Sticky Liks Racing Components SLRC comes this range of lightweight alloy chassis plates for both the Associated B5M and the TLR 22 2.0. With the standard chassis’ made from 7000 series aluminium, the SLRC plates have been made from 6061 T6 aluminium and are also 0.5mm thinner than standard for a saving of between 23 to 26 grams. The chassis plates are also hard anodised with the 22 plate available in regular and -3mm version with both sporting two extra battery brace mounting holes.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014


Red RC are in Chico, California at Outback Raceway for the 2014 JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals. Some of the best racers from around California (including some World Champions), as well as neighbouring states, will be attending this event to battle it out for victory in this electric offroad event. Red RC's coverage of the event begins in full on Friday morning (11th) and we will be trackside bringing you reports, insights, videos and photos directly from the track throughout the event.

Local time in Chico, USA

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