July 25, 2009

New in the Pits – Part 3

After qualifying ended we sat down with Engine tuning guru Mario Rossi to discuss his latest venture Reds Racing. The name comes from Mario’s second name which translates to the english word Red and is the result of his collaboration with Salvatore Schepis of SM Models that we announced back in April. Using the BOSS engine as a base, Mario will tune the unfinished parts that he receives from LM, who currently manufacturer these engines. Together with his son Marco, who brings his engineering skills to the project, the two will work on creating the new line of motors.

Expected to be available in September, there will be 2 types of engines to choose from, a hand modified top of the line motor with ceramic bearings and aluminium carburettor and a standard version that has steel bearings and a plastic carburettor. The two are easily differentiated by their case colour which is grey for the modified version and silver for the standard. Available in .12 and .21 versions, Schepis Models will handle the worldwide sales through their network of BOSS engine distributors.

View more photos of this new engine here.

July 22, 2009

New in the Pits – Part 2

Making its competition debut at this race is the Velox V10 chassis from Shepherd. Only one car at the event, it is being driven by non other than current World Champion Daniele Ielasi. The car which is in its production form looks very similar to that seen at the toy fair with the exception of a few plastic parts that replace aluminium prototype parts. The car is going well and despite it being the first time Daniele drove the production car, he is confident of a good finish come Sunday.

Also new and proving to be very popular in the pits is the new small INS box from Xceed RC. The low profile, lightweight (only 19 grams) filter was only released earlier this month while available in both clear and black it is only here in its semi transparent form as seen on the car of Michael Salven above.

View more images of the new products in our event gallery here.

July 22, 2009

New in the Pits – Part 1

New in the pits is the Capricorn RC 200mm car, which is making its competition debut here in Gubbio. The car, which we featured CAD images of some time ago, is nearing completion with only a few parts left to be finalised before its scheduled release next month. We took a look at the car belonging to Martin Christensen, one of only two cars here and he talked us through it. The car is extremely low and as is the trend with modern 200mm touring cars, the bulkheads are machined from aluminium like on the new Serpent 733 and the Shepherd Velox V10. This provides a lot of stiffness and brings the weight more to the centre line of the car.

A conventional car regarding geometry and adjustment possibilities, the car sports a nice feature that allows the entire axles, along with CVD shaft, to be pulled through the blocks by removing a clip mounted on the inside. Other nice touches are the machined aluminium servo saver, that has carbon inserts to adjust the Ackermann, and the differentials that are using the company’s own composite diff gears for a large weight saving. With this weight saving, the car can now utilzise a brass battery plate to bring the weight down as low as possible. Overall a nice looking car, especially with the red anodising, and one of the best things that Martin liked about the car is its simplicity and ease of maintenance.

View more images of the new car in our event gallery here.

July 10, 2009

New in the pits – Part 3

Our 3rd instalment of what’s new in the pits starts with a new line of buggy tires from LRP. The as yet un-named pattern has been designed specifically for this track, so for use on abrasive surfaces with little or no dust. Comprising of a row of hard X shaped pins in the centre for long wearing forward traction, a row of angled side pins offer stability over the bumps but can also be removed for more side traction. The pattern also makes use of a second stage system, that has ribbing on the tires surface that bring stability to the pins when new, and which when worn ensure enough the tire has enough rubber to make it to the end of a long final. LRP have brought their M compound to this race, which is their hardest compound, but it will also be available in soft and super soft versions too. Expect the release to come in the next 3 months as the company finalises the tires thread pattern.

From Italian brand Fast Race is a number of new items, including their new carbon service. A special treatment, it will give any plastic part on your car that great carbon look. Available to the public in around 2 months, they will have parts from Mugen, Xray, Losi and Kyosho buggies in stock and to obtain these parts you can either just buy them directly or send them the part, pay the service fee, and have the parts sent back to you. Its a great looking result and can even work with complex parts such as the transmission casing seen above.

Fast Race also released a new chassis, currently for the MBX-6, and being used by top Italian racer Fabio Boero, it is 4mm thick and machined on the top side to reduce weight and because it is so rigid, there is no longer a need to use chassis stiffeners. Other features of the chassis plate include a ventilated radio box, which is super important in hot racing conditions. Expect a version for Kyosho and Xray in the coming months. Finally, Fast Race have released a new 83mm diameter buggy wheel called the VXL, which is super strong and comes in both yellow and white.

Finally, PSM Racing have shown us their new 0 degree engine mounts that convert the Hyper 9’s angled engine to a conventional upright position. Blue anodised, and finned for aiding the cooling, the set also comes with a small carbon plate and aluminium post for converting the throttle linkage to work with the now upright engine. Having your engine stand up straight aids the cooling of the motor as the cooling head is now more exposed that with the previous angled engine.

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July 9, 2009

New in the pits – Part 2

Continuing on from our earlier instalment on whats new in the pits, we have come across some other goodies. From Team Orion, Adrien Bertin took us aside to show us some new items for their Alpha line of engines. Firstly there is a new range of shims, that uniquely go under the liner before placing it in the crankcase which helps adjust the timing on the engine to have more lower or higher end power. The shims will be sold in a set of 3 pieces, in 0.1, 0.15 and 0.2mm thick and should be used in conjunction with taking out a shim from under the combustion chamber for every shim you put under the liner.

Also from Team Orion is this all new carburettor. Currently machined from aluminium, the final version will be cast aluminium and is said to have close to a perfect idle. To avoid issues like vapour lock, the carb mount will be wrapped in plastic to isolate it from getting too hot. The carburettor will be suitable for all Alpha engines and will also have a new line of venturis available for it.

Seen earlier in the week Team Durango have their 1/8th scale buggy here. An evolution of the design by Gerd Strenge, this current version is being tested with a hydraulic braking system, which we were asked not to photograph. A very neatly made system, it is slightly heavier than the standard braking system and maybe an optional part for the car when it is released later this year.

Yesterday’s pace setter Miguel Matias is running a prototype CLX buggy from GS Racing that he is developing to suit European tracks better. Using the front end from the older CL1, the car he is running also sports some extra options including the use of dual front shock towers which are supporting Mugen shocks.

Yuichi Kanai of Kyosho is here and he has brought with him a number of new items that we weren’t allowed to photograph, including stronger rear uprights and front upper wishbones as well as a number of other updated items that were given to Kyosho drivers.

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July 7, 2009

New in the pits – Part 1

Wandering around the pit area we came across a number of new items on show starting with this modified LRP S8 BX. Spotted immediately is the new shape bodyshell that mounts the cockpit further forward for better airflow around the engine and rear wing and gives more space around the airfilter. This body will be released soon, but the car also features a number of new prototype parts that the LRP team are testing.

The biggest change being the new rear lower wishbones that, combined with the new lower bracket, gives the car less active caster than the standard kit version. The car also sports a new braking system that they are trying out, which has a larger brake piston for better braking. Finally they have mounted the RX battery to the outside front of the car for a change to the overall chassis balance. Track time will show whether these changes will have a positive effect on the car’s handling around this track.

Other new items include the previously mentioned Tourex X500 tires, which have been specially designed for this track and will take to the track for the first time later today. For team drivers only, RB Products have their new 45% nitro mix here and will be running it with a view to releasing the blend in the near future. More new products later.

View our event image gallery here.